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and wor k as hard as th e big g nys . Rem em ber these a re th e big g uys of t he futu re. DEE H ASE Mom o f a ex-m in i racer Ca rbo n Canvon. CA Daytona chains I fini shed seven th in the Da yto na 200 thi s year usin g Ts u ba ki cha in. But o n page 19 of yo u r March 27 iss ue. RK incl ud ed me in th eir ad as using RK . I wo uld a pprecia te a n o te in o ne of yo ur next issues to co rrect tha t, p lease . 'MIKE HAR TH AM A S uper bike #12 Okl ah oma C ity. O K WEST America's weekly motorcycle newspaper Sha ron C lav to n. Pub lisher Mike Klinger. Comp troller Skip Johnson . Associate Publ isher / Na ti on al Sa les Manager Caroline Oendrv. Exrrut iue Se cretarv to the P ub lisher . , . Governor Deukmejian Editorial John Ulrich. Editor Kit Palmer , Associatr Editor Matt Hilgen berg, Associate Edi tor Ji m w o k-on . As sociate Edi tor Rex Reese. Featur e Ed itor Advertising T erry Prall, Sa les Mallagn Mik e Spe-ncer, Salt's M an ag t'T T im R yan . Sa Irs M a n agrr Li nda Bro wn. Advertising Coordinator N(lJ1()' w asn-ll. A dve rtising/ Editorial Assistant Graphics and Productio n Larry G ill . Graphi c Artist G inp;<'rDeva ul . Associate Gm phir Artist Marion H atash ita. T YP t'.ft' tt f'r Sheila La rsen, T 'yp esettrr De-nnis Greene. Lab . T ech. Account ing/Data Processing Don na Brva n. Accounts R eceiva ble Co()rd;nnt~)T Geneva Repass. Ass; st(w l Fran Hamwey. Credit Circulat ion Rheba Smi th, M (m ag n Sarah T aylor . A s,~;,\'raTlr Lyna Hood , Assistant Dealer Sales an d Se rv ic e Bob Ell ioll . Dealer Sa/t',~ Ma na g rT Want Ads Sit '\"( , (;l'U fln , Want A d S (d ,',\ , Se rvice and Suppo rt C h r is Air cheson . Rrrrp tionist Gregu ry Hanson. S&t\) West 2201 C he ny Avv.. Lon g Bea r-h. CA 9080 6, P ,O , Bo x 49X, LOIl ,~ Bear-h. CA 90801·0,198. • (2 1~) ' 1 2 7 · 7' 1 ~ ~; L.A. Lim' ( 2 1 ~) 6~6·8H H East 4 190 First Ave.. T' urkcr. GA . 30084, P .O , Bo x 80S, T ucker. GA 3(}()85· 0t\O,. !' (·u}! ) 9 ~ ,1 ·7850 . e n l" News/W esl (USPS H 1·3·10) is publ i ~lH"d we-ekl y exo-p t th e firsl and last wee-k of the ca le-ndar y('al fo r 52:, p('r yea r hy Cvrle News, Inc" 220 1 Chcrrv Aven ue. L o ng: Beach, CA 90HO~. Senmu' c!;ass po sta~t' paid at Long Beach , CA. POSTMASTER : Send f orm 3579 to Cyc le News. P.O. Box 4 9 8. Long Beach. CA 90801 ·0498 . Subscriptio n rat es: 0 11t' yea r. wron d class mail. 525; two years. seco nd e1ilss mail , 545; three )'t'a rs . second class midi $68: 25 we-eks. 5 13. Fore-ign rau- s a vailub le on reque-st. C\"C1t- News welcomes u nso licit ed editori"oJ rruucria l inc-ludi ng stor ies. cartoons. ph OIOS, etc S uc h ma teria l. if p u blished . beco mes the exc-lusive plOlx'l".ty of o yc"lt' e News . Su ch arcvpu'd man-ri ulis su bject to revision as is 11l'('('ssary in tht- sole disrreiion of Cvcle News . ll nsofici ted ma n-rial whi ch is' no t used will be- returned if acco mpa n u-d b y a self-addressed stamped en velo pe. All un solici tcd ma teria l will lxhan d le-d wi rh rea sona ble (Om ', however, Cycle- News ;'ISSl l m (' S n o n-spons ib ilitv (01 the safetv. loss or damage to such ma n-rial . Rt'p rin t;n g- in wh o le o r part on ly by perm ission o f 1/1<' p u bl isher. Adve rtising- ra tes and r-irr-ula tion in formatio n will bc seru upon request . St,t'S ,R,D.S. Copyright® Cycle News. Inc . 