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..J UJ « :I: u ~ >- a:> g o :I: a.. BY p~p~ Wf~LfY Randy Mamola (Hon) led the U.S. team to victory - 259 points to 136 -over the British Commonwealth team in the April 22-23 Transatlantic Chal.lenge Anglo-American Match Race Series at England's Donington Park. Mamola scored three wins in the six races run with Freddie Spencer (Hon) winning two and Kenny Roberts (Yam) one for an American sweep. Mamola was the high scorer of the road race series with 67 points, followed by Eddie Lawson (Yam) with 62. Spencer crashed while leading the fifth race on Monday and may have reinjured the ankle he tore ligaments in when he crashed in practice prior to the South African GP in March. Wes Cooley (Hon) crashed and fractured a vertebra. He will be held in England for observation for a few day. Wayne Rainey (Yam) crashed in practice and immediately £lew home to have an ankle injury tended to. Both Spencer and Rainey said they would be ready for the May 6 Spanish GP. Sixteen-year-old Davey Strijbos (Han) became the youngest-ever MX GP winner when he won the April 15 Dutch 125cc GP in Stevensbeck. Series leader Kees van der Ven (KTM) won the first mota with Strijbos following_ Strijbos won mota two after van der Ven crashed. Strijbos now leads the point standings, 63 points to 60, over van der Ven. As of this writing, California Senator Pete Wilson's 1.69-million-acre California Wilderness Bill (SI515) still threatens several prime riding trails in the Kennedy Meadows/Sequoia ational Forest Area. Three separate tracts of Wilderness proposals - primarily the Domelands Addition, but also the Monatche and South Sierra Wildernesses - would wipeout miles of trails, many of which are regularly maintained under the Forest Service's "Adopt-A-Trail" program. Riders who want the trails to stay open should write to both Senator Wilson and Senator Alan Cranston, United States Senate, Washington, DC20515. Riders with specific knowledge of trail locations in the aHected areas should include that information when writing. . 2 . Waher Cadman, 27, of Chino Hills, California, won a Kawasaki Ninja in a contest broadcast on La~ry Huffman's Motorcycle World radio show. Cadman and a friend, Dan Gunter of Garden Grove, listened to the show (broadcast on KEZY 1190 AM Sundays 9-10 p.m.) for _en consecutive weeks, picking up clues to the location of a key hidden in southern California. The pair spent 80 hours laying out maps and pinpointing the location, finally finding the key at a golf course in La Mirada. Cadman also won a Hein Gericke leatherjacket. Teammates Bubba Shobert and Doug Chandler made it a 1-2 sweep for Honda in the Expert main event of an AMA Pro half mile at Ascot Park. Shobert led almost all the way, while Chandler passed Mike Garrison on the last lap for the runner-up spot. The May 6 San Jose Mile will be filmed by ABC television, with the air date scheduled for Saturday, May 19. Portions of the Short Track National the night before will also be filmed, but ABC has given no indication when that footage will be used. Check local listings for time and station. HosPITal STOP: Riding instructor/promoter Terry Nichols surrered a mishap during the April 15 High Mountain Enduro. ichols reportedly went orr a cliff, and wound up with a badly lacerated (60 stitches) right arm and a suspected fracture. He's at home recuperating at the momenl, and cards and letters can be sent to him at 1584 Ocean Blvd., Balboa, CA 9266 I. Nichols' May20"Tour 'n' Trail" event is still scheduled, however. After winning the Italian Grand Prix, World Champion Fast Freddie Spencer said it was an easy race for him. Observers noted that the NSR500 was much f8Sterthan anything else on the track; that's easy to believe since the 499cc Honda was as fast at Daytona as the OW69 680s ridden by Kenny Roberts and Eddie Lawson. The AMA Triple Crown of Supercross has become the Double Crown of Supercross with the cancellation of the San Jose round scheduled for June 10. Thatgivesthe title to Kawasaki's Jerr Ward with 55 points to David Bailey's 52 