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On October 12 the California OffRoad Vehicle Association, Inc . (CORVA) will sponsor a t rash clean up of two areas at the Glamis Sand Dunes. The clean up will take place f ro m 9 a .m. to 11 a .m .; those in t e re s t e d in h el pi n g should meet at the west e nd of t he dragstrip. For more in f o rm a ti o n call Mil Thornton at 714 /538 -7657. ...... ...... Rothman Honda's Freddie Spencer became the first man to ever win the 250 and 500cc World Road Race Championships in the same year .as he cl inched the 500cc title with a w in in the August 11 Swedis h G .P. Spencer, who clinched the 250cc title last week at the British G .P., beat Marlboro Yamaha 's Eddie Lawson by over 20 seconds at the Anderstorp track. Third place went to Britain's Ron Haslam (Hon) with Christian Sarron (Yam) and Randy Mamola (Hon) fin ishing fourth and fifth, respectively. West German Anton Mang (Hon) won the 250cc race over Carlos La'vado on the new Yamaha v-Twin; Spencer elected to s it out the 250cc race until the 500cc ti tle was c linched . With only the It a lia n round of the 12-race series remaining , Spencer's 141 points leads Lawson's 118 while Sarron has a strong hold on th ird place w ith 80. T he Sep tember 7 Fro ntier 500 wi ll be run for th e first tim e as a loop race this year. After three years o f runn in g from Las Vega s to th e Ca rso n Cit yRen o area. th e race will be lon ger (650 m iles) and ro ugher wh ile sta rt ing a nd fini shin g in La s Vegas. This year's race will a lso ca mpaign a "Drive o u t Dystroph y" th em e in a n elfor t to rai se mon ey for th e Mu scular Dystrophy Associ a ti on . Jim Pomeroy w ill teach two twoday rid ing schools at Kincaid Park in Anchorage, Alaska on August 26-27 and August 29-30. Pomeroy is a lso scheduled to compete atthe Alaska State Fa ir Supercross on August 24 in Palmer, Alaska and in the final round of the Alaska State MX Championship Series in Anchorage on September 1-2. For more information call 907 /3335033. Which road ra cing class. Su perbike or Formula One. will pay 1986 Camel Pro Series points isn ' t yet resol ved. At a m eet in g Au gu st 5, th e AMA 's Road Race Adv isory Board voted to table a Superbike-points recommendation by AM A Prof ession al Co mpeti tio n Director Bill Am ick pen di ng resear ch a nd dat a su p porti ng severa l co ntentions in Am ick's p ro posal. Respondin g to question s at th e meetin g, Ami ck sai d th at h e'll tak e hi s recommenda tion to th e AMA Board o f Directors a nd poi nted ou t th at th e Advisory Board is j us t th at - a n advisory bod y with no decisi on -mak in g pow er . The Washougal Motocross National in Washougal, Washington will be held on August 25 and not on A ugust 18 as printed in our Calendar section. Overnight camping w ill a lso be available for the first time this year at Washougal. 2 J ohn Wil liams. o ne o f th e top co nlende rs in t he Ba ili e o f Th e T wins GP class. had hi s seaso n end in a Friday pr art ice sessio n crash p rior to th e Mid -Oh io road races in which he bro ke hi s ri~ h t wr ist. "There won ' t 1 a n}' titl e th is year." said a VNy )(' depn-sse-d Will iam s whi le spccra ting Oil Su nday. The Supercros s Fin al s a t th e Ro se Bowl in Pasad en a , California on August 17 will sta rt a t 6:30 p .m . in stead of th e usual 8:00 p .m . starting time. The winner of th e final will be presented with a new truck by Toyota. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has accepted the requests submitted by Kawasaki and the Specialty Vehic le Institute of America (S VIA ) regarding the extension of the Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR) . All public comments and submissions must be s e nt to the Office of the Secretary , CPSC, Washington, D.C . 