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charge; International driver's permit charge, and one night accommoda tion at th e Hotel Forum Intercontin ental in Warsaw. The tour leaves September 14 a nd returns September 28. For more information or reservations -co n tact Peoples Travel Service, One Nationwide Plaza, Colurnbus, Ohio, 43216, or call 614/2241234, 800/336-7662 (O h io only) or Virgin io 'Ferrari (Bim) won the June 25 Formula One race held at Assen. American Fred Merkel (Han ) was as high as fourth in the race before he retired with a broken camshaft. Cycle News contributor Alan Cathcart (Ma t ) won the Dutch Historic TT's 500cc c lass race on Th ursday at Aasen and American Dave Roper (AJS) topped the 350cc race. Defending champ Eddie Lawson (Yam ) won the June 27 Dutch 'IT's 500cc race, the seventh round of the World Championship Road Race Series, at Assen, Holland. The race was divided into two legs when rain brought the race to a hall after five laps had been run. The remaining 15 laps were run after a break of approximately one hour allowed competitors to change from slick tires to rain tires. Scored on combined times, Wayne Gardner (Hon) finished second with Randy Mamola (Yam) third. Lawson led Gardner and Ron Haslam (Hon ) across the line in the first leg , and Mamola headed Lawson a nd Gardner in the second leg. Gardner continues to lead th e point standings with a total of 85 points. Mamola is second with 66 and Lawson third with 64. Anton Mang (Ha n) won the 250cc GP at Assen , scoring his 28th career w in in that c lass and t ha t makes him t he all time 250cc GP winn er; Mang was tied w ith seven- t ime Worl d Champion Phil Read going in t o t he J u ne 27 ra ce. Rein ho ld Roth (Ha n) f in ished second w it h S ito Pons (Ha n) t hird . Mang and Roth are ti e d fo r fir st in the point standings w ith 67 each. and Pons is t hi rd w ith 45 points. Fausto Gresini (Gar) won the 125cc GP a t Assen , scori ng his fifth stra ig h t win in th at class. Jorge Martinez (Der) was the 80cc GP winner, and defending cha m p s Egbert Streuer and Bernard Schneider (Yam) won th e Sidecar GP. 800/841-0980. Pekka Vehkonen (Ca g) won the first moto and finished second in the second moto to score the overall victory in the June 28 San Marino 250cc MX GP. Eric Geboers (H on) was second with a 4-1 mow tally, and Michele R ina ld i (Suz ) was third overall with a 5·3 day . American Scott Burnworth was second in the fir st mow but finished out of the points in the second mow. Vehkonen leads Geboers in the point standings, 224 to 218. Davey Strijbos (Cag ) turned in a 3-1 performance to score t h e . overall win in the June 28 French 125cc MX GP. Jean -Michele Bayle (Hon) was second overall with a 1 -3 moto tally and Corrado Maddii (Ha n ) was third with a 6 2 . American Danny Moore (Han) was second in the opening mota and fe llow countryman Mik e Heale y (Ca g) was fourth , but neither scored points in t he second moto . Strijbos le a d s Bayle in the poi nt standings, 1 9 9 to 192. For those interes ted in tra veli ng to Jel en ia Gora, Poland, to watch andl or participate in the International Six-Days Enduro, September 21-26, . .peoples Travel Service in Columbus, Ohio , will be handl ing th e USA team tour. Some of th e tour package will incl ude round trip tick ets fro m New York, Chicago o r Los Angeles to Wrocl aw, Pol and; 12 ni ghts accommodations at the Hotel Wol czyn in Borowice, Poland (incl ud ing showers in each room ); dail y breakfast and dinners at th e hotel; car rental; a n offi cial ISDE spectator's jacket; visa Team Kawasaki's Jeff Ward , who was crowned the 1987 AMA Supercross Champion following the Coors Superbowl of Motocross in the Los Angeles (California) Memorial Coliseum June 27, is an old-hand at winning championships, as evidenced by this vintage photograph. Ward was presented with the Supercross n u m ber one plate in Los Angeles. An interview w ith the new Supercross C hampion begins o n page 42. 0-------- - - - - American Ho nda had the motorcycle industry b uzzing la st wee le when it was revealed they had initiated a voluntary separation program and had a lso pulled out of the annual SCORE Off-Road Show in Anaheim (Ca liforn ia ) Convention Center. The voluntary separation program requests the resignation of Honda employees. Employees have until July 24 to request voluntary separation and re c e ive benefits which include separation pay based on years of service, help in find ing another jo b including use of resume service, and early retirement benefits if eligible for retirement. Following the July 24 date, if enough volun tary resignations have not been received to meet a reduction in the work force of a