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1984. The world of motorcycle radng witnessed all the "right stuff" in men and equipment. 25 world and national champions who dominated the tracks rode to g(ory on Dunlop. And isn't winning what motorcycle radng is all about? Dunlop... the legend lives. . . . . ChMlplDlIl Eddie Lawson - AM F-I SOOCC Grand Prix World Championship Don G ~ - AMA F-I125Occ National Championship Gene Church - AMA B.O.It lBattle of the Twinsl National Championship David Bailey - SOOCC - AMA National Motocross Ricky Johnson - 250cc - AMA National Motoaoss Jeff ward - 125cc - AMA National Motocross Johnny O'Mara - InsportJStadium Superaoss Terry Cunningham - AMA National Enduro Championship Geoff Ballard - AMA National Hare SCrambles Championship Dan Smith & Dan Ashcraft - SCore Desert Heinz Kinigadner - AM 250cc World Championship Mila! Harnden - canadian SOOCC National Championship Dave Thorpe - British National Championship Jim Ellis - SOOCC - Australian National Championship .Jeff Leis/< - 250cc - Australian National Championship Steve Martin - Japanese National Championship MIFr VIdorIes Kenny Roberts - Daytona 200 Kenny Roberts - Laguna seca 200 Team Hammer - 24 Hrs. of Willow Springs ICalifornia! Team Hammer· 24 Hrs. of Nelson ledges (Ohiol Richard SCott & Michael Dawson - Castrol 6 Hr. - Oran Park. Sydney. Australia AlIA c.c:.s. fCMmpIoillhlp Cup 5erIesI .T~am Ontario - 1st - John Ashmead. Lynn Miller• .JJy Parnell. Phillip Kosterzer - National Endurance Champions Lynn Miller - Unlimited SuperbiJce Expert - Champion Kevin Schwantz - Mid-weight Superbike Expert - Champion William Beesch - Light weiglt SUperbila! Expert - Champion santiago Londono - Formula n250cc GP - Champion WBIA ......... CIumptD.... IFW Team Hammer - Russ Paulk, John Ulrich. Dave SChlosser. Steve Baron - National Endurance Champions Randy RenflO\N - ..K Production Expert IOpen ClassJ - Champion Kevin SChwantz - "B" Production Expert 17SO Classl- Champion Kevin Schwantz - "C" ProdUctiqn Expert 1600 Class,- Champion Randy Renfrollv - F-I Expert - Champion Dunlop TIre and Rubber Corp.• Buffalo. NY 1424(}11 09

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