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co 00 O"l ~. O"l . C\l ~ cu ..0 o .... u o ."When' 1 want to read a comic book' 1 read a┬Ěcomic . book. When' 1 w~nt the facts, 1 read DIRT RIDER." . . . . -Daile Afungenasf to get the Honda car in '74 and became one of the first Acura dealers in the country in '86. Riding prefer.nce: "I've been riding and racing off-roaq for 30 years. My favorite event used to be the ISDE, but lately I've left that up to my son, Ray. He rode the ISDE in 1981 through 1985, winning three silver medals and two bronze. My favorite ride now is the Colorado 500." Motorcycles currently owned: Honda XR600; Honda. XLV750R. . Name:.Dave Mungenast Occupation: Owner and President, St.' Louis Honda Motorcycles & Dirt Bike Headquarters, St. Louis Honda AutomobileS,. St. Louis Acura; President, Honda Motorcycle Dealer Council Riding History: "One of the first things I wanted when I was old enough to drive was a 44 motorcycle. I bought a 1946 Indian and wrecked it on the way home and that was the beginning of my career. From there, I got a part-time job in a motorcycle shop and worked my way through college doing that. 1 rode the ISDE nine years-from 1967 to 197~-winning two gold medals, two silver, and two bronze. I went into business for myself with St. Louis Honda Motorcycles in 1965. I was able Magazine: "People are what make my business, and the people are what make DIR T RIDER. They love the sport and it shows in the magazine. They also have a lot of credibility and don't put out one of those cutesy publicatibns. I'm interested in the content than in having it stated in some silly, tongue-in-cheek manner. When I want to read a comic book, I read a comic book. When I want the facts, I read DIRT RIDER. "

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