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attending any race that Danny c.ompeted at within the northern Cahf~r nia area until he left for the GPs ID Europe, And r know that I am not the only one who started up such a loyal following. Danny has done major co~e~cks in his career and cenamly thiS httle road block is not going LO stand in his way. Danny has always had a smileor an aULOgraph, plus a word of encouragement for his fellow racers and fans after every event. Now it is time for us fans and supporters to return his generous efforts given over the years. I think about the times he has made me smile and feel proud LO be involved in motocross, whether I'd be looking at a magazine or watchi~gthe flag fa:1I for his fourth consecuuve moLO WID during the Motocross and Trophee des aoons. I am hoping that all of us who have contributed to the Pro Rider Benefit Fund will bring a smile LO Danny's face. Don't you? America's weekly motorcycle newspaper Sharon DaYlOn, Publisher Mike KJinger.Comp~olkr . Skip Johnson, AssOC1lJu PubllSh.,/ Nation,,1 Saks ManageT Jack Man~us, Associate Publish,." Senior Edllor Rhcba Smith. Circul4tion Manager Caroline CffJdry, Executive Secretory to the Publisher MARCUS E. DUFFIN Uppsala, Sweden Editorial John Ulrich, Editor Kil Palmer. ASJocUzu Editcrr Donations for Magoo may be sent to the Pro Rider Benefit Fund, 14024 Sylvan, Van Nuys, CA 91401 , , . Editor. Mall HilgenbeTg. Associtate Editor Paul Carruthers. Associate Editor Farren Williams. Associate Editor Aclvertleing Terry Prall Sales Ma.nager Tim R.yan. Saks Manager Safety rabbit Mark Thome. SIdes Manager Mike Church. E4.stm S4les Ma, Thomas R. Conm. Ea.stm S4les M.,..,t'T Linda Brown Westem Ad. Coordinator Carla 8otdm. Eastem Ad. Coordinator Nancy Wastell, Adwrti.singl Editorial AMt. G..phIca and Production Ginger Machado, Gl'.fJh~c Art~t Malcolm Wilson. Gr.phJ£ ArtISt Diana HilgmbcrTy Avenue, Long Beach. CA ~ Second cJass postage paid at Long Beach, CA. POSTMASTER: Send form 3679 to Cycle N_. P.O. Box 498. Long 8Mch. CA 90801-0498. Subscription rates: One year. secon~ class mail. $25; twO years, second class mad, 145; three years, second class mail, $68; 25 weeks, SUo Foreign rates available on request. Cycle News welcomn unsolicited: editorial material including Stories. cartoons. photos. elC. Socb material. if publi.5hed. becomes the exclusjve properly of Cycle News. Such accepted material is 5ubj':C1 to .~vision as is necessary in the sole discreuon of Cycle ews. U nsoliciled material which is not used will be returned if accompanied: by a seU addressed stamped mvdo~. All unsolicited material will be handled with reasonab~ care, however, Cycle News assume. no responsibili1rJor the safety. loss or damage to such material. Reprinting in whole or pan only by pmn;ssionol the publisher. rates and circulation mformallon Will be sent upon requesL See S.R.D.S. "'_red Copyriglt~ Cyole Nawa. Inc. 1988. T.ademarIl Cycla Nawa U.S. Patant 0ftIce. Alrlghta--S. 2 ON THE FRONT PAGE; Jim ··HolIywood" Hollay nil. off • •up.rcro•• jump; profila bagin. on pag. 24. Kort< Ballington (99) end R.ndy R.nfrow r.ce for th. S.... Point Formul. On. win; coverage bagin. on page 8. Photo. by Kit Pelm•• • nd John Ulrich. Gaddis and PJ1 Your readers should know that Jimmy Gaddis uses PJI Oils and Lubricants exclusively, in mOLOrcyc1es that he, himself. race prepares. Jimmy, a longtime friend and supporter of PJI Oils and Lubricants, was for example riding his own raceprepared motorcycles at the May 15 Phoenix Amateur Supercro s where he easily won four-out-of-four Mini Expert moLOS. STEVE SCHAEFFER DirecLOr of Racing PJ I Corporation Canoga Park, CA David Downey Motorcycling lost another good friend recently with the passing of David Downey of Freeport, Illinois. David was co-owner of C&D Garage in Freeport in the 19605 and in later years was co-owner of Freeport Yamaha. During the 1960s David built Harley-Davidson KR and Sprmts for several of us a piring young racers; his work re ulted in numero,us trips to the winner's circle: It woulcal parad.e . ~ . Editor. • Loogtime Ma990 fan I thought I'd let you know that loyal fans, living away from the StaleS, do feel the tragedy that Danny "Magoo" Chandler went through and the new, challenging life he faces. It is only a small effort that I have contributed to the Pro Rider Benefit Fund when compared to the effort Danny has given LO the community and sport of motocross. I can remember the first motocross race of my life at Hangtown, watching an incredible rider on a Maico fly down the main downhill double-jumps, only LOuching the ground for a few seconds before reaching a hair-pin turn at the bottom. It was something Hannah and Howerton couldn't manage. Every time this rider flew over the jumps, he wou Id pitch the ba k-end of h is Maico over the crowd and raise one hand in the air LO the yells of "Magooo'" From that race on, I found myself Published letters do not neces· sarily reflect the position of Cycle News, Inc. Letters for publication must be typed and double-spaced; letters must include the author's correct name and address; unsigned or anonymous letters cannot be used; due to the volume of mail no letters can be returned or acknowledged. Send letters to Voices, P,O. Box 498, Long Beach, CA 90801 .

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