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.... ... .. • ... • . . .. • • _411o .J ., • ~ ";YND ~ Wf~LfY BY 1>411>41 00 . O"J .-. H usq varna 's Da n Ashcraft won the seco nd round of th e AMA Nationa l H are a nd H ound C hampionsh ip in Red Mou nt a in , Ca lifornia, on Febr uary 9. As hcraft beat Ya m ah a mou nted Ted Hunnicutt and H uskv. pi lot Gart h Sweetla nd . Scotty Brown was the speedway w inner at the Saturday, February 7 California Indoor Championships at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, California. Brown beat Bart Bast and Mike Delacy. OnSatur day, February 8 .. Larry Dashiell beat Dave Woods to win the motocross. KTM' s Pau l Clipper informs us that th e KTM 350MXC is "s till ava ila ble, despite rumors to th e co n tra ry." Th e rumors started wh en th e 350MXC was left out o f th e co m pany's broch u res due to wh at Clipper describes as a " ma rketing error." Mark Murphy (Yam ) won both the 250 and 500cc Pro-Am classes at the West Palm Beach round of the Florida Atlanta /Daytona Supercro ss Warm-up Series on Sunday, February 9. Brian McElroy (Yam) won the 125cc Pro -Am class. 2 . , . T he Marth 9 D aytona 200 is sha p ing up as a Ba ttl e o f Cha m pions with curr en t 500cc World Champio n Freddie Spence r, former 500cc Wo rld C ha mp ions Edd ie Lawso ns a nd Marco Lucch ine lli. Camel P ro Seri es Cha mpion Bubba Shobert. U.S. National Road Race Champion Mike Baldwi n, Superbike Champion Fred Mer kel and former Camel P ro Series C h a mpio ns J a y Spri ngsteen and R ick y Graham o n the p re-entry list. Spencer, Merkel and Shobert will be aboard H o nd as: Lucch in el li o n a Cag iva , a n d L aw son , Bald w in , Springsteen a nd Graham o n Ya mahas in the 200. T he num ber o f preen tries is expected to to p 130. Marlboro Yamaha 's Eddie Lawson was in Brazil the week of February 10, testing his new 1986 Yamaha GP bike and M ichelin tires. Rumors th at have Daytona 's bea ch closed to a ll traffi c arc fals e. Ridingl driving on th e beach is a llo wed during da ylight hours. The new la w bans a ll motor vehicl es from th e " Worl d 's Mo st Famous Beach " from on e hour after su n do w n to sunrise. KTM will have a service vehicle stocked with parts at all Daytona Cycle Week off-road events. Service technicians will be on hand to give all KTM riders technica l assistance. T wo-time Ba ttl e of T he T wins roa d racing G ra nd Prix class cha m p ion G en e Church will aga in co mpete in BoTT events o n h is Don Tilleytune d XRIOOO in 1986: sponsored by th e Harley Owners G roup. J acksonvill e, Florida's Jacksonv ille Raceway w ill host an AMA-sancti oned ha lf -mile race on Friday nig ht, Febru ary 28 . Th e lat e m in ute ad dit ion to pre -Da ytona Cycle Week activities w ill offe r a $4000 purse, plu s bonu ses in cl udin g $500 to t he win ner of a speci al Trop hy Da sh. The Ill in o is Appellate Court has reversed a low er co urt decis ion and by a three to ' two vote will now a llow mo torcycles in th e Springfield Pa rk District. G eor ge Tin kha m, representin g th e mot orcycli sts in th e appea l, a n nou nced th at th e Park Distri ct has suspen ded th e ban . but may co ns ide r o the r actions . Att orney T in kha m, a mo torcycli st himself , was jubilant wi th th e decisi on. " Hopef u lly, this ma tte r will end with this decisi on ," he said, noting th at a month still rem ains for th e P ark District to petition th e Illinois Suprem e co urt on th e matter, but Tinkham feels co n fident th at he has gathered th e research materi a l ne cessary to wi n th ere, a s well. Harley-Davidson has posted con tingency money for the 1986 season, including $1000 for a win in the BoTT road racing Grand Prix class and $4000 for a BoTT championship. The company also pays for winn ing Camel Pro Series events, offering $1000 for winning a TT orshort track and $2500 for a w in in a half mile or a mile. A number one plate in the Camel Pro Series pays $20,000. T wo AMA half m iles and four short tra cks have been sched u led during Motorcycl e Speedweek at Daytona Beach , Florid a , It sta rts o u t with a February 28 $4000-purse Pro half m ile at J ackson vill e, foll ow ed by a Ma rch 2 S6000-purse half mile at Vol usia Co unty Speedway in Bar bervill e, a nd $8000-purse Reg ion al short tracks a t Mem orial Stadi u m in Da ytona Beach on March 5, Ma rch 6, March 7 and March 8. Cards and letters t o A ustra lia n motocrosser Jeff Leisk, injured in t he February 8 San Diego Supercross, ca n be sent to 1761 North Second Ave., Upland, CA 91786 . Leisk suffered a broken jaw and a ch ipped vertebra and is expected to be sidelined for eight weeks. Ra cing enth usias ts can call two Al\IA information lines to get results from th e weekend's events . The lin es, recently moved to a n ew location, have been reworked to redu ce sta tic. Motocro ss results a re a vaila ble by ca ll ing 614/891-2485 ; Camel Pro Series results are available by call ing 6 l 4/ 891-005 1. Chris Carr has been signed by Harley-Davidson to ride 1986 Camel Pro Series half miles and miles on an XR750 prepared by Mert Lawwill. Carr will continue to ride Wood-Rotax singles in short track and TT events. Harley is also supporting Scott Parker and Jay Springsteen in the Camel Pro Series dirt tracks; Parker's bikes will be prepped by Bill We rner and John Parker; Paul Chmeil will cont inue to work with Springsteen. Class 22, third place-finisher Chris Crandall was not disqual ified from th e SCORE Parker 400 off-road!desert race, but w!1I receive a lett er of repri-

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