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ning the GP season's opening event, the South African GP, on March 24. At current exchange rates. Eddie Lawson's win in the 500cc GP in South Africa on March 25 was worth $6,480 while the winner of the 80cc GP took home $1.772. The payoffs were 14.000 and 3.800 Swiss francs. respectively. AMA Formula Two Championship Road Racing Series competitor Dave Busby, the fifth place finisher in the series opener at Daytona, is heading for Europe on April 20. Busby will be racing the 250cc Rotax-powered JJ Kobas which Spaniard Carlos Cardus took to the European Formula Two Championship last year and which Cardus raced at Daytona. "It should be an interesting trip," said Busby. "I'll be traveling with the Cobas team to the Spanish, Austrian and West German GPsand then I'll fly back to the U.S. to be at the June 10 National at Road America (in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin)." Laguna Seca Raeeway officials say 500cc World Road Racing Champ Freddie Spencer is a confirmed entry for the July 21-22 AMA/ Camel Pro Series road race there. "We have a letter from Freddie's manager, Dolph Miller, saying that all the proper permissions have been granted from Honda, and that he will ride here in July." said Laguna Seca's Art Glattke. According to Glattke. Spencer will bejoined by Kenny Roberts, Randy Mamola and Eddie Lawson. ..... l-, 0.. < Test riders said the new Suzuki GV1200GL loafs along in its overdrive sixth gear, the only limit to cruising speed being the rider's ability to cope with the wind blast caused by the saating position. Seven-time National Speedway Champ Mike Bast will hold a twoday speedway school on May 5-6. In addition to his sJideways expertise, Bast will provide video taping of students' progress. Tuition is $150, and reservations are required. Call 7141 780-8261.· Due Any minute, baby chlachter, sex unknown, to two-time U.S. Formula One Champion Rich Schlachter, 32, and wifeSue,31, a former AAMRR Ms Match winner, in Old Lyme, CT. Bel-Ray has signed a sponsorship agreement with the Marlboro Yamaha Road Racing Team. Fourteen-time World Road Racing Champ Giacomo Agostini, director of the team, signed the agreement with Arthur Coen. managing director of Bel-Ray International. Amerieen Eddie Lawson, winner of the South African GP. and Italian Virginio Ferrari make up the team. California-model Honda VF500F Interceptors and CB700C Magnas; evaporative cannisters may fill with gasoline if th'e fuel tank is filled and the bike parked on the sidestand, creating a (ire hazard; new tanks with relocated vent tubes will be fi ned by dealers as needed, after inspection. The United Enduro Association's Not So Turf-E-Nuff Enduro, originally scheduled for May 6, has been moved back to June 17, The UEA has quitea run planned, a point-to-point event in southern California's San Gabriel Mountains. Camping the night before will be in a scenic campground with trees, a stream, the whole works. For all the details, call 818/285-1338. Wadded Riders competing in the Montreal ICanada) Supercross on June 2 Recalled A 1984 Suzuki GS550ES, April 12, by Dain Gingerelli, 34, at Willow Springs Raceway during a Cycle Guide magazine comparison test. Other machines tested (and not crashed) include a Honda VF500F Interceptor, an FJ600and an RZ350 Yamaha. Bom Bradley John Arnold, March 27, to Honda motocross team manager Dave Arnold and wife Linda. Hired Rich Richardson, 39, as district manager in the southern California area for Kawasaki Motors Corp. Formerly sales manager of the nowde/unt Long Beach Yamaha-Kawasaki dealership. Crashed Bob Gregg of Metzeler (broken leg, ankle injuries), Jon Stillman of American Honda (broken collarbone, broken rib), Ken Bruce of Young and Robicam/Dentsu, Suzuki's advertising agency (separated shoulder) on the 10th annual Cycle World magazine Baja Trek, a threeday, 52-rider, industry trail ridel unofficial race routed from Ensenada to Mike's Sky Ranch to San Felipe and return. (Continued to page 26) QlJ9IE WEEK ..... the Husky is the best bike of this group... Honda and Yamaha will have to take their fresh, one-year-old designs and toss them into the trash can ... Congratulations, Husqvarna, [or building the first Teal four-stroke of the '80s." Dirt Bike Magazine, September 1983 &vnal publications published tests of the Husqvama four-stroke after riding sessions lasting a single afternoon. Last week Husqvama announced a recall after coming under intense pressure for persistent ignition, oil control and clutch problems... EditoT Pre-production versions of the GV7000GL lshown) and the GV1200GL were ridden in tropical Australia to test the cooling systems: both pessed the test, Suzuki V-4s due in May By Mike Esdaile BREA, CA, APR. 10 U.S. Suzuki Motor Co. refused to confirm or deny reports that two new V-4s will be introduced in the U.S. in May, Press Relations Manager Rob Saunders, speaking for the company, aid "We cannot comment on that at this time." But reliable sources report that Suzuki will soon release the bikes, which underwent a successful twoweek comprehensive test session held in the tropical heat of Australia's Northern Territory in late February. According to Mr. Nakamura, (Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd. Assistant Manager of engine design and testing), the preproduction Australian testing aimed to make certain there were no hot weather overheating problems with the machines. Suzuki flew two V-4s into Darwin via Singapore for the tests. One was a 1200cc designated GVI20OGL: the other a 700cc GV700GL designed to slide under the U.S. tariff on bikes. over 700cc, Both feature 82° Vees, dual overhead camshafts with four valves per cylinder, four down-draft carburetors mounted between the Vee, 3.4-gallon fuel tanks, shaft drive, and 16-inch rear and 18-inch front wire-spoke wheels. The GVI200GL has a bore and The GV700GL Suzuki will be launched next month. Styled for the cruiser market. the new bike is a water-cooled V-4. Note temperature probes on tile engine. stroke o[ 78.9x61mm and an actual capacity of I I65cc. Bore and stroke of the GV700GL is 69x46,7mm [or a capacity of 698.5cc - increasing the bore size 2.0mm would bring the capacity close to 75Occ. Both bikes feature six-speed transmission with an overdrive top and are aimed squarely at the American cruiser market. Suzuki feels Honda has this market all but wrapped up with the Magna and Shadow models but is determined to grab a slice of the action [or itself. One look at the styling confirms Suzuki's intentions. The Australian test program involved 15 days in the steamy heat o[ the orthern Territory where the bikes underwent stoP-SlaTt testing at a deserted World War n U.S.A.F. air base. Initially, the bikes were tested with full California specification emissions gear in place - including carbon evaporative cannisters. These were later removed for the later part of the testing, which included a 31O-mile round trip to Katherine. Assisting Nakamura with the testing were Suzuki factory tester Mr. Katahashi, and Terry Waddington and Kim Meyer of South Australian Suzuki distributor Cornell Suzuki. Power of the GVI200GL was described as being very impressive, the engine making power from idle to the 8500 rpm redline. The VG 700GL was said to have a similar powerband to the 1200, but with less torque at all engine speeds. The testing program showed up only one fault - the 700 had a tendency to "blue" its mufflers. - 8

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