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" 171H ANNUALVIRGINIA CITY GRAND pRIx. VIRGINIA CITY; NEY MAy 10, 198'7. Team Green's Larry' Roeseler tested a new Kawasaki weapon in Nevada at the Virginia City Grand Prix, and it went off right in front of the competition. A specially equipped KX250 motocrosser demolished more than 500 riders to win the cross country classic. The KX victory over 150plus miles of desert and mountain terrain w as a blast with Kawasaki's pew wide ratio transmission kit and new ignition kit The transmission kit boosted top speed on the KX,while the ignition kit's heavier flywheel gave it a smoother powerband It also adapted the KX for lights, but Roeseler finished so fast he didn't even need 'e m. And that's all it took, to tum a great motocross bike into one that'll be a force in Grand Prix, desert and enduro racing. If you want to wreak some havoc.check out these new performance kits at your local Kawasaki dealer. Then watch your competition.disappear. Kawasaki Let the good times roll.

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