points. Suzuki's Mark Barnett was third with 44 points. JohnnyO'Mara and Billy Liles round out the top five. Honda's Johnny O'Mara topped the first round of the Canadian Supereron Series at the new BC Dome in Vancouver, Canada. An estimated 17,000 spectators witnessed O'Mara come from behind following a first-turn pile up, to dice with teammate Bob Hannah. Hannah eventually finished second ahead of Yamaha-mounted Jim Gibson. Team Tamm's Alan King finished fourth. Heat winners were King, Hannah, Ron Pederson and Honda unwrapped Freddie Spencer's NSR500 officially at the Italian Grand Prix. That's the gas tank slung underneath the engine. Jeff Hicks. The next race will be held June 2 (same day as the Superbowl in Pasadena) in Montreal, then June 8 in Toronto and concluding August 23 in Calgary. May 20 will be Cycle News Night at the speedway races held at Costa Mesa's Orange Coul1ly Fairgrounds. Spectators showing a Class 4 motorcycle driver's license will get $1 orr the price of admission. In addition to all of the regular excitement of the Friday night program. our sister publication, ATV News, will be hosting a special halftime event for threewheelers. Terry Vance used his Kawasaki KZ1 OOOELR-based Pro Stocker to set both ends of the class IDBA record at Gulfport, Mississippi. Vance ran 8.59 seconds at 154.34 mph but lost on the second round of qualifying with a transmission problem. Randy Mason won the race. High point of the IDBA Gulfport drag race for many observers was the rider's meeting, during which Joe Folgore, who campaigns a 16-valve Suzuki Katana, inquired about increasing the weight break for eightvalve Kawasakis like the one Vance is currently rUlUling. IDBA oHicials declined to change that minimum weight requirement, pointing out that Kawasaki riders pushed for more weight on Suzukis when Vance ran a 16-valve GSIIOO. Coverage of the 1983 Widowmaker Hillclimb is slated to air on Sunday, April 29, on NBC. Be sure and check local listings for the time and channel in your area. ~~~ CUANGES Hired Larry Mars, 25, 'as art director, O'Neal Distributing. Left After II years with O'Neal Distributing, general manager Jim Hale, 29. Left to "pursue his personal goals," according to Jim O'Neal, "and on good terms." Signed Hondaline as an oHicial sponsor of the U.S. 500cc Motocross Grand Prix, scheduled (or Carlsbad Raceway on June 24 Moved Motorcycle Safety Foundation Legislative Relations Manager Pamela Phillips, to Washington, D.C., to work for MSF, the Motorcycle Industry Council and the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America as a lobbyist and legislative coordinator. New address: 1235 JeHerson Davis Hwy., Suite 1410, Arlington, VA 22202, 703/521-0444. Banned DogsandORVs, from Willow Springs Raceway, animals and vehicles to be impounded, owners fined $25 or thrown 0(( the property, according to Stephanie Huth, manager. Denied Last week's report that he promised one superbike. to three riders, Suehiro Watanabe, vice presIdent of Yoshimura R&D of America, blaming a misunderstanding. Promoted By Kawasaki Motors Corp. USA: Nick Takata to vice presidenl and treasurer; Marlon Okudera to vice president, finance, and controller: Kurt Tominaga to director, marketing planning; and Quentin Daspit to director, credit. Married Suzuki factory MX' mechanic Steve Paulos and former Yamaha PR sta((er Sharon Black, on February 14, 1984. Heartbroken Every molOjournalist who had any dealings with Yamaha while Sharon Black worked there. QYRXE WEEK "Honda hasn't spent any more money than Harley has (on their dirt track effort); they've just spent it in a lot shorter period of time." Ted Boody Boody made this comment in the pTess box aftn the SaCTamento Mile; a TepOTteT had asked Honda's Udo Geitl if he caTed to Teveal how much money Honda spent to 17UJke Riclcy GTaham's bike so fast. and Geitl just smiled and shook his head. Boody, who finished second on Tn Peel's HaTley-Davidson, then answeTed the TefJoTtn... EditOT. • _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.J

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