1985. Trademark Cycle News regi stered U.S. Patent Office. All rights reserved . 2 ON THE FRONT PAGE: Eddie Lawson on his way to the South African GP win. Coverage begins on page 20 . Photo by Gavin Stapleton . (lnsetl Honda's VT1100C Shadow. Test begins on page 12 . The number game Wh en I was as ked to work fo r th e AMA under the lea dersh ip o f E.C. Smi th. as hi s co mpeti tio n di recto r. m y first duty wa s to design a n umber ing system to present to the the n AM A Com pe ti tion Com rn iuee. I did so with the idea o f a pe rmanen t rider idcn rificar ion syste m th rough ou t the U .S. for 5.000 licen sed riders . It ha s worked all th ese years and my theo ry ha s a lwa ys been - wh en somethi ng works. lea ve it alon e! J U L ES HOR KY Co lumbus vOlI Mike Akin Sr. The staff of Dou ble Cross Racing wis hes 10 mou rn th e passingof o ne o f o u r fell o w racers. Mi ke Akin Sr., ni cknam ed H a nk M ud bo ne, passed a way in h is sleep th is mo nt h. Mi ke was a colorfu l ch aracter a nd possi bly o ne o f the worl d 's fo remos t bench race rs. He woul d give yo u his bi ke. boot s or beer befo re yo u co uld even ask hi m. H e helped us set up tracks a nd was a lways ready to do any th ing th a t wo ul d en ha nce th e sport he lov ed . I had th e pl easure of racin g agai ns t Mik e a co uple of mon ths ago a t Riversi de in th e Se n ior class. H e h ad a cr a sh that wo u ld ha ve sen t me to th e sho wers , bUI seeme d to rev him up in stead . I sti ll h ave a few bruises left fro m th e roos t o f his big Yama ha as h e repassed me. H e leaves behind a fin e so n wh o bea rs hi s n am e a nd a lso races in th e Mi n i class. I like to thi nk Big M ike is kicking back in a la wncha ir w ith a six pac k of what ever th ey serve up there. an d th at every day is a Su nday a t th e races for h im . Godspeed. Mi ke. R ICK CAM P BELL Corona , CA Fred Merkel Co n cerni ng th e int ervi ew with H onda 's " Flying Fred ." (Cy cl e News, March 13). Wh en as ked a bout th e • Loudo n, Road Race in 1984. one of h is q uotes wa s a bo u t, " kickin g Dale Q uarter ley 's but t." whi ch I h ad to rep ly to ! Wak e up Fred , yo u're dreamin '. Anvbod v who sa w th e heat ra ce wh en Da le stuffed past hi m in th e last t urn. sti cki ng hi s elbo w i n hi s face knows th e facts. Da le won th e hea t. As far as the fina le. Fred had a 100ya rd lead in th e fir st few laps. wh ich Dal e qui ckly too k care o f by pa ssing h im. Fred repassed a la p lat er a nd proceed ed to crash in tu rn o ne. Da le , was o n h is bu tt , and i t's bull to say he got th e oi l flag a nd Fred did n 't. ' Fred is a g rea t rider . and only two racers were rea lly capable o f bea ring him last yea r, Wes Cool ey a nd my rid er . Da le Q uart erley. I wi sh Fred l uck in def ending h is cham pions hip in 1985. He 's gonna need it. especia lly at Loudou . KER R Y BRYANT Progra m Man ager Su perTrapp Raci ng Davi s. CA Cycle News most i n f o r m at iv e I don 't want 10 miss any action! Pl ease send me a ny issu es that I ma y m iss in betw een ex p ira tio n a nd