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coll.rbone he .uffered .t D.yton.. Spencer w.. .1.0 .cheduled to go to J.p.n on M.rch 17, but will insteed .pend the time resting at home. "I'm probably going to be .ble to ride (.t the opening GP .t Suzuka, J.pen on M.rch 29)." Spencer . APPOINTED: RichaTd F. Teerlink, to the post of pm.ident and chief opmItingoHirerof the Harley-Davidson. Inc-. Motorcycle Operation; Teerlink retains his position as chief financial officer for Harley-DaYidson, Inc.., reporting to Vaughn Beals, chairman and CEO of Harley-Davidson, Inc. T_ in to MotoWorId, the Larry ...I....boated TV ahow on The Nnhvi" Network, on Sund.y, -.:h 1 I, for • IP8ci8I edition which wli be devoted to hlghllghtl of Daytona Cycle Week. Check yow' Ioc8I liRlng. for times (the cable TV ahow i. telecast three timM NCb Sunday). And speaking of Larry Maiers, the bearded TV show host and race an1IOlIDCeT, met up with a limping (knee injury) Rick Ryan in a Daytona hotel lobby the morning or the Daytona Supercross. Maiers asked the young California privateer if he intended to taee lIlat afternoon. When Ryan tQ.ld him he rod, Maiers advised him not to. After Ryan left the lobby, Maiers told the group he was sitting with, "You just can't tell these young riders anything. He doesn't stand a chance in hell today.- He should be resting lIlat knee." Ryan won the Daytona Supercross that afternoon. Freddia Spencerw. . scheduled to .tart Acu.ope tre.tment on March 9 for the the broken right CBS News is expected to blast allterrain vehicles sometime this month on the network's news magazine, 60 Minutes. The report, which will be presented by long-time CBS correspondent Ed Bradley, is expected to be highly critical or ATVs and the ATV industry in much the same manner as the infamous ABC 20/20 broadcast of April 25, 1985. The CBS program could air as .early as March 15. ridere Lowell Thomson, Jeff Emig .nd John Kitsch were some of the big winners .t the Gr.nd N.tion.l Ch.mpion.hip Motocro.. Fin.l. .t the Lake Whitney Cycle R.nch in Whitney, Texa., M.rch 6-8. Thom.on captured the 126 .nd 260cc Pro cl... wins; Emig took both the Mini Open .nd Mini Stock 14-16 division., while Kitsch nailed the Mini Senior cl•••. Complete next week in Cycle News. Here'• • photo of the new w.ter-cooled, 600cc V.m.h. VZM motocroaaer we reported .bout week, to be ridden by Sweden'. 18if Persson in the 1 987 600cc World Ch.mpion.hip Series. The motorcycle .Iao features .n exhaust port power-valve .nd • fabricated .luminum box~section In the frame'. rnain section. in Suzuka, J.pan. M.ckenzie, who was accompanied by tuner Erv Kanemoto, beat Skoal Bandit Suzuki'. Kenny Irons in the'r8cing debut of Suzuki'. new V-four road racer. British road racer Kevin CJark currently is living in Atlanta, Georgia, and is looking for a ride in the U.S. for the 1987 racing season. Clark, who reportedly has finished in the top 10 repearedly in the British' 250 and !l5Occ Championship Road Race Series during the past two years, will ride in the Superbike, 250cc GP or Production raang classes. ChU'k can be reached at 404/445-9!1I!1. HB Honda'. Niall M.ckenzie won hi. debut race on the f.ctory Hond. 600cc V-four on M.rch 8 Australian Rob Phillis' trip to Daytona turned sour when the Quantel Cosworth he was scheduled to ride in the Pro Twins class had mechanical problems, causing him to miss the race. "I came halfway around the world to watch a race and I dOD't enjoy watching races. I like to race in them," he said. "The balance shaft is vibrating and we. can't ride it." Phillis was also depressed over the fact lIlat he missed the opening round of the Australian Superbike Championship in order to race at Daytona. The Quantel Three-time World Freddie Spencer'• long-awaited return t~ racing wes delayed when he wa. i,:"ju~ in • prlICtice . . .ion craah on Wednesd.y, M.rch 5,.t Daytonalntem.tion.l Speedway. Spencer, who earl18r In the day had qualified fastest for the D.yton. 200, i. seen here flying through the .ir after riding over C.rry Andrew's clowned bike. For complete deteil. see o~r D.ytona 200 coverage which begins on pege 6. Cosworth is the same bike lIlat Paul Lewis finished second on in the 1986 Battle of The Twins race at Daytona. Supercro. . .nd 250cc National Motocro.. Ch.mpion Rick Johnson got • scare in his first tum crash with Ron l8chien in the Daytona Supercroaa. "My hands re.l clo.e to going in Lechien'. ~nning rear wheel:" Johnson Aid. "'I thought I was going to Ioae some fingers for • second." Johnson did Ioae the visor off his helmet in the incident .nd .1.0 lo.t the u.e of hi. goggles. ". rode helf the race with my eye. closed." The Hond. f.ctory rider .till m.n.ged to finiah 10th. Kawasaki's Ron Lechien bent the crossbar on his handlebars when he was slammed into it in his· second crash at the Daytona Supercross on March 7. Lechien was charging through.the pack after his first turn incident with Rick Johnson when he attempted to double a sma.1 jump that was followed by a table top. Lechien had pulled off the maneuver earlier. but this time he slammed into the face of the second jump. At the airport on Sunday morning, Lechien said his chest was bruised but other lIlan lIlat he was okay. Team Honda'. Wayne R.iney .nd Bubbll Shobert were clad in their new RS Tliichi 1eath8rl for the D.ytona 200 with Rainey'. outfit including white Alpine Ster boots. Rainey h.d made • trip to J.pan earlier in the year to be fitted for the new Japa..... leathers th.t he will wear in 1987. The Memphis International Motorsports Park will host the August 9. round of the Camel Pro road race series in M~phis, Tennessee. The Memphis International Motorsports Park is·an all-new motorsport racing facility that is nearing its completion stages and will eventl~al1y facilitate a 1/4 mile drag strip, a two mile road course, a 1/8 mile midget track and a half mile clay oval. The park is also planning on building a motocross track, and the first major' motorcycle road race wiJI take place June 1!l-14 for the'AMA Championship Amateur Cup Series. According to.the AMA, the United (Continued to page 20)

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