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The Dirt Diggers will run their 11 th annual Dinosaur TT scrembles on May 20. returning to the Perris (California) long track for the first time in several years. As in the previous 10 years. it· s for fourstrokes only. and not even a reed valve will get two-strokes near the track. For details. call 714/ 895-2030. The team of Mike ~'Downhill" Alexander and Ron Shuler won the April 8 D-37 desert team race hosted by the Rovers M.e. First I 25cc honors went to the Duane Summers/Ed Foland Cagiva, while Diane Holeman and Lori Farrner rode a H usq varna to top the women's class. Complete coverage next week. AMA/Camel Pro Series star Jimmy Filice and girlfriend Jamie Mathews will be married the weekend before the May 5-& San Jose doubleheader. With most of the Camel Pro Series stars on the West Coast, it ought to be quite a reception ... Honda in Team Tamm gear next week. April 15. at the Dallas Supercross. There is also talk of Eric Eaton joining the squed. but nothing is official yet. Speaking of Team Tamm: Alan King's win gives Team Tamm their first National win. Racing's most exclusive club: people with Team Milo hats. Privateer Miles Baldwin and his crew debuted the stylish corduroy Team Milo hats at Daytona. Fewer than seven of the hats are known to exist. including this one modeled by Milo himself. They're not for sale. IN MEMORIAM: Dutch privateer road racer jack Middelburg, 31, died April 2 as a result of brain injuries suffered in a crash the day before. Middelburg and three other riders went down in a Dutch National road race in Croningem, but Middelburg was the only one seriously hurt, and he died the following morning at Croningem University Hospital. The highIighlOf Middelburg's career came in july, 1981, when he beat thenWorld Champ Kenny Roberts to win the British GP. Godspeed, jack... Our mad Calendar-cruncher is on the loose again. The April 15 motocross in Stedd. Nevada. that has been listed in Calendar. is nonexistent. The Over the HiD Gang. the sponsoring club. called to inform us of the misprint. Sorry. hope there are no great inconveniences. Correction: R.D. Performance sells 44mm Bing carburetors for $147, not $127 as shown by error in an advertisement run last week. 2 Hangtown notes: The morning before the rece, Yamaha rider Donnie C8ntaloupi signed a support ride cOilbaet with Team Temm. .I qupi wil melee hia debut on Husqvarn8 is recalling all of its four-stroke models to correct persistent problems, accordi'ng to Husky vice president Mark Blackwell. In an April 6 press release. Blackwell said. "In the next week we will be prepared to initiate a recall of the machines and install an 'update kit' that we believe will solve the problems permanently. All Husqvarna four-stroke owners are requested to contact their dealers immediately to make arrangements to have these parts installed. even it they have experienced no problems. These parts will be installed at no charge to either owner or dealer... Blackwell. who told us that this has been in the works for some tirne. said that some of. the common problems included hard starting while the engine was hot. clutch slippage and oil leakage. More Hangtown notes: Bob "Hurricane" Hannah returned to action after suffering a torn cartilage in his ankle at Daytona. At one point, Hannah led the first moto, but young factory Yamaha rider Keith Bowen, trying to make a move for the lead, collided with Hannah in a turn. Hannah went off the track and over a fence, breaking his bike's rear brake lever in the process for a DNF. Hannah hasn't had much luck with fences lately, and finished fifth in the second moto. "I rode like ajerkl" said Hannah about the second moto. More Hangtown notes: Suzuki's Mark Barnett decided not to ride his new works machine with the redeaigned rear suspension. Instead, Bernett rode last year's factory Suzuki beceuse it had more horsepower. Barnett has suffered bike bugs all888son long. Correction: The Eddie Lawson Story, published last week, stated that Wes Cooley protested Lawson's bike switch at Daytona in 1980 before Lawson protested Cooley's frame modifications. In fact, Lawson protested Cooley's frame modificiations; Cool-, ey then counter-protested Lawson's bike switch. A special AMA appeals board later ruled that Cooley's bike was legal and that Lawson's switch wasn't. Despite limited previous British League speedway experience (less than haifa year in 1983), California's Sam Ermolenko scored II of a possible 12 points to help lead 'his team, Poole, to victory on March 19. The Pirates won the match against a "select" tearn, 45-32. HosPITal STOP: Allen Silhanek. 