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.. ..- ~ ~ .. (.0 00 ~ ....... ~ l!') ..c: u ... ~ ~ .. .Team Hondas RickJohnson wins Seattle Supercross on a 1986 CR250R Talk about smart investments. Rick Johnson bought into Honda, and it's been nothing but glory ever since. In Seattle, R] really gotsome high-yield returns. He smoked the competition in Sundaysrace, and padded his leadin the point standings. The hot tip onJohnson's success is simple. It's a new-issue stockcalled the CR250R, with a Honda Power Port, Nikasil" cylinder and Pro-Link"suspension. See the newCR250R at yourlocal Honda dealer. And cash in onsome mighty nice dividends. &0 DA. FOLLOW THE LEADER .. ,"""mart ALWAYS WEAR AHELMET A.~D EYE PROTECTI Sik 'JO b a re"""red ON. .. ol ll&hl< ~ Pro-Unk" is a Honda t.ndemark . e 1986 AlM'ricanBondi.MotorCo.. lnc. (21 86) 56

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