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. WERA ENDURANCE ROAD RACE SERIES: ROUND 1. SAVANNAH, GA MARCH 28, 1~ Word had it the competition planned to hit Savannah's WERA 6-Hour Road Race. What a mistake. . You,see, Team ERI:s (Fast Boys From Dlinois) Kawasaki Agents had the track staked out And when the starting shot went ott: so did Kawasaki's latest high tech weapon: the all-new EXSOO By the time the smoke cleared, the sportbike had cleaned up the town for its frrst victo~ Not only did Kawasaki operativesJohn (:opeland and Chuck Mathis put a lock on the lightweight Pf9duction class-winning by 28, yes, 28 laps-they also handcuffed the bigger middleweights with the EXSOO, beating the class winner by four laps. . At a trim 573 pounds, the EXSOO is one heavyweight performer. With high tech features like a 498cc liquid- .__ cooled, DOHC, 8-valve, 4-stroke In-Line Twin. Front disc brake with exclusive Balanced Actuation Caliper (BAC). And ~ ~ five-way preload adjustable UNI.:rRAKĀ® rear suspension. Let the good times roll.. Investigate an EXSOO toda~ Then .bust your competition. C 1987I\AWASAKJ MOTORS CORP. u.s.A. AJJNA YS WEAR AHELMET AND APPROPRIATE APPAREL

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