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.... Q.) ..0 8 Q.) u Q.) • Cl You're looking at a wonderful symbol ofthe holiday spirit. The Reber Limited, that is. And that means it's HondaHolidays time. During the next few weeks your Honda dealerwill be filled with thespiritofgiving. Visit yourlocal Honda dealer displaying the HondaHolidays banner, and he'llgive youa free 1986 Hondacalendar.' While you're in,you'll have the chanceto see a terrificbunch ofChristmas gifts, Like the Z50R Special, the XR80R and XR100R, and the Four'frax'" 70 and 125. ... 32 • Allgreat ways to get you or your kids in on the fun of off-road riding. And, ofcourse, the Rebel Limited, featuring classicAmericanstyling embellished with special gold plating. Just wait tillyousee the bottom lineon these great gifts, too. You'll think we're Santa Claus in disguise. TheRebel hasa 12-month unlimitedmil age warranty See your local e . Honda deal r forcomplete details. Specifications andavailability subject e - to change without notice. Rearview mirrors arestandardequipment For a freebrochure, seeyour Honda dealer. Orwrite : American Honda,Dept. 221, P. Q Box 7055, No. Holl wood, CA 91609-7055. © 1985 AmericanHonda M Co, y otor Inc. (11/85) ' Limit oneper person.Supplies are limited. &ONDA ' .. FOLLOWTHE LEADER

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