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The "meager little experiences" of all those who wrote in were against drugs, people having learned from experience and coming to the same conclusion. If 20 riders hit oil and fell and stated their "meager little experiences" would Jensen advocate hitting oil and then wri te contradictory letters on it? LOUIS R. DALMAN Campbell, CA WEST ~ v Honda vs. GWRRA America's weekJy motorcycle newspaper ,.0 o .... u o haron Clayton. Publi.fh~r l\'like Klinger. Camp/rolla Skip Johnson. Assoelate Publisher/ Nat;O,lol Sales Manag~r Caroline Gendry. £.ucuIIVt! St!cutary to lilt! PubilshcT Editorial John Ulrich Editor Dale Brown. 'cT/ior Editor Kil Palmt'r, A,UOCIO(C Edll.or Rex Rt:c:.c, Fea/ure Editor Advertising Terry Prall. Sales Manager Mike S,>encer. Saks Manager Tim Ryan. Salcs M(U1agnLinda Brown. Advcrtising eoordintllor Nancy \\I.lSlell. Advt'rt;s;ng Edllonol A.t.ristnnt Graphics and Production Lori Tl'~on. GraphIC Artlsl Larr)' Gill. GraphIc Artist M;trion Harnshil3. T)lpt!st!ttcr Sheila ~r~n. TYPUt!ltCT Oenni:. Greene, Lab. Tech. Accounting/Data Processing Donna Bryan. tlccotmls Rucrt'O.bk Coordl"ator Geneva Repass. Assistant Fran Hamwey. Credit Circulation Rheba Smith. Ma1lagn Mi helle Hanna. A.SSlstant Sarah Ta) lor. Assistant Debbie Walker, Assistant L)na Hood. ASSIstant Dealer Sales and Service Bob Ellioll. 'Dl'41l'r Saks Mana.~f'Y Want Ads Jud) Hilgenberg, lVant Ad Sales Service and Support Chri3 AjlchL'Son. Recl'ptionlst Cn'gory Hanson. SbS West 2201 Cherry Ave.. Long Beach. CA 1'.0. Box 498. Long Beach. CA 908010498 (213) 427-7433: L.A. Line 636-88<1'1. Eest 4190 First Ave.. Tucker. GA, P.O. Box 805, Tucker, GA 30085-0805. (40'1) 934-7850, Cycle News/West (USPS 141-340) is pubIished ~'eekly except the (irst and lasl week of the calendar year for 525 per year by Cycle News. Inc.. 2201 Cherry Avenue. Long Beach, CA 90806. Second class postage paid at Long Beach, CA. POSTMASTER: Send form 3579 to CVCleN-.. P.O. 8ox498. Long Beech. CA 90801-0498. Subscription ral('s: One year, second class mail. 525: two years. st'COnd class mail. 545; three years. second class mail $68; 25 wttks. $1". Foreign ral('S available on r('(}uesl. Cycle News welcomes unsolicited nJitor. i.. l material including stories. canoons, photos. etc. Such material. ir published, becomes the exclusive property or Cycle News. Such accepted material is ubjectlo revision as is necessary in the sole di5Cretion or Cycle News. Unsoliciled material which is not u,ed will be returned ir aceompaninJ by a selr addressed stamped envelope. All unsolicited material will be handled with reasonable Cdre. ho~'ever, Cycle News assumes no responsibility ror the sarelY, lossordamase to such material. Reprinting in whole or pan only by permission or the publisher. Advertising rate's and circulalion information will be sent upon requt'S'. Sec S.R.D.S. Copyright ~ Cycle News. Inc. 1984. T._m.rk Cycle N_. rogistered U,S. Pet.nt OHice, All right••e....,ed. ON THE FRONT PAGE: The new oil-cooled GSXR760 is _led. Check out pege '8 for moredeteils on the Suzuki. Spy Photo. A clo. . up look at the single-shock set-up on the 500CR. 2 Supercross Old news What' going to help save upercross? How about a pre-printed program .with heats set up in advance, like speedway? Only about 30-40 pro riders, with 10-15 in the main? The re t just confuse the novice spectators, Use the stadium score boards!!! Why do people like Goodwin insist on keeping the specators uninformed? Once the mOLOrs start hardly anyone' can hear the announcer. Get the spectators LO fill in the transfers between racers (spectaLOr participation will keep them very interested). Have a support class of 30 or so on l25cc bikes (something definitely different). Have an honorary starter (local politician, sports writer, or retired racer) or an honorary finish flagger (person picked from a drawing, which makes a mailing list, after the heats). Have pre-race shows at local malls and dealerships with autogTaphs, posters, and T-shirts and a chance to enter the honorary finish flaggercontest. Why not gear the show for the spectators and get them involved? Then maybe they'll come back next year again. Make it easy for them to understand, not confusing with guys one and two laps behind and an announcer who can't tell who's in fourth place. PAUL FLANDERS Pasadena, CA With the relea e of the October issues of the