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Cycle News 1986 05 21

Cycle News is a weekly magazine that covers all aspects of motorcycling including Supercross, Motocross and MotoGP as well as new motorcycles

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spon of motocross is represented by such a classy young gentleman as Honda's Rick Johnson. TERRY CORDRAY, Manager Ross Downs Motocross Colleyville, TX America's weekly motorcycle newspaper Sharon Clay lOn, Publishn Mike Klinger.Comptroller Skip Johnson. Associate Publishn National Sales Manage?' Jack Mangus. Assodate I'II"'i.\IIr" S~nior Editor Rhcba Smhh. Circulation Manager Caroline Gendry. Ext'cutiw Secretary to the Publisher Editorl81 John Ulrich. Editor Kit Palmer. Associate Editor Mall Hilgenberg. Associate Editor Paul Carruthers. Associate Editor Farren Williams, Associate Editor Terry Prau SaJu MIJTUlger Tim Ryan. Stales Manager Mark Thome. SGles Manag", Mike Church. Eutm Sales Manager Thomas R. Gonlcr. £astm Sdks ManagtT Linda Brown Wt'stnn Ad. Coordinator Carla Borden. Wlnn Ad. Coordinator Nancy AdwTtising J Editorial Asst. G.-phIca .nd Production Cingn Machado. G'lIph,c Artist Malcolm Wilson. Graphic Artist Diana Hilgenberg, G,Gphic Artist Marion Haushiu.. T.,pes~tl~ Carolyn Branham. T.,~sett~ Dmni.s G~. Lab. Tull. A~/D8tIIProc:eaing Donna Bryan. ,fats. Receiwbl~CoordinaJor Geneva R~pass, Assis'4n' Fran Hamw~. Cr~dit Clrcul8tlon Sarah Taylor. ,fssist.aJ Alma Anguiano. ,fssistant Linda Zamarripa. A.ssrst4nt Cheri Oaapman. Assistant W.ntAda Slan Bnu, W4n,,fd S41~s Service .nd SUpport Chris Ailche50n. H~4d9u4rteTS Receplionist Leonard Herring, Sero,qe 4nd Support Natl_1 HNdq....... 2201 Ch

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