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~YND fiYP~P~ Wf~LfY Marl boro Yamaha's Eddie Lawson scored his fi rst Grand Prix w in of the 1 9 8 7 season at Hockenheim in West Ge rmany on May 17, topp ing lucky Strike Roberts' Randy Mamo la (Yam ) by 13 seconds. Th ird place went to England's Ron Haslam (Ho n ) with Tadahiko Taira (Yam ) and Rob McElnea (Ya m) rounding out the top f iv e . Span ish GP win ne r Wayne Gardner (Hon ) f in ished 10th after encountering mechanic a l problems . The 250cc class at Hockenheim was won bv . A n to n Mang (Ha n) with J acq ues Co rnu (Ha n) a nd Reinhold Roth (Ha n) fin ishing seco nd and thi rd, respectiv ely. T he 80cc Cl'd SS was won by Gerha rd Waibel (Kra) , wit h Fau sto Gresini topping th e 125cc class and the tea m of W ebsterl Hewitt win ni ng the sideca r class. Three-time W orld C h a m p io n Freddie S pe nce r did not compete in the West Ge rm a n Gra nd Prix after inj uring h is knee in a practice mi shap on Thu rs da y, May 14. S pe n c e r rece ived a three-inch gash and possible ligament damage to his knee w hen he struck it on a curb. Th e ligament damage may force t he Honda pilot to miss the Italian GP on May 2 4 . T eam Lu cky Strike Roberts' Mike Baldwin bro ke and di slocat ed bon es above th e knuckle in hi s left hand , suffered a chipped bone in his left an kle a nd received possib le fractur es of th ree vert ebrae in his upper spine a nd lo wer neck du rin g a Sat urd ay, May 16 crash at H ockenheim. Baldwin is expected to be ou t of action for six to seven weeks. Three -t ime Wo rld Champ ion Ke nny Roberts announced at Hockenheim his int e nt io ns to ride untimed practice at the next round of the World Championship in Monza, Italy on May 24. The lucky Strike Roberts team a lso plans to g ive a tryout to New Zea lande r Ric hard Scott at Yugoslavia . .10 Martens (KT M) was the overa ll winner of the Ma y 17 Swedis h 500cc MX Grand Prix. Lei f Persson (Yam) was second overa ll, followed by Kees Van der Ven (KT M), and Ku rt Ljungqvist (Yam). Geo rges j obe and David Thorpe are tied at the top of the po int stand ings wi th 11 5 points each after five rounds. Van der Ven is th ird wi th 107 points, wit h Ljungqvist fourth with 104. Mark Hyde (Hus) was t he overall winne r of the May 17 AMA National Championship Hare Scrambles Series ro und at Bru ceton Mills , West Virg in ia . Fred Hoess (Hus ) and Ed lojak (Hus) finished second and th ird overall, respectively. 2 Former World and Na tion al Champion Bern ie Schreiber (Fan) won bo th th e Sa turday, May 16, a nd Sunday , Ma y 17, ro unds of the AMA Nat ion al Champ ionsh ip Ob served Trial s Series at G love, Arizo na. Swedish cham p j ohnny Andersso n (Ha n) was second Satu rday and thi rd Sunday. Ryan Young (Bet) took third on Saturday and second o n Sunday. Lockhart Ra c ing (S uz) w ith Larry S ho rts and l yn n Miller handlin g t he rid ing c hores was the overall wi nne r of t he AMA /CCS Nationa l Endurance Roa d Race Series rou nd a t Brase lto n , Ge o rg ia 's Road Atlanta o n S at urday, May 16 . Kayo Rac ing (S u z ) was second ove ra ll w it h Hig h-Tec h Racing t hird . ... - Eng land 's Ala n Carter will ride a Team MacLean H on da RS250 in th e Cas tro l 250 Grand Prix class at the Brainerd , Minnesota, round of th e AMA/Came1 Pro Road Race Series , acco rding to Bob MacLean Ca rter co mpe ted in the Grands P rix in 1986 on a Spanish-m ade Kobas, but has on ly ridden in th e j apan ese G P th us far in 1987. Road Atlanta S u perb ike runnerup Kevi n Schwant z left for Ita ly immediately fo llowing his se c ond place finish behind Wayne Ra iney . Schwantz wi ll r id e a f act ory 500cc V-four Suzuki at Monza o n Ma y 24 in the Ita lia n Grand Prix. Former 500 cc Wo rl d Champi on Virginia Ferr ari won th e seco nd ro und of th e TT Fo rm ul a On e World Ch ampion ship road race series in Hunga ry on May 3. T he Italian rode his Birnota Yamaha to th e win over team mate Davide T ardozzi, Swe en 's d Anders Andersson finis hed third on h is Suzuki. Defen din g cham pion j oey Du nl op (Ha n) finished eig hth. S pe cia l hotel room rates a re being offe red for the June 7 A MA / Coors S