motorcycle magazines come the re ults and reports of the Leguna Seca races,' the Superbike race being the one I'd like LO comment on, in particular thedisqualification of Wes Cooley. All publication tell of Cooley's bike being too light, some mention Yoshimura's explanation about the tires, but only you weighed each tire in question, finding Yoshimura's statement false. All the other reporters took it for granted. Good work! About my addition, if there were 24 months in a year... PAULGECK Tarzana, CA Children My family subscribes to Cycle News and we have enjoyed your publication for years. Recently my son raced at Ponca City in his first national race. He took a fourth in the Jr. Cycle 6-8 class. We were very disappointed when you failed to publish the results of his class. Please take time to consider how these children feel. They race just as hard as anyone else. After all, they are the future of motocross. MYRA DECKER Montiose, M More on Jensen In Larry Jensen's latest letter (Cycle 26), he says "I have yetLO see any of the people writing on this issue back up their statements with anything but their own meager little experiences from their own narrow little worlds, except mysel£." Jensen must be in a "little world" as his first letter was obviously pro drugs. After being bombarded with many letters against drugs, he sends in a letter against drugs. Many of those who wrote in have learned from experience that drugs are a physical and emotional loss. As far as some excercise and sweating to clean up drugs from fatty tissue, it helps but does not do the job. After being a pot head for 111 years I quit drugs totally. Five years later I did a program to cleanse the body, called Puri£. During the program, as the marijuana released; five years after the fact, I got stoned. Thechanges ·occured as a result of removing all drugs and toxins from my body were amazing_ I felt like I just came up from a fog. Those in doubt about drugs (OK?/ Not OK?) look at your performance before drugs/after drugs in all walks of life. Decide for yourself on the changes. If you decide to continue . drugs stay off ~he' mcetrllclr! ' New~, September Honda doesn't seem toinake many mistakes. American Honda is the world's fourth largest importer-not including oil-producing nations to the U.S. with $4 billion in sales. They're (irst in mOLOrcycle and ATV sales. First in parts and OEM accessories. First in racing and advertising. And first in touring with the Gold Wing. It hardly seems that Honda needs s\lpport at anything. The most supportive group American Honda has ever had is the Gold Wing Road Riders Assn, (GWRRA). The GWRRA promotes Gold Wing tours and rallies like the Wing Ding and even makes-an annual outing to Honda's Ohio facility. The GWRRA's activities are broadcast in their own little magazine, Wing World. Suddenly however, Honda has turned on the GWRRA like man biting dog, bis perennial best friend. American Honda is suing the GWRRA for the rights to Gold Wing Road Riders Assn. and Wing World. American Honda and the GWRRA are not competitive in any way. Honda is a product manufacturer/importer. The GWRRA is a non-profit fraternal organization. They are about as related as the Good Sam Club is LO Uncle Sam. Without their trademarked property, GWRRA and Wing World, the association may very well fold. In and by it elI, that may not be a natiooal tragedy. But what might that possibility bode about other owner clubs like BMW, Harley-Davidson, Husky, Maico, Yamaha and Kawasaki along with others? Honda's Japanese and American management appear LO have forsaken friends and friendship for domination and ownership, regardless of the cost. Let's hope that our American faith in pulling for the little underdog prevails. NAME WITHHELD BY REQUEST Montrose, CA Every week I'm a motorcycle nut. A lot of things in motorcycling interest me. I want to know which Interceptors are blowing up. I want to know why the 200 at Daytona will be Supe.rbikes. I want to know which pipes work best for my RZ. And every week Cycle News gives me all of this, and morel Nowhere else can I find a marketplace for bikes and parts, local race results, and great little stories of magazine editors wadding their test bikes! Thanks for all the hard work, it's not going unnoticed I MIKE MUELLER Walnut Creek, CA Honest, we didn't pay this guy to write this... Editor. 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