renewal. We use yo u r paper exc lu sivel y to kno w what 's going o n in th e wo rl d o f mo torcycl in g ; i t is th e m ost informa tive paper I kno w o f o n th e ma rket toda y. T ha n ks for yo ur grea t coverage o f th e fi rst Na tio na l end uro o f th e year at Coa linga , Californi a. Keep up the good work. JAMES H . LYKINS AMA #283988 Sa lin as. CA More mini riders We, too, a re a vid rea de rs o f Cycle N ews. O u r fam il y wa it s for o ur copy every week . We are in to tal ag ree me nt wit h th e mom o f a m in i racer wh o was di sa ppo inted in yo ur cove rage o f m in i races. You r respons e was that vo u ca n ' t co ver a ll races . . Well , the n occasio nally fo rget th e mororcvcles a nd cover a mi ni race. ( By the' way m y so n is mot o rc ycle ra rer. ) T hes e kids ' Ire .a s ded icated a I wo nder wh at Ca liforn ia Governor Deukmej ia ns lett er (Cycle N ew s. March 6) was tr yi ng 10 accom p lish. Is he cla im ing credit for the six- yea r delay in esta blish ing a Fresno County O RV park? Is he tak in g cred it for th e exor bita n t cos t o f this 47,O O-acre , O project loca ted remotely from most riders in th e sta te? Is h e a wa re that 50% o f th e lan d bei ng paid for by riders' green stickie reg istration funds wo u ld no t a llow O RV use? Or is h e loo kin g fo r som e (m uc h needed ) goo d w ill and vo tes fro m ride rs j ust six mont hs a fter veto ing the 1984 mo to rcycle safety bi ll? Th er e's a new motorcycl e sa fety bill this year - A.B. 412 spo nso red by Assemblywoma n Dor is All en . Let 's let th e Govern o r know we can use h is su pport o n the sa fety issu e too. ALAN R . ISLEY P resid ent Mo torcvc le Safe tv Foun da tion . Costa Mesa , CA Daytona p ipes T ha nk you very m uch for yo ur Day tona co verage and th e rncn tion of th e Su per'Tra pp ex haust syste m s on J immy Filiceand Gary SCOll'S Ya mah a FZ750s, You mav no t have been a wa re of th e n ew Super'Trapp Li m ited Edition Superbike silen cers tha t Wes Coo ley. Ron H aslem and Mi ke H arth used on th ei r Honda Interceptors in conjun ctio n wi th H RC head p ip es. Super'Trapp is a lso pro ud to an nou n ce th e addit ion o f a ne w devel o pmenta l group with in th e SuperT ra p p Racin g Departmen t. It is ca lled the Adva nced Research Tea m (ART). T he new de partme nt is respons ible for the design . deve lo pm en t a n d bu ildi ng of o ne -o ff, hand-bu ill racing system s. Stain less syste ms, tapered head pipes. 4-into-2- into- l systems like G a ry SCOIl u sed o n the FZ750 . etc., wer e a ll th e responsibility of ART. We a lso bu ild to a ny speci fica tio ns req u ired. App lica ti ons are being accep ted for sponsorsh ip support eit he r in th e form of direct p rod uct sup po rt , red uct io n in p rice, etc. WE S GER RIET S Marketin g Di rector Supe rTra p p Davis, CA Published letters do not necessarily reflect the position of Cycle News. Inc. Letters for publication must be typed and double-spaced; short. concise letters stand a better chance of being published; due to the volume of mail no letters can be returned or acknowledged. Send letters to Voices. P.O. Box 498. Long Beach. CA 90801 .

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