18. broke both bones in his lower left leg as a resuh of a pile-up in the first rnoto of the Apnl 1 250cc MX National at Saddleb8ck. After initial treatment at Chapman Generel Hospital. he was transferred to Wheeler Hospital near his Gilroy. California. horne. Allen's parents say he should be in a east for 3-4 months. but that a full recovery is expected. Cards and letters can be sent to Allen at 1335 Masten Ave.• Gilroy. CA 95020. HosPITal'STOP: Motocrosser Larry Brooks, 16. is recuperating from a broken leg and a bruised kidney suffered when he was hit by a pit racer the week before the Saddleback National. "Larry is recovering nicely," said Saddleback co-announcer Hal Sanguinetti, "and he should be back in action in two months. It was a clean break, so Larry really didn't have to spend any time in the hospital." Cards and lellers may be sent to Larry at I!lOB Oakhill, South Pasadena, CA 91030. Sprocketts Park. which has been a motorcycle racing arena for over 30 years. has a new bi-weekly program. The Bakersfield Racers Association is promoting half mile and TT events on their new treck on Saturday nights. beginning on April 14. featuring all AMA cI8aes. an Old Timers cI8ss. and Pro money reces. A new motocross track has been constructed inside the oval and races will be held there on a regular basis. For more information. call 805/323-7877. The Dunlop Tire 8c Rubber Corporation has announced development of what they say will be the first radial motorcycle tire in the United States. The firm plans to produce the tire at its Buffalo, New York, plant, but there is no public releasedat€ because production is tied to a five-year expansion and modernization program underway at the plant which could cost up to $100 million. Dunlop Tire Division President Randall L. Clark said, "Our developmem program and prototype tests have successfully demonstrated the technology for radial motorcycle tires. and we are now- commilled to producing such products for the U.S. market." , Mike Melton won his second consecutive race in the AMA/Hi-Point National Championship Hare Scrembles Series at Loretta Lynn's Dude Ranch in Hurricane Hills, Tennessee on April 8. Defending Champion Ed Lojak (Hus) took second from John Martin (C-A) a short distance from the finish line when Martin crashed. Papa's heard or sell·outs before, but the one to be held by Mike Capalite's Bay Motorcycle Service takes the proverbial baked maller under the icing. The Fountain Valley, California, shop will be holding a very different going-out-of-business sale on April 14-15. The idea is simple: You pay a fee at the from door, and all the Kawasaki, Triumph, Honda, BSA, Yamaha, Bultaco, Hodaka, MinarelJi, Lucas·, Amal and other parts you can carry out the back door belong to 1VInTn~ 1" liNOOSTivLE CUANGES Moved Hercules Distributing/ M-Star Motorcycles, Inc., from 9827 Mason Ave., Chatsworth, CA 91311, to 740 East Santa Maria, Santa Paula, CA 93060, 805/525-3!l64. Recalled All Husqvarna four strokes, for fitting of an update kitLO solve ignition, oil control and clutch problems. Promoted Mike Klinger, 30, from Controller to Comptroller, Cycle News, Inc. Promoted Skip johnson, 30, from National Sales Manager to Associate Publisher/National Sales Manager, Cycle News, Inc. Changed The name of Bridgestone Tire Company, Ltd., to Bridgestone Corporation, effective April I, 1984. "This change simply reflects our strategy of diversifying into various other fields, although our main business is still tires," say company leaders. Cancelled The amateur Supercross scheduled to be run April 15 in conjunction with the Wrangler/ In sport Supercross Series race in Dallas. Hired Rex Reese, 32, by McMullen Publishing, to be Associate Editor of Hot Bike magazine. Formerly freelan ~r and Assistant Editor of Hi-Torque Publishing's Motocross magazine. Laid Off from Kal-Gard after five years, sidecar racer ilnd manufacturer representative Larry Coleman, !l8. Now living in San jose and looking for PR, promotions or new product development work. 408/ 946-2180. Changed Hirth Company, manufacturer of sportswear, now known as Mel Marc Corporation, changed address from 2!l342 South Point Dr., Laguna Hills, CA 92654. to P.O. Box 1448, EIToro, CA926!l0. 714/661-4l!l4. I J,.• t . ~j •. ' ~ •

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