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Millions of years ago, the newly born Earth was shaped by turbu lent seas and molten SlOne. Gradually the continents came 10 be..... Soon small insects appeared. Feeding _.<>n the now thriving plants. they flour· ished. Fish began 10 inhabitlhe ocean. Then many thousands of years later, the firsl plants began 10 creep up from the cooling earth and into the sunlight. Then quietly, without even the slight· est warning, the first Cycle News crept out ontO the land. C<":l - 00 0') l-< Q,) ..c o ... u o CfiID~ A new creation every week. Subscribe Today ~----------------------------------------~------- Save 50% over newsstand pncer . . Name Address state City Zip Signature Visa :# Me :# CYCLE NEWS (1 year) • 050 ISSUES CYCLE NEWS (2 year) 0 100 ISSUES CYCLE NEWS (3 year) _ 0150 ISSUES ----'-_ _ $45 _ $68 Please send me the 0 EAST 0 WEST edition This is a renewal Please bill me I enclose check or money order 0 0 0 Canada and Mexico (1 year) 2nd class $43. Other forelan rates avallobleupon l'8Quest. Check & MoneyOrders payable In U.S. funds. _ send to: _ Expiration Date ThetSSuerotthecordldenfllledonfhlsl'emisaulhonzedfoPOyfhe 0r:nount snown as TOTAl (fo,gether 40 $25 anv efher charges due thereon) subJeCt to and In accordance w,m the agreement govemlng 'he L WI'h of such cord use ,a CDillGIIJj/West P.O. Box 498 Long Beach. CA 90801·0498 Or Call' • (213) 427 7433 . ~ • ~

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