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,--- - - - -- - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - ----, u. ... a: ... >J: w c: u, u. w .., >- rJl w ... c: => o u § J: c, fiY'P.A'P.A Wf.ALfY .. This 1915 225cc, 64x70mm two-stroke James recently sold for $1475 at an auction at Southebys in London. The bike makes 2.25 horsepower and has a two-speed transmission and chain primary drive and belt final drive. Features include a magneto ignition, acetylene lighting system, girder forks, rig id frame and push starting. The mach ine is in good running cond ition. sustained whe n he was hit bva drunk motorist wh ile ridin g his mo tor cvcle hom e. Lee. wh o had been in a co ma and has undergon e severa l su rge ries, is now o ff the cri tica l list a nd on the road to recovery a t Lon g Beach Memo ri al H o sp ita l. Cards a nd let ters ma y be sent to th e hos pi ta l Reh abil ita tio n , Ro om 134A. 2801 At la nt ic Aven ue. Long Beach. Californ ia . The 1986 Husqvarna AE (Aut o m a t ic Transm ission Enduro ) model has an a ll-new 430cc water-cooled engine wtih a sing le -shock frame design and a f ro nt d isc brake. Husqvarna's 1986 four-strokes all have single-shock f ra m es , a front disc brake, re de si g ne d a irbox and an all-new fuel tank/air scoop design . Beg inn ing August 11 , S uzukisponsored Motorcycle World with . La rry Huffman will be heard at 10:00 p.m. on 50,000 watt XTRA69 Gold , AM 690. Accord ing to Huffman, XTRA is one of the most powerful radio stations in North America with listeners in 11 western states and two Canadian provinces. Motorcycle World will continue to air on KTIM FM 100.0 in San Francisco and on KYLO FM 105.5 in Sacramento. Whi le th e 883cc Evo lution Sportster was an ea r lv-r e lea se 1986 model. Harley -Dav{dson is p lan ni ng to in troduce a bored-o u t II OOcc version of the ma chine a t their an n ua l dealer meeti ng on August 15. At presstirne Harlev- Davidson refused to make an official sta tement. but rumors are that th e added disp lacement is du e to a larger bor e; stro ke will be uncha nged. Also possible are revised cvlinder heads with la rger valves. " ' here th e 883 Sporster was intended as an entry-level H arley. th e 1100 Sp ortster wi ll lik ely be a n upscale machine. with a passen ger sea t and dua I d isc brak es. Wayne Gardner and MasakiTokuno won the Suzuka Eight Hours on an HRC Honda after the Yamaha ridden by fast qualifier Kenny Roberts a nd Tadah iko Ta ira broke in' the last half-hour of the race. Mike Baldwin and Dominique Sarron we re second on another HRC Honda w ith Kevin Schwantz and Graeme Crosby thi rd o n a Yoshimura Suzuki. Roberts qualified at 2 :19 .96 ahead of Gardner's 2 :20.80 and went from a poor start in 23rd up to second in the first hour; Roberts/Taira took the le a d after 90 m inutes and were a lap ahead of the fie ld after seven hours , before going out w it h engine problems. 2 More fro m Suzuka: GardnerlTokuno a nd Baldwin/ Sarron fin ish ed o n th e sa me la p . with 195 la ps; Sch wan tzl Crosby a nd fourth-pl ace T ak ao Abel Keiji Kin o shi ta (Hon) com p leted 192 laps. O ver 230.000 spec ta tors jammed theS uzuka Ci rcui t for rherace, ru n in ho t, 90° weather. R icky Orland ol Rueben McMurter d id 145 laps for 40th overall; J ohnny Bellencourtl Sam McDonald co vered 30 laps fo r 57 th o vera ll; Ro berts/Ta ira were cred ited with 17th o vera ll for th eir 182 laps. The Barstow to Vegas race has adopted a "Ride With Pride in '85 " slogan for the November 30, 1985 District 37/ AMA ra c e. Rick Lee, th e J 7-vear-old son of Bell Helmets' President Terry Lee. is recu pe ra ring from multip le injuries Harley-Davidson's Chief Executive Officer Vaughn Beals and Vice President of Styling William G. Davidson will leave Los Angeles on September 10 in a coast-tocoast ride to raise money for the Statue of Liberty/ Ellis Island Foundation . All motorcyclists, regardless ofthe make or brand of motorcycle, are welcome to jo in in the cross-country trek to the Statue of Liberty. To contribute, riders must buy a Ride For Liberty commemorative kit with · proceeds going toward the restoration of the statue: the kits will be available at Harley dealers in late August. T he sched ule a t th e Goodtimes l\1X in San An tonio , Texas is in full swing with races runn in g o n the first. third a nd fifth Sat u rday ni ghts in addi tion to th e seco nd a nd fourth Sundays every month . The Goodtimes tra ck has a lso added a new lighting system for night racing. MotoWorld will air a one-hour special on August 1 at 10:30 p .m . on the USA Network. The show w ill feat ure a 30-minute segment on the recent Champion Spark Plug 200 at Laguna Seca in addit ion to an at home vis it with threetime World Champion and Laguna Seca runner- up Kenny Roberts. On 1\' one mor or cvcl e finish ed Th e Gr eat Ame rica n ·Ra ce. a n l l vdav. 3.400-m ile ti me/d ista nce en d u ra n~e rally for vi ntage ma chi ne ry. which star ted in Lo s An geles o n Jun e 24 a nd fin ish ed in th e New York Cit " o n Jul y 4. Lo ndo n . Eng la n d's D.H . " C u r lv" Walt e r a nd hi s so n Ro ss rod e a i 930 Sunbeam in th e even t a nd were awa rded th e Sp irit of the Even t Screaming Eagle Tro p hy. Of th e 94 sta rters, 83 mad e it to the finish lin e with the wi n a nd Ihe SIO .O O first O O priz« goi ng to Ca lifo lll ia ', J ack Cas sa n and Was hington 's Elliou Woodward who drove a 1914 Dod ge. A speed meet at Utah 's Bonneville Salt Flats over the July 20-21 weekend saw Dan Kinsey and the Harley-Davidson powered S&S Tenacious streamliner crash at 261 mph. Kinsey, who was unin ju red said, "We're definitely not happy about the crash, but we.are happy w ith the liner's performance. " . J im Owen. 19, succum bed to in juries two da ys after hi s a ccid ent a t th e Jul y 7 CRC Mot ocross a t Perris Racew ay. Cards a nd lett ers can be sent to th e Ow ens a t 831 Keith Street. Barstow . Californ ia 92311. Georg ia 's Road Atlanta was purchased by Art and AI Leon of Dallas , Texas , on Friday , July 12. from Bill and Don Wh ittington , who had operated the racing facil ity s ince 1978. Wh ile the purchase price was not released , it is estimated the Texans paid $2 m illion for the facility which features a 2 .5 mile road race course. Rum ors regardin g th e tradit iona l season opening event s o f th e Camel Pro Series in rhe Houston Astrodome a re floatin g a ro u nd. One rumor ha s Pace Mana gem em . rhe a n n ua l sh ort tr a ck a nd TT Nati on a l pro mo ter , cu ui ng back next year to just a T'T w hi ch wo uld be co m bined w ith a

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