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Team "I thoroughly enjoy every' issue of MOTORCYCLIST.'," -Malcolm Forbes Name: Malcolm Forbes Occupation: Editor-in-chief and chairman of the board, FORBES Magazine; founder and spiritual leader, Capitalist Tools Motorcycle Club. Career highlight: "I suppose it was something that was a disappointment to me at the time, but it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened. I was in the New Jersey State Senate when I ran as the Republican candidate for governor and lost. If I'd won,"l'd probably have gone to Washington under Nixon and by now would have been in jail and written a book. The move out of politics was a fortunate one because it's hard to run for election from the saddle of a motorcycle, though I've taken a couple of spills from there, too." , Riding history: "I wasn't exposed to the joys of motorcycling until I was 48 years, old and I have been trying to make up for lost time ever since. A man who worked for me wanted to borrow money to buy a motorcycle, and I told him I didn't want to lend him money to kill himself. I had the usual attitude of the uninitiated toward motorcycles. He convinced me it was his life and only my money, bought a Triumph and gave me a ride on the back. I liked it so much that I boughJ a dirt bike the next week and a street bike the week after that. Within a couple of weeks I was buying so many bikes and liked them so much that we bought the shop. For 10 years FORBES Magazine owned Slegers-Forbes in New Jersey, the biggest motorcycle dealership at the time." Riding preference: "1 enjoy all types of riding. In fact, we have more dirt bikes than horses on our ranch in Colorado. But, of course, touring is my favorite. Most exciting were the trips through Russia and China. Wherever we go in the world we ride Harleys, and they have the same mystique everywhere. Our most recent trip, was to Japan, where we again combined motorcycling with hot air ballooning; this time the balloon was in the shape of the Golden Temple of Kyoto. Nick lenatsch from. MOTORCYCLIST rode along with us and wrote about the trip. Next year we're going to Germany (including East Germany), where the balloon will be shaped like a bust of Beethoven." Views on motorcycling: "I like the sense of independence and oneness with the elements... and the spirit of those who are on bikes, the camaraderie." Motorcycles owned: "We collect a lot of old things, from autographs to Faberge eggs, but ' in motorcycles I don't collect the old ones. In fact, the only old one'l have is a BMW chopper. All of the bikes I own (about 60) were a turn-on for one reason or another; new models that were somehow different or appealing. Usually the' motorcycle I'm on is the one I like best." Magazine: "I thoroughly enjoy every issue of MOTORCYCLIST. I invariably tear out articles that I know will be interesting to some or all of the Capitalist Tools motorcycle group. Often, by the time they get my tearouts, they've already read it themselves."

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