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_ Sliding sideways on the sole of steer, a rooster tail from your back wbeel...O~t of the comer charging hard, looking for the cheering crowd, hopmg thiS day to win, tomorrow to do it all again Of the many kinds of warriors to me there is no doubt, the flat tr~ck racer is the one I think about America's motorcycle newspaper More ultimate fear I'll tell ya, 1. have to agree, Pau'l Carruthers' glib, cavalier and nontechnical dismissal of Eddie Law.n's Wor.ld .Championship winrung GP bike In the article he wrote The Ultimate Fear, did not sit wed with me. Not only did he not compare the power-to-weight ratio of that bike to that of a YaIJ1il.ha Venture Royale, but he didn't even gi~e t~e bike's top speed, quarterffille ume or the rear wheel tire size. I mean, come on, Paul, that's good bench racing stuff I can use! However, Paul did write about mo~e than such trivial things. He has a n~ce style and quality for writing unlIke many others in his field. In my opinion he has the ability to do what a good editor does, or should do beST, and that's make an article fun. to read. Don't worry, Paul, unl!ke ~e reader from Healdsburg, Caltforma (wherever that is) the billion or so other Cycle News readers and myseU have that elusive commodity called a sense of humor. Keep IJP the good workl Volume XXIV Sharon Cl;l\ lOll. Pllbli.,hrr Milt· KlillJ.;l't ,Co",plrullrr .c.;lip JOhll'loOH, rhMH mIt' .VltllO",,1 S"'n M,,"ar:r, J:I< I.. l\1:lIl"uiI. A....w.x mIl' I'tlbbs/,,', I'Allor Rhdl:! ~Illith. C,rn,lillwII .\I,uwc::rr Caroline: C(.'mln. E\rf U/;l.,. S"at'tnr')' 10 th,.f'"h!l.,"n Pub"',",.,. Editorial Kit Palllll'l, 1'4 .....01;(1(,. Editor P:lul C:lIl'lllht,,,,,. A.\~\Url(ltr t:tI,!or F;u'n'n Willi:III1 A,u'()( ",(" ,.~tI;,or Mikt' 1.a..-.. III , 1'1 ;/.\/11", ,.:"itor Edwina Manf{tl"" (.'1t/,.,lIla1' ,,:dam Advertising T(,l'r> Pmu S(,t,..~ i\lfflUlj{f'" Mark Tholl\('. S,,/,.,\ M(ItI(I~,.r O;I\'id Mell. Sa/~5 Mn"a.~n ~lik(' Clime-h. t:il.\tt'Y1I ."ial,..( MnmlJ,:r, [1.ol11a", R. GOlllt'r. Etutrrn Sal,..~ MlHUll{f'r Carny Corrao, Western Ad COOf'di1UltOY' Carla Burckll. £,1\"'1'''' Ad C()()rt!innlor Lmda VOll Vl'Id. Adt'f'rt/,.i"g A.,.!.t. tt,- Graphics and Production M.alcolm. Wilson, Productioll Mnllnllt'r Diana HIIRCuberK' Graphir Artist PCRIin Smith GrnpJric Arti,,,t ~l~ln.'y GUt..... Crap/,;r Arli.'" M;lIinn 11;lIm"hil;I, C:lrul~1l Hr.lllh;ml, l)c:llni~ (;n"'I1I', T"p('.w-U('r T'Ij.H',,'rU('r t JEFF GLEASON Laguna Hills, CA I.(lb. 7'rrll. Accounting I Data Pl'OCltuing (loun;1 Kry;ltl . .-In (, Ilrr'rit 'nh/r Cuortli",,'oT {;('IlI"';1 Rt'lJ:I"'~. ,1\.\;.,/(1,,' Fr.lll 11;111)\\'1')'. (;,('(/tl Circul8tion S;II':111·1·,I,lnl . • '.\.,;,,'nnl ..\ltn;1 All~tli;lnn. A \I.'.ttmt (:Iu'ri (:hapm;IIl, 11\ i,1I11I1 l\laril:l Ad;lIn'. .4,\.\i.,ttmt Want Ads Odlhi(' \\'inLIt'r. 11'(1'" Ad .~tI('s Dealar Sales and Service 1);1\ ill MC·I/. Ontlrr .'\(iI,.,\ MntlflJ,:('r SeNice and SUpport i.... \iu hl''o(III, 1/('(,dqlUlrf,.r,\ Un "/)';011/.,1 u'oll;ml I kl rill~. Srn'itl' find ."'·uP/JOt't ChI National Halldquart8rs 2201 Clu:rq J\\'t' .. L.ouJ.: &·:lch. <:1\ OOHOfi. 9OKOI-OI9~ P.O. Sm: IHM. 1.0111-: l\co:lt h. CA (2Ij) 1:!;-71jj; ~1:1li:Ui-tiHII. Ea-..Office 1190 FiN ,\H'., rUt Lt'l, G.\. j()()M I: 1l1.lilillJ.: ;Illllll·.... 1.J.n. Ro~ M

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