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New Suzuki GSX-R750 street bike makes 98 bhp, weighs 450 pounds wet TOKYO. JAPAN. SEPT. 3 SU&Uki willlMke e atrong bid to ..... the 71SOcc high-performenee rnerket with • new oIl-co DIed. "uminum-fnImed.lnllnefour-cylinder the GSX-R750. The new bib. ICheduied for IftIbIic allowing et the upcoming Cologne motor'Yde ehow In Weat Germeny. IMkea 18 bph. 11.000 rpm endll•• lp388 pouncIsdry- leath. . 450 poun. with • tun tIInk of guo The bike .... four per cylinder Mel DOHC with the ..metyp8 of 1ldju8tllble-tIIpp8t rockers . . . In current four-VIIIw SuzuId deeigne. lIoN end atroke .... 70 x 48.7mm end the crenUllllft rune In pI_n beerlngl. Carburetors .... 21mm ftIIt-aIicIe Mlkunia. The trenemIaaIon .... six lpeeds .nd wheelbeu Is 61.1 Inches. According to Insiders. the engine .....1rMdy been dweloped to lNIke 130 bph In rKe trim••nd wu detunecI for street ..... Some obarVIIrs expect Suzuki to offer Idta to return the engine to the 130 blip figure••nd ..y thet the mechine II. thlnly-dlagulaed receblke built to meet homologation rul.. for Vllrioul ..nctioning bod_ worldwide. Attention to ..ving weight in the new blk. II•• including the uae of preaaed-in .Iuminum cyllnd.r linerl with • h.rd metel bore SUrflC•• Th. fnIme tuba .re Iquere cro.. section with Ind.nted aldew.lla. The moat interesting feature of the new .nglne il ita cooling syst.m. The cylinders .nd h.ed .re covered with ehort. tightlypecked .Ir-coollng flnl. but the primery cooling method Ia the circulation of I.rg. qu.ntitia of oIllnalde t'" engine. The lubricetion/ cooling syst.m hoi. 6.8 qu.rts of oil .nd u... two oil pump•. On. pump circul.te. high-preaaure lubricating oil to the cr.nksheft .nd through the hollow camahefta to the IDba end rock.r .nn•. The other pump aend. oil through myri.d g.lIeries to .pr.y nozzl•• .imed .t hot .pots In the .ngin. - such •• und.rneath the piaton. • nd over the Ther••re no oil-jack.ts .1 .uch teking the piece of weter-jecketa or larg. air-cooling fin•. The bib coma with • four-Into-one .xhauat system .nd .... 18inch wheels front end rear. The rear su.penalon syatem. while; mil labeled "Full Roat.r." lacks the rock.r ....mbly used In prevlou. Suzuki syst.m. of the ..m. name. the syst.m ha. an • bbreviated IInkag. .Imiler to th.t used In Hon. Pro Unk rear suapenalone. Th. GSX-R760 h•• du.1 front dilC brak.. with four-piaton (two on each aide) calipers. Top speed of the new Suzuki. which .... a full road...cing-atyle fairing and du.1 endu...nce-atyle ....dlights. i. about 143 mph. Made Over Rich Cox, 34, now a photographer for Petersen Publishing, formerly Senior Editor at Motorcyclist magazine, in the July 1984 issue of Intro magazine, "The Lifestyle Magazine For Contemporary Men and Women;" the magazine shaved Cox's mustache, gave him a new hairdo and wardrobe for a new look. "I needed a vacation and some time away from the telephone," said racerturned-promoter Mike Kidd about racing at Indy Mile doubleheader. "It was really a rush deal. I took the physical for my license on Monday (August 20), sent it right off to the AMA and got the okay to pick up my license at the track when I got to Indy." Thre.-tim. U.S. Formula One Champion Mike Baldwin on the 1986 Daytona Superblk. 200: •'It IOUn. Iik. it ought to be neet. That rneen.--.! can go horne two days earlier. " The'Continental Motosports Club had cancelled their Four-Stroke Championship planned for September at Saddleback Park; part of the reason a scheduling conflict with the Trans-Cal Series. However, they will still be running the Four-Stroke National at Carlsbad in December. HOIPITal STOP: Jim Perry. 17. crashed.t the Labor Day MX GP in Coron.. breaking both hi. leg. when hit by another rid.r. H. will lpend the n.xt two weeks in traction. C.rda and letters can be aent to the St. Jo••ph Ho.pital in Orenge. California. room #527.• Hired Lance Bryson, 29, by Wright Publishing Co., as National Sales Manager for 3-Wheeling magazine. Hi red Reggie Morris, 27, as Business Manager of Gatlin Racing; formerly advertising rep for Black Biker magazine. Heard From a reliable source; 1985 production Yamaha YZ motocrossers will be white with red stripes. Named Cycle World magazine's annual 10 Best Bikes, being the Honda Nighthawk S, Aspencade, XU50R, CR250R and CR500R; Kawasaki KXI25, GPz550 and Ninja; KTM 250 MXC; and Harley-Davidson FXRDG Disc Glide. For Sale Joe Parkhurst's Motorcycle Business Newsletter, a $128a-year, four-page lener published every twO weeks, for an undisclosed sum. NATIONAL PAPERS ~ 00 0') By Roxy Rockwood Tradition was broken last year when two events were added to the AMA Grand National circuit, otherwise known as the VII"" on the ti.b....k.r check. to finilh 1IC0nd ov.r.1I .fter both loat 42 points. Eight-time Nation.1 Champion Dick Burleson (Hu.) rounded out the top five over.1I with a 44point rid•. Cunningham I••d, the '82 aerie. champ Mik. M.lton. 237-204. with two round. left. THE Sequoia wildern. . . update By Bill Herndon There has been a great deal of misinformation