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... v ..c S v ;;> o Z "MOTORCYCLIST is - written for motorcycling enthusiasts it's written for me." -Eddie Lawson Name: Eddie Lawson Occupation: MarlborolYamaha 500cc Grand Prix Rider Riding History: "I started scooting around on my Dad's Yamaha 80 in 1965 when 1 was seven years old and shortly after that my grandfather bought me a Kawasaki 90. My dad and grandfather are ex-racers and got me started in dirt-track at the age of 12 on the 90. 1 remember seeing a factory Kawasaki roadracer in a shop and it scared me to death. 1 wouldn't even sit -on it because it looked so evil. 1 guess I've learned a little since then. 1 rode Formula Two as an amatepr for Harry Hunt and we won a lot of races and set a few records. My big break came in 1980 when 1 rode Formula Two and Superbike for Kawasaki. That developed into my current GP ride with MarlborolYamaha." Track record: 1986-500cc Grand Prix World Champion; 1st place Daytona 200; 1st place Superbikers. 1985-runner-up 500cc World Championship; 1984500cc Grand Prix World Champion. 1983-4th place 500cc World Championship; Ist place Superbikers. 1982-AMA National Superbike Champion. 1981AMA National Formula Two Champion. 1977-1st place Daytona 250 Novice Race. Riding Preference: "When I'm not racing in Europe 1 ride for fun. 1 ride off-road at least twice a week to stay in shape and 48 1 like to ride my street bikes to dinner or a date. Now and then I'll take myoId flattrackers and go slide around El Mirage dry lake. 1 must admit that no other type of riding is exciting to me now that 1 race GP bikes. A 1~ hp two-stroke weighing under 300 pounds has a way of making other bikes feel tame." Bikes currently owned: Yamaha RZ350; Yamaha RD400 Daytona; Yamaha RZV500R; Kawasaki KZl000ELR. Magazine: "I'm paid to ride and like Yamahas, but 1 really enjoy reading about anything from scooters to V-Maxs. 1 read MOTORCYCLIST from cover to cover every month. The MO- . TOR CYCLIST staff is made up of real people who know how to mix business with pleasure and that shows in the magazine. Whether it's technical information or a race report, they make it enjoyable and interesting to read. For the past two years I've written a column for MOTORĀ· CYCUST called "Lawson's Ijnes," which gives readers a close-up view of Grand Prix racing. I think it's a good example of how MOTORCYCLIST caters to true enthusiasts. MOTORCYCLIST is written for motorcycling enthusiasts-it's written for me."

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