20207, no later than September 30, 1985. T he 1985 CMC Otay Pro-Am Int ernational Motocross Chall en ge on th e U n ivers ity o f Baj a ca m p us in Baja Ca li fo rnia will be held o n Au gust 2425. Race number two of the four ra c e Hi-Point Challenge motocross series w ill take p lace a t T hurston County O .R .V . Park in Ol ymp ia , Wash ingto n on Aug us t 31 . Rounds th ree and fo ur w ill be held on September 14 and September 28. T he Ca lifornia Dep a rtment of Parks a nd Recrea tion ha s lea rned up wit h Genera l Foods a n d Pa cific Bell to d evel op a " Po p into a Pa rk " progra m. The program includes for th e fir st time a 48-page co m p rehe ns ive gu ide to Ca lifornia parks feat urin g indiv idu al p ark list in g s a n d sug ges te d recreation al activi ties . Th e guides ca n be o b ta i ne d from Se ptember 3 to November 30 by submitting three boxtops from th e participating ch ildre n's cereal s, p lus $1 to Post Cereals , Pop Int o a Park Pa ssport Offer. P.O . Box 44 15, Kankakee. IL 60902. West German road racer Martin Wimmer will ride an FZ750 Yamaha at the Nurburgring EightHour race on September 8 . Wimmer will team with the current leader in the German Superb ike Championship, Michael Galinski. Wh il e th e 1986 Ka wa sak i KXI 25 moiocrosser ha s yet to be un veiled in th e U.S.. th e bike has been spotted in En gl a nd . T he biggest cha nge is in t he rea r suspens io n; go ne is th e I ni Tra k svstern with its h..11 cran k' setup . ;111;1 in its p lace i, a H on da-t ype syste m. T'hr shock is rigidly a llac hed at th .. 101'. 01", 1 t11<' r-ut in- lin kag.. ,,· t·up is 1 00"Il..d und..r rh.. swi ngarm pivo t a rea . T he KX 125 a lso has a rem o vabl e rea r su b- Fra me. rear disc brak e (nea rly ident ica l to th e unit th at ha s been in u se o n th e works bikes). a nd Kaw asak i's Tra vel Co n trol Valv e (TC V) in th e fro nt fork. Th e T CV is a va in ' with a sma ll , stif f spr ing whi ch improv es th.. p rogressive an io n of rh e fork . The August edition of USA Network's Motoworld will be t e lecast on Aug ust 20 at 1 0 p .m . (EDT). Like th e July show, which featured the Ca m el Pro Laguna Seca ro ad ra ce, t he Au gu s t sh o w w ill b e a o nehour s pe cial, fea turing the U.S . 250cc GP MX at Unadilla. The Larry Maiers-hosted show will a lso feature lo o ks at the Binghamton (Ne w York) and Millville (Min nesota) National MX events, the Camel Pro Peoria TT and Mid O h io ro a d race, a nd the AMA ' Amateur MX fr o m Loretta Lyn n 's Dude Ranch in Te nnessee . Road racer a nd o r thoped ic surgeon Dr. Da vid Keiffer had a fu ll schedu le o n tap lak in g ca re of in jured rid ers fro m Mid-Oh io . Pra ct ice sessio n cras hes put Superbi ke Ser ies co m pe titor John Ashmead, with a cr ush ed ri ght rh umb , plus Baili e of Th e Twins GP cla ss rider J ohn Will iams a n d his broken right wri st o n th e surgery sched ule. Superb ike cha mpi on Fred Merkel has been underg oing th erapy a t Keiffer's cl in ic in Wyomin g s in ce he underw ent surge ry o n Jul y 14 to rep air a badl y broken bon e in hi s left foot s us ta ine d in a cra sh a t Laguna Ser a . Pl an s ca ll for .a no tht:'r tw o week s o f dail.y sess ro n s. If you would like to write to ABC Te levision abo ut their coverage of the July 27 DuQuoin Mile National, , here is the address: ABC Sports Produce r, 1330 Aven ue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019 Slat er Broth ers, th e U.S . Imponers of Laverda motorcycl es, hav e issu ed a pr ess relea se sta ting th a t co nt rary to what ha s been pri n ted in so me publica tions, th e co mpa ny is not ba nkrupt a n d is c u rrent ly i n produ cti on o f 125cc sports models. Laverda is schedul ed to unveil th eir new lin e of VThree s tree rbi kes in 500, 75 0 a n d 1000cc sizes. The September 6 AMA Central Regional Championship Dirt Track Series ha lf mi le at Davenport, Io w a ' s Miss iss ipp i Va lley Fairg rounds ha s bee n ca nceled . Californ ian R ich Oliver will co mpete in th e August 17-18 24-ho ur World Championship Enduran ce Race in Belgium, riding a Eurocycle -sponsored FZ750 Yamaha with two Bel.. gian co-riders. " Ha m m e rin ' Hank" Moree (Kaw) won the 80cc Int e rm e di a t e Open class at the Ju ly 27-28 International Yo uth MX in Doncaster, England. The race d rew competitors from eig ht countries, and was ru n in a five-moto fo rmat. Moree, 12, of Society Hill, South Carolin a , won the first rnoto. crashed in the second moto but recovered and fin ished second, won the third and fou rth rnotos. then wrapped u p the overa