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BY P~'P~ Wf~LfY Belg ian Erik Geboers (Hon) won th e third rou nd o f th e 500cc World C ha mpi on sh ip MX in Swede n , Sunda y Ma y 5, wit h a perfect I-I sco re. Bri ta n's Dav e Thorpe (Han) fini shed seco n d wi th a 2-2, wh ile defe n ding 500cc. Wor ld Champion Andre Ma lh erbe (Han) took thi rd wi th a '1-3. Dann y " Magoo" Chandler (KTM) we n t 4-5 for fourth overa ll. Th orpe lead s in points a t 88 over Ma lh erbe (85), Geboers (83) a nd Chandler (74). Round four of the 250cc World Championship Series in Italy went to Anders Eriksson who went 1-1 . Jorgen Ne ilson finished second (2-4). while Mori Dolce (3 -4) and 1984 World Champion Heinz Kinigadner (5 -5 ) took third and fourth. Mo rocro ssers Carv Den ton and Darrell S h u ltz are ill Au st ralia to ride supercross even ts in N ew Cas tle May II and Adelaide May I S. The tr ip was pu t togeth er by c r World C lass Products of Stanton, Ca lifornia, which ex p o r ts eq u ip me nt to Au stra lia; Sh u ltz will rid e a H onda; Den ton w ill rid e a Suzu ki . I According to Stadium Motorsports Corporation president Jeanne Sleeper. the firm is engaged in negotiations which may lead to SMC promoting the London. England. round of the RadiI Cup Supercross Series in Wembley Stadium on September 22. The locat ion. date and promoter of the U.S . ro und of the series is still up in the air; locations under consideration include Los Angeles. Anaheim and New York. with a tentative date of November 2 . 2 After specta tor and scori ng co n fusion a t Dayto na a nd the rece nt \Vil- ' low Springs AMA Pro -Am , the AMA has revised th e numbering system for Form ul a One a nd Su perbike racin g effective for th e May 18-19 Camel Pro Ser ies ro und a t Sears Point Racewa y in Ca lifo rnia . U nder th e new system; I. Fo r me r cham p io ns in both classes a re issu ed single-d igit numbers; defendin g cha m p ions ca rry th e number o ne plate. 2. Riders wh o ea rned Nationa l num bers in 1984 a n d '85 a re gi ve n to p pr iorit y for tw o -di gi t numbers; if possible, riders keep th e sa me n umber the y ha d in 1984. 3. Riders who h av e wo n a n F- I or Superb ike Na tiona l - but didn 't qualify under the fir st two criteria - are issued Na tio nal numbers. 4. Riders wh o held National numbers in 1985. but n ot in '84, a re issu ed two -d igit Nationa l numbers; 5. Rema ining numbers a re issu ed at th e discre tio n of AMA sta ff. Formula Two is not a ffected by th e new syste m thi s year. Former World Champion Freddie Spencer (Han) won the May 5 Spanish Grand Prix round of the 500cc Road Racing World Championship. finishing 13.5 seconds ahead of runner-up and defending World Champion Edd ie Lawson (Yam) . Frenchman Christian Sarron (Yam) was third. Connecticut's M ike Baldwin (Han) f inished seventh. while Californian Randy Mamala (Han) apparently DNF as he did not show up in the top 10. The 250cc GP race on the Jarama circu it saw Carlos Lavado (Yam) lead Martin Wimmer (Yam) and Anton Mang (Han) across the f inish line. Spencer (Han) finished ninth . After two rounds. Spencer and Lawson are tied for the 500cc points lead with 27 po ints each . Lavado leads the 250cc point standings with 23. and is followed by Mang with 22. Wimmer w ith 18. and Spencer at 17. SCO R E's O ff-R oad Show will be runn in g at th e An ah eim (Ca lfio rn ia ) Co nvention Ce nter, Ma y 10-12. Wh ile yo u're there, sto p by th e Cycle News booth and sign a.letter to figh t aga in st the C PSC ATV ba n . Pre-printed letters su p port ing ATV rider ed uca tio n will be availa ble for signi ng - Cycl e News will mail them. Show the govern me n t yo ur ,co nc ern a bo u t you r right to own and operate