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"MOTORCYCLIST is. my shopping guide to the bikes I may own someday." -Augie Pabst PHOTOS: DICK LAGUE Name: August "Augie" Pabst Occupation: President and C.E.O., Pabst Farms, Inc.; Co-owner, King Acura of Madison, Wisconsin; member management committee, Pharmacia P.L. Biochemicals; former Executive Vice-President, Pabst Brewing Co. Auto racing career: "I was United States Auto Club Road Racing Champion in 1959 and Sports Car Club of America National Champion in 1960. I ran LeMans three times, including 4th- and 7th-place finishes, and won the Road America 500 Sports Car race three times. 1 quit racing for 18 years and then started again. 1 now do the vintage races and 64 drive a Lola in the Pro Sports 2000 Class." Riding history: "I started riditig motorcycles on the street when I was 16. I rode other peoples' bikes because 1 didn't own one at the time, but bought a Triumph two or three years later. 1 do a little off-road riding, but a couple of friends and 1 really enjoy going out on the back roads in the country, I guess what you'd call recreational street riding. I love the freedom. 1 feel closer to the countryside and the outdoors. 1 also love the feel of a good bike, the performance and handling of a good piece of equipment." Magazine: "I like MOTORCYCLIST in general, but mainly because it keeps me up to date on the new models that come along. I don't hav~ the time or the desire to go to the various motorcycle dealerships to see if I can maybe con my way into test rides. 1 like the road tests because I can trust them. I have not found any reason not to. MOTORCYCLIST is my shopping guide to the bikes 1 may. own someday."

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