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GNC INTERNATIONAL MX FINAL LAKE WIIITNID: TX. .MARCH 7-8, 1987. One thousand riders went down during┬Ěthe worst natural disaster to ever hit Lake Whitney: a Team Green Tidal Wave. Kawasaki riders and their KX's swamped the GNC International Final for 14 overall championships. Leading the powerful surge were double winners Lowell Thomson (125 and 250cc Pros), Jeff Emig, ~ TEAM GREEN 'J1DAJ. WAVE 1VINNEIIS Craig Davis, and Robby Neel~ While everyone Knill Wiodb:.nn Open ]dfEmig else was screaming for ]dfEmJg -]obnKitsch help; our champs bailed Mann out some titanic wins. 2SOcx And collected shares in the 2SOcx -]ason 2SOcx Open Craig Davis $913;n5 from Kawasakis 5OOa: Craig Davis 2S Neeley 1987 MX Contingency 30 Ncdcy Program. . Your local Kawasaki dealer has ~............-.KX bikes with a flood of devastating features. Like KIPS and UNI~ Catch a ride on one. And sink your competition ~.e 6oc:c Beg SSa:Beg MiDi MiDi]r(6-8) Che Botr2mble MikeAtkiDson MiDi MiDi Stock (~16) MiDiSr(~16)-' USa: Stock lot USa: Exp Exp Stock lot Jay Lowdl'Ibomsoo J..owoeD'Ibomsoo I.angb'd Open 0'fU 0'fU Masters - "Robby Robby =- Iii. Let the good times roll. SCOTT:...= ~DUNLDP~!) ~ 01987 KAWASAKI MOTORS COA~. U.S.A. A!.WAYS WEAR A HELMET AND APPAOPRIATE APAAAEL

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