specific but undis closed number of employees. terminations without the benefits w ill fo llow. One Honda spokesperson said it was a means to " c ut t he fa t ." Gary LaPl ante of America n Honda 's motorcycle co m m u n ica tio ns department said the decision to pull ou t of th e June 26-27-28 An ah eim show was a money-saving move. " We wa nted 'dea lers to be involved in su p plying th e bikes and manning th e di splay. We o ffered them th at o p port u nity but they didn 't want lO take advan tage of it so we withdrew." Carla Rose-Pardee of HBJ , th e producer o f th e show, said the space Honda had reserved costs $6000 and that she had been wid that Honda 's total expenditure for the show would have exceeded $14,000 if they had su p p lied the bik es and the manpower. . The July 5 Belgian round of the World Championship Road Race Series has been postponed until September 6 . FIM required safety improvements had not been completed in t ime for the scheduled running, thus t he postponement. W z w w a: o 5Q z z w C > al ... o o :I: a.. Herve Moineau and Bruno Leb ihan (Suz) won the June 28 Six Hours of Zeltweg, a round of the World Championship Endurance Road Race Series, at th e Osterreichring in Austria. · . At the World Best Pair Speedway Championship in Pardubice, Czechoslovakia, June 28, the Denmark team , consisting of Ha ns Ni el s e n and Er ik G unde rsen re ta ine d t heir Championship ti t le w ith a v ictory over England's Kelv in Tatum and S imon Wiggs. and t he United State's Sam Erom lenko and Kelly Moran. Nine nations in all competed . Entries are now being accepted for the September 19 La Carrera Classi c Road Race. This edition of La Carrera (T he Race) will run from San Felipe to Ens enada in Baja, Mexico. According to co- p ro mo ter Loyal Truesda le, racing gr eats Eddie Mulder and Jody Nicholas will compete in th e race. To enter or for more information, ca ll 213 /4645720. The three-round CRC Women's MX C hampionship Series will get underway July 12 at Los Angeles Co unty Raceway in Palmdale, California. Novice. Amateur and Expert class racing w ill be conducted: Round two will take place the following Sunday, July 19, at Glen Helen Cycle Park in San Bernardino, a nd the final round w ill be held on July 26 at Loa Angeles County Raceway. For more info rm a t io n, call MX HotLine at 714/735-2079 or the CRC at 805/272-8889. Larry Roeseler (Kaw) captured the overall victory at the final round of the AMA ISDE Reliability Qualifier Series held near Be ll in g h am , Washington, June 27-28. Roeseler topped John Nielsen (Hus) by 26 seconds, whi le Charles Halcomb (Suz) finished third ahead of Joh n Haaker (H us) and Dan Smith (Hus). Class winners were Mark Hyde (Cag, I25cc), Roeseler (250cc), Nielson (5OOcc), Drew Smith (Hon, Lightweight Four-Stroke) and John Haaker (O pe n Four-Stroke). (Continued to page 59) Foundation claims Snell labels are counterfeit By Farren Williams LONG BEACH CA, J UNE 24 Two, ma ybe three helmet companies are advertising h elmets as Snell-approved when in fact they are not, and are marketing th e non-approved helmets with co u nterfeit Sn ell labels, accord ing to allegations made recentl y by Dr. C.O. Chichester , presid ent of the Sn ell Memorial Foundation. "In recent months, (th e Snell Foundation) has noted that some helmets o ffered and advertised fo r sal e carry non-approved Snelllabels that indicate th e helmets meet or exceed the 1985 Sn ell standard for motorcycle helmets," said Chichester. "The Foundaton purchased a number of th ese helmets and tested them. They failed to meet the Snell M-85 standard." Chichester said the counterfeit labels Oll the helmets ha ve the same seria l number and so me times are the wrong co lor. "No two Sn ell lab els have the same ser ia l number ," sa id Chichester. "The counterfeit labels a ll have the sa me number. It 's easier (to cou n ter.feit them ) that wa y. It 's just like counterfeiting dollar bill s. . " So me of th em ar e th e wrong co lor," he added. " So me of them are the 1980 colo r - blue. The '85 co lor is ora nge." Chich ester declined to identify the helmet co m pa nies a lleged ly involved because Sn ell has filed suit against th e firm s and Ch ichester doesn't want to harm th e Foundation's case with adverse or premature publicity. H e did say , however , that. "s ome o f them you would recognize (as familiar brand names), some. you wouldn 't. " Consumers who wi sh to buy genuine Sn ell-approved h elmets sho u ld make sure Snell labels are orange on helmets being considered for purchase and should check other helmets of th e same model to be certain that the serial numbers are not the same. ..

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