upercross in East Rutherford, New Jersey, by the S he ra t o n Meadowla nds Hotel. Ment ion the s upe rcross when you ca ll fo r reservat ions at 201 /896 -050 0 . HB2, a mandatory-helmet-us e bill introduced in the Illinois legislature by Representati ve j ohn Cullerto n (D-Ch icago) recent ly ' was defeat ed 64-41. Foll owing th e fir st vote , helm et law propon ents attemp ted to amend the measure to require th at all mo torcvcle rid ers under 18 be required to wear helm et s. T h a t measure also went down in defeat , 59-52. BMW has approved Dunlop radial tires for use on the K100RS and the K100RT, accord ing to a Dunlo p press re lease. BMW approved the tires after testing of the 110/ 80VR18 on the front and the 140 /80VR 17 re ar; BMW a lso c o ncl uded that the test resu lts were best o n moto rcyc les equipped with fairings. Therefore, the tires have been approved by BMW for use only on the K1OORS and K100RT. HIR ED: Former roa d racer Dou g Libby, by Crane Cam s of Dayton a Beach , Florida; Libby was hired as a research a n d devel opm ent technician. Cycle Racer, Inc. was incorrectly .ide nt ifie d as Cycle Rider in o u r recent coverage of ' the WSM A Formula USA road race series at Willow Springs in Hnsamond , California . Cycle Racer sponsors Earl Roloff, David Emde and J im Vreeke. Cycle Racer a nd two-tim e AMA Su per bi ke Ch ampion Wes Coo ley have joined forces to form th e Wes Cooley R id ers Associat ion. T h e Dear Cycle News: Fifteen-time World Champion Giacomo Agostini's reputation fo r being a tight man with a buck is legendary. An Ital ian magazine once wrote that "Ago's reputation for parsimony is both deserved and well-founded," and as severa l of the riders who've ridden for him on the Marlboro /Yamaha Team, incl ud ing reigning 500cc World Champion Eddie Lawson, will attest, the sight of Ago with his wallet out or check book in view is as rare as snow on the Equator. It never happens. Well - a lmost never. Donning my "paparazzi" disguise, I was able to take the enclosed photograph. Eddie lawson loo ks so sur~d to see Ago's wallet in plain view, he seems at a loss for words - ri\1fld you, it's not exactly bulg ing with lire by the look of it, is it ? Still, this un ique photograph will doubtlessly become a collector's item in future yea rs, because Ago certainly isn 't about to let it happen again. He was so upset at being snapped in this unaccustomed pose, he chased me all the way to the back of the van before offering real cash money to buy the film off of me. Well, he probably thought 5000 lire was a lo t of money, but ... S incerely, Ala n Cathcart. organizatio n was designed for th e beg inning street ri der, adva nce d street rider , club racer and Pro racer. On june 22 and j ul y 3, each par ticipa nt will get over 200 miles o f . trac k tim e at Will ow Springs Internati on al Raceway in Rosam ond, Californ ia. In suran ce, m edi cal crews, lunch and a memb ership card are included for the $75 ent ry fee. T here will be a mandator y safety semi nar for the begining rider, open track time for th e intermediat e rider, an d an o p tio na l ad van ced class in cluding two hours of semina r and an hour and a half of priva te track tim e with Cooley. For more information con tac t Cycle Racer at 8181 574-7625. RES IGNED : Associate Editor Brent Ross, from Rider magazine, to pursue other interests; Ross can be reac hed at 818 /7061260. Ph ot ographers Greg Neim ann and Mary Bacon were ina dvertan tly not giv.en credi t for th eir photogra phs in th e coverage of th e Rosarito G P in Baj a Ca lifornia, Mexi co. According to editor Jim Miller, Bill Wolf is no lo nge r employed by Cycle Guide magazine; Wolf was an editorial assistant for Cycle Guide, but le ft the company two months ago. The '87 Sequoia Su~mer Series, four sessions of trail building by volunteers, gets underway a t 10 a. m. on May 24 at Kennedy Meadows in the Sequoia Nati on al For est north of Los Angeles, California. The series is su p po rted by the industry with 'over 100 spo nso rs donat ing awards whi ch wi ll be p rese nted to the voluntee rs via a dr awing at the end

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