ll w in w ith a s e c o n d in the fifth moto. Moree wa rmed up for the race by winn ing four 80cc motos in a July 20 race in C h ip penham , Eng land . So me o f th e to p winners a t th e NMA Grand Nati on al Motocross Ch ampionsh ips in Ponca City, Oklahoma, were T yson Vohland (250cc Stk. Pro, 125cc Stk. Pro. 125cc Mod. Pro), Tommy Watts (25OccMod. P ro ), Sha u n Kal os (83cc Mod. Expert, I05cc) and Lowell Thomson (83cc Stk . Expert), Compl ete coverage in n ext week 's Cycl e N ew s. Top Fuel drag ra c e r Wayne Davis, 41, died August 7 from injuries suffered in a street crash J uly 31 . Davis was injured when a motorist turned left in front of h im as he rode to h is shop, Wayne Davis Engineering in Azusa, California. Davis is survived b y h is father, Wayne Davis Sr. and his sister, Donna . At presstime, a funeral was scheduled for August 13 with burial at Rose Hills; an estate sale of shop equipment and inventory is scheduled for Saturday, August 24 at 10:00 a .m . at Wayne Davis Engineering, 117 1rwindale , Azusa, 91702, one b lock sout h of the 21 0 Freeway. M ore information is available from Russ Collins at R.C . Engineering, 714 /898-6033 . The Historic Motorcycle Racing Associa tion is sa nc tio ni ng vintage motorcycle motocross and road racing even ts a nd a concours in th e Mr. Werner Ski Area of Steamboat Springs, Colorado o n September 6-7. Interested persons ca n o bta in information on th e September 6 motocross from Dick Mann at 4 15 / 234 -6556 ; d etai ls on th e September 7 road race from Rob Ianucci a t 718/596-0504; and facts on th e September 7 co nc ou rs from Beno, Rod i at 404/469-3963 . The Mountain Road Raci ng Association (MRA) will hold modern -machine road races on September 8, using th e same throughth e-streets co urse as the vin tage bikes. Honda 's Bubba Shobert, who is undefeated in the four AMA Camel Pro Series mile dirt track races in 1985, holds a commanding lead towa rd f irst prize of $20,000 from the $50,000 point fu nd posted by t he Stroh Brewery Company. Three of the four m ile races run this year have been Stroh Miles, and the s ix re m ai n in g Camel Pro m ile races are a lso Stro h Miles. The Stroh Mile point s tand ings fo llowing th e J u ly 27 DuQuoin Mile are as fol low s: 1 . Bubba Shobert (60); 2 . Ted Boody (4 8): 3 . Scott Parker (3 2); 4 . Jay Springsteen (2 4); 5 . Chris Carr (2 3); 6 . Ronn ie Jones (2 0); 7 . (TIE ) Doug Chand ler l Scott Pearson (18); 9 . Hank Scott (1 7); 10. (T IE) Rodney Farris l Ricky Graham (14) . Cha m pagne T ra vel tell s us th at space is still ava ila ble o n tours to th e Septernber 30-0cto bt:'r 5 60th Internationa l Six Da ys Enduro in Spain. Th e virtually a l l - i nc l us i ve tours includ e round-trip airfare, hotel accomodati ons, rental cars, most meal s, a n ISDE ja cket , far ewell dinn er part y. a n d mort:'. One tour take s you directl y to th e Six Days site in ' Alp, Spain . whil e th e o the r includes four da ys o n Spain's Cost a Del So l pri or to th e Six Days and th e op portu n ity to tak e a o ne-day sidetr ip to T an gier , Morocco , Africa. All tour pa rti cip ants will be housed a t th e sa me h ot el in Alp. the Pal ace Hotel. For mo re in for ma tion. co ntact: Cha mpag ne Travel , 1305 North Rid ge West, P.O. Box 67, Am he rst, OH 44001, 216/ 282-7075. Team Yamaha's Broc Glover, who is ti ed with Kawasaki 's Jeff Ward for the supercross points lead going int o the final round in Pasadena, California , next week, broke his wrist four days (J u ly 31) before the Minnesota Nationa ls while practic ing on h is 250. He will ride in Pasadena . Th e Tr iumph Bonneville has mad e a co me bac k in G rea t Brit a in . After a two year co lla pse o f producti on. th e En glish moto rc ycl e h a s been brough t IK k by Devon -based bu silC nessman Les H arri s. The Bonnevi lle is av ail able in tw o ba si c speci fica tions. a Eu ro pean version with a four ga llon cla ssic tank with low bar s. o r a n America n style with a 2.8 ga llo n pea rdrop style tank an d hi gh er bar s. Deli veri es sta rte d in En gland in ea rly Ju ly a n d th e 750cc machines are goi ng for 3850.

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