about the potential impact of the Pete Wilson/Alan Cranston California wilderness compromise bill will have on motorcycling in the Sequoia National Forest. That "the entire area will become wilderness" as a result of the legislation - recently passed by the Senate - is not only premature, but incorrect. Under the worst scenario, our present 206-mile network of motorcycle trails would be cut to 56. According to a key Forest Service representative, the maximum loss will not be anywhere near that, about 40 miles lost. Trails that are cut 0(( or "landlocked" wiJI have new sections built around wilderness borders to make hook-ups and loops wherever possible. The Forest Service also said that there are plans for 100 additional miles of trail in the area. A quality map outlining wilderness areas was sent to us by Sequoia National Forest Landscape Architect Norm Carpenter. Although still approximated, the boundaries are more definitive than anything released by Wilson's or Cranston's officies. While a "corridor" approach between areas to certain trails (Wildrose and Sirena, etc.) advocated by one of Wilson's staffers looks like a tough thing to accomplish, there is some flexibility. If not through the wilderness zones themselves, then surely in the boundaries, or "buffer zones." While the specific wilderness zones may be absolute, the management of buffer zones is up lO the jurisdiction of individual Forest Service districts. If anything good can come of this diabolical idea of "creating" wilderness in areas riddled with designated two-wheel ways, four-wheel ways, asphalt roads, graded dirt roads, buildings, bridges, culverts, Air Force jets flying overhead, and other various impacts of man, it is this: A specific motorcycle trail rebuilding plan can be rolled into action. More than any other project in the state of California, this area justifies and should get a massive infusion of Green Stickie monies. Every rider who uses the area should request it of the California Off-Highway MOlOr Vehicle Recreation Commission, P.O. Box 2390, Sacramento, CA 95811, and also make their wishes known to Jerry Gelock, Recreational Officer, Sequoia National Forest, 900 W. Grand Ave., Porterville, CA 93257, 209/784-1500. The requests, as specific as possible, should be made immediately so that they could be enacted in 1986. Fiscal year 1985 has already been allocated. . Camel Pro Series. For many years tradition had it that the din portion of the series started and finished in California. Tradition also stated that the Grand National title would be decided year after year at the Ascot Half Mile, or, on some occasions, the San Jose Mile. The title last year was decided on a temporary, rough-and-bumpy Tr track in the Silverdome at Pontiac, Michigan. Ricky Graham won the race but lost his title lO Randy Goss. Typical Camel Pro Series endings. This year the Silverdome indicated they again wanted a race but it was wisely dropped before the first event of the year was ever run. This now leaves the mile at Springfield as the final event and for the second year in a row thi will be the last mile o[ the year. But western promoters are accustomed to giving the fans not only a race but a title-clincher as well and it shapes up as more-than-pos ible as thefinal fourraces of the year in California come up. The riders have to pack it up fast in far 0([ Syracuse, ew York and PUl on one of the best van and truck races of the year to get to San Jose for the Sunday, September 16th mile. The next weekend has something new and something old. There will be two ationals at Ascot on the weekend of September 21-22. A National Tr has been added for the21st and the annuallast-half-mile-of-theseason will run the next nighl on the 22nd. But there is more good news for those that live west of the Rockies. The first Saturday night in October finds a new first time fall mile at Sacramento. San Jose, Indy and Springfield all have twO miles each year, so why not at Sacramento? The date is October 6th. So with four, instead of two, final western ationals it is everything bUl certain that one of them wiJI be hosting the final showdown between "Randy Be Ricky" to decide who will be the Grand ational Champion. Graham or Goss will have to have more than a 20-point lead leaving California, otherwise the title pursuit goes lO Il1inois where they used lO give out the number one plate years ago for just showing up and winning the main event. All the seats were filled at both San Jose and Sacramento last spring when the first twO miles of the season were run. But you can never sell out a mile in total- if you don't mind standing up. The Ascot Tr has a rematch going for it between Doug Chandler and Jorgy Jorgensen. The twO riders raced wheel-to-wheelthe entire 25 laps last April in the closest one ever run in Gardena while turning leCt and right and jumping. The Ascot Half Mile is one that I (anda lot of others) have been waiting for. Remember when the race was (Continued to page II) 3

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