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Name: Bob "Hurricane" Hannah 'Occupation:' Factory' MX rid'er, U.S. Suzuki .., ' " , ,description: "I'll be riding'about 15 races this year, including the 250cc Nationals, the Florid~ series, and the Seattle a~d Daytona supercross events, mainly on R&D and public relations ,for Suzuki." if Jqb Riding history: "My father has ridden motorcycles all his life and still does 25,000 miles a year or better in the dirt and on the str~t. I rode around with him until I was seven and then I got out of high school in '74 and my first really big win was probably the Florida series in '76:" Champion, Trans-AMA National Champion; 1979-Supetcross Champion, 250cc National Champion. Riding preference: "I don't do much playriding anymore because I ride for a living. I do ride in the desert in the winter-about 50/50 training and playing. When I'm not racing I fly around in planes. I have two of them- one for business and one to play in. Motocross has been really great to me, I wouldn't change it for anything. About the only thing I would rather have done is be a test pilot." Advrce for aspiringrac;ers: "Lots of work. Devote 100 per,cent of the time-do it or don't even bother, because that's what it will take.'" Track record: 19.76-125cc National Champion; 1977-Super-- , Magazine: "In my job I eat cross Chainpion; 1978-Super- . . and sle~p motorcycle magazines cross. Champion, 250cc National and I like DIRT RiDER. It's 48 professional and thorough and appeals to all types of riders. Take my column, "Bob Hannah's Racing Techniques," which is an offshoot of the motocross schools' I've taught and provi~ easy tips for those guys who are coming,. up. It's not really aimed at the expert rider, but at the beginning or intermediate racer or trail rider. I think it's nice that DIRT RIDER is concerned about it's entire readership and will run something like that. They don't do it for their own benefit or my benefit but for the benefit of the readers. They say they like it and to keep on doing it, so we do."

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