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hitched e ride home in e motorhome. probebly wondering when his luck wes going to chenge. On the way home. the motorhome hit ecar. Sammy "The Flying Flea" Tanner was honored during intermission at Ascot. It was Tanner, in his famous all·white leathers, who took the victory at the inaugural rurming of Ascot 25 years ago. The AMA just ennounced thei'r ewards for Rookies of the Vear in Nationel motocroll competition. The awerds ere given to the highest piecing Junior or fim-yeer Expert in eech of the three displacement categori... This yeer Ron Lechien took the prize in the 125cc cl.... Billy Lil.. topped the 250s and nm Locey wes the recipient in the big-bore division. The September 17-18 801 d'Or 24Hour Endurance Road Race at Le Castelet, France, was won by the team of Raymond Roche, Guy Bertin and Christain Sarron (Hon). The three covered 2,24 I miles at an average speed of 93.64 mph. American David Aldana was teamed with Waiter Villa and Didier de Radiques (Hon). The team DNF after de Radigues crashed early and Vilia later had the transmission break. The ennuel AMA Profellionel Awards Banquet. co-sponsored by Wrengler, is scheduled for November 6 et the Hyett Islendia in San Diego. Celifornia. As in the pest. tfie banquet is open to the public. Tickets to the effeir ere $20. end l'888FVlItions must be submitted to the AMA no leter then October 21 (no tickets will be sold et the door). Send checks to: AMA/Wrengler Awards Benquet. c/o Pet McCoy. P.O. Box 141, Westerville, OH 43081 . While the benquet primerily honors motocrossers (the Cemel Pro Series benquet tekes place in Pontiac. Michigen. on October 23). ewerds will be presented to 500cc Road Race World Champion Freddie Spencer end the yet to be determined Netionel Hillclimb Chempion. In eddition. the 1983 AMA Profellionel Athlete of the Year will be nemed. Promoter Gavin Trippe informs us that the fifth annual Superbikers race will take place on November 6 at Carlsbad Raceway in southern California. "We are currently sending out invitations to top riders worldwide, and anticipate the best en try yet. Anyone who saw last year's event will confum that the 'production' engine rule really· worked, with the hardest, most even race of the series. The only change for Superbikers V will be four-stroke singles can be up to 600cc. We are always willing to hear from 'qualified' riders wanting to participate and also sponsors willing to support riders or build equipment," said -'rrippe. He can be contacted by writing Lyondor Productions, Box 1256, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92693, or bycallinR 714/661-4198. Whet do Jimmy Ademo. Joey Mills .nd Chuck Quenzler heve in common1 They're all 1983 Bettie f the Twins clell chempions end Iinc:tled their titles before the ason ended. Adamo, the .roed ce series' perenniel high point en, rode e Ducati to his GP cia.. ·tle. es did Expert Modified cla.s iatJoey Mills. Herley-Davidsonounted Chuck Quenzler won the meteur Modified cle.. championip. The Stock cle.. point standngs ere unofficial pending results . . eppeei. ,l! In addition to 600cc Wortd Road Racing Champion FREDDIE SPENCER, U.S. Netionel Road RlICing Champion, MIKE BAlDWIN and 600cc U.S. Netionel Motocross Champion BROC GLOVER, here are: MORE CHAMPIONS IN " ~ ~ (I.) ..c o ..... u o SHAWN MORAN Wear. Arai Helmet To Wortd Long Treck Speedway Championship. RANDY RENFROW Wear. Arei Helmet To U.S. Formula II Road Recing Chempionship. Lightweight. comfortable protection i. important on the racetrack - and that'. justwhere A.-i helmets_ proving themseMt. to be right out in front in top quality protection. AnIi protection 7 Ask the _ who'. put one to ...., C~bIe, quality protection should be no .... important to every motorcyclist end a complete .-nge of Ar8i heI_ is 8VIIileble for every _ and need. Ar8i comfort7 Au the rider who _ _ onel since 1950 SEVEN SNELL 1980 MODELS Helmets are our business, ·our only business 3

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