ATVs, Show h ours are: Friday, May 10, 5:00 p .m . to I 1:00 p.rn.: Saturda y, Ma y 11 ,1 2:00 p. rn. to 10:00 p .m .: Sunda y, Ma y 12, 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m . During the SCORE show. a special two-day symposium on the future of off-road recreation in California will be held Friday and Saturday. May 10-11. atthe Anaheim Hyatt Hotel in Anaheim. California. The meeting will be hosted by American Honda and the California Department of Parks and Recreation's Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Division. and will cover several topics. including ORV safety. noise and environmental problems. Track operators. ORV group rep resentat ives and manufacturers are strongly urged to . attend. Cost is $95 per person. For information. contact ORV Horizons Unlimited. 921 11 th Street. 14th floor. Sacramento. CA 95814. 916/443-0450. La st week Cycl e N ews (May 8) repo rted on the plight ofnine-year-old Natha n Peters, who sustained critica l leg i njuries in a dirt tra ck racing acc ide nt a t Corona Racewa v, in Corona , Ca liforn ia , April 27. Nathan has since u ndergone two operations on hi s legs and faces a t least o ne m ore surgery, . followed by length y h osp i ta liza tion . Over th e past week Natha n has a lso received en co uraging letters from Malcolm Smi th , Bu bba Shobert a nd World Road Racing Champion Eddie Lawson. Nathan 's spirits reportedl y co ntin ue to remain. hi gh, in spi te of th e physical a nd financial hardships tha t h e a nd h is fam ily are su ffer ing. Ca rds and letters ca n be sent to Nat han Peters, Mission Co m m u nity H ospita l, 27802 P uerta Real , Mission Viejo , CA 92621. Donat ions to th e Nathan Peters Reco very Fund ca n be sent to Da n a Mi gu el Bank, 34 180 Paci fic Coast H igh way, Dana Point. CA 92629. Four-time U.S. Formula One Road Race Champion Mike Baldwin married Lindsay Elliott on April 27 in England. Baldwin met his bride during the 1984 Trans-Atlantic Match Races. Creighton Demorest served as best man. Americans on hand for the ceremony were Mike's parents. his brother Jay. friend /tuner Bruce Maus. Ron Burns. aand Patty (Perron) and Barry Bordner. The couple honey. mooned on the Orient Express. At th e Superbowl o f Mot ocro ss a t th'e Los An gel es (Ca li fornia ) Col iseum o n Ma y I I, Toyota will awa rd $ 1200 to rid ers wh o ge t hol eshots. Th ere are 12 h eat s in th e Superbo w l, and $ 100 wi ll be paid to th e rider who blas ts out of th e starting gate firs t in eac h heat. Qua lifying for this year's AMA Amateur Nationals will be held J uly 4 -5 at Carlsbad Raceway. four days after the runn ing of the U.S . GP MX on June 30. The event is open to all memberships; entry to qualify for the Amateur Nationals is $20. For information call 714/498-0460. or 304/5941157. T he' 'Tahoe-Carson Ci ty .r urn about" roa d to ur is sche d u led for Mem orial Da y Weekend. May 25-27. La kewood (C a lifo rn ia) H o nda is th e even t's orga n izer, whi ch is AMAsancti oned ; Di str ict 3T 'to ur in/i: points w ill be awa rde d . Entrants wi ll hav e a cha nce 10 win a 1985 H on da G old W ing In terstat e w hi ch w ill be g iven a way in a d ra wing o n th e tour. Call Lake,wo od Ho nd a a t 2 13/860 - 1354 If all goes as planned,'the May 11 Superbowl of Motocross will be the last event promoted by supercross founder Mike Goodwin. According to Goodwin. his Stadium Motorsports Corporation will be sold to rival supercross promoters Pace Management; terms have been agreed upon and contract signing is scheduled for May 16. Goodwin says that the inspiration for supercross came from an indoor short track that was held inside Madison Square Garden in New York. T ea m Yama ha was experimenti ng wi th a n ew exhaust pipe design o n their modified production YZ250s a t the- Orlando Supercross. The new pi pes were used on the bik es o f Keith Bo wen and Ri ck J oh n son en route to thei r seco nd a nd thi rd pl ace fin ishes, respectively. AMA District 37 is holding the Ridge Runner poker run June 2 for owners of dual-purpose bikes. The' event is open to street-legal machines only. and will include a combination of road riding down Angelus Crest Highway and fire roads. Entries are .1 0 mail. .12 post. For more information. call Jim Pilon. 818/363-6409. Har ley-Davidson is going on the offen sive wit h a new custo mer-gett in g program ca lled " Earn Your Wi ngs." T h e manufacturer is ca ll ing on H arley owners to go out and con vince fri ends. relat ives. neighbors an d oth ers to tra de in th eir J apanese steeds for Milwaukee iron, Those who make successfu l Harley converts are issued ' a bronze winged Harley-Davidson pin, a certifica te o f " distingu ished ser vice," a jacket p at ch . a nd a £lag decal sig n ifiyi ng th e co n ver t' s bike's co unt ry of or igi n . 1£ yo u make five con verts, yo u a re an "Ace;" 10 ea rns yo u " Do u ble Ace" sta tus . T he " mi ssio n" lasts unti l Cycle Week at Daytona . 1987. See yo u r local H arleyDavidso n dea ler for detai ls. Good lu ck The California Motosport Club (CMC) has begun its seven rece-Iong " Spring Classic" series. The opening round was held May 5 at Hungry Valley; remaining rounds are scheduled for Ascot Park. May 10; HungryValley. May 12; Ascot Park. May 17; Carlsb!ld Raceway. May 19; and Ascot Park May 24 and 31. U.S. Suzuki isa major sponsor of the series. which includes special classes for women and ATVs. Two Suzuki motocrossers and a Quadrunner are among the prizes up for grabs. Call 714/261 -6116 for information. The June 23-sched u led Los Angeles roun d o f th e AMA National Champ ionsh ip MX Series will be replaced by a May 19 even t i n Las Vegas at La s Vega s MX Park. And the re is a tenta tive cha nge in th e schedu le: th e Wash o ugal. Washingt on, ro und is expected to be moved from Aug ust 18 to Au gu st 25 to m ak e wa y fo r a-ten tative change to the AMA Supercross Series sch ed- u le - th e addi tio n o f a n Au gust 17 Pasad en a , Ca li fornia ro u nd. Screw ups: Contrary to what you read last week. the LeMans 24Hourwas not a round of the Endurance Road Racing World Championship Series: AMA officials elected not to tear down Kevin Schwantz's Yoshimura Suzuki; and Wes Cooley. speaking right after the Willow Springs race while attending to his injured knee. misspoke regarding his second-leg tire choice - he switched from a Michelin front to a Dunlop front. not the other way around . Round six of th e AMA /CCS U.S. Enduran ce Series is sche d u led for Jul y 6 at Da yto n a Intern ationa l Speedway. A $20 .000 purse has been posted for the event, which is called th e Pa u l R evere 250. Entries are open to AMA U.S. Endurance series teams; raci n g starts at 10:00 p .m . For details. call 704/684-9480. bet ween 1:00 p.m. a nd 5:00 p.m. eas tern time. Cosmopolitan pits: Team Hammer's Tim O'Kennedy. 26. is a native of Dublin. Ireland with two years of World Championship endurance road recing experience. During his seasons racing Harrisframed Kawasakis in Europe. O 'Kennedy's mechanic was Sco- ' tland's John Clark. O'Kennedy is now a Senior Account Planner for Chiat/Day Advertising and lives in Los Angeles. As chance would have it. Clark. now a professional ski speed racer. passed through Los Angeles on the weekend of the Kerker 4-Hour on his way to ski races in California and Vancouver; Clark ended up working on Team Hammer's pit crew for the race.

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