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sions would have gone into effect in 1984, but a bill by State Senator Alan Robbins gave us a year's reprieve. The meeting will begin at 10 a.m. and will be held at the City Council Chambers, 505 West Third Street, in Oxnard. The 1984/86 California OHV Out· lay Budget will be among the items discussed when the California Off· Highway Vehicle Recreation Comminion meets on September 23 in Frazier Park. The OHV Commission begins their meeting at 1 p.m•• with public testimony ICheduled to begin et 7 p.m. The meeting is to be held et the Frazier Park Community Center. 0(") 00 0') Ricky Orlando, the leading privateer in this year's Superbike Series, credits Honda Support rider Sam McDonald for Orlando's eighth-overall finish at Willow Springs. "Sam lent me some tires for the second leg of the race. Otherwise I'd never have been able to do as well as I did." Heet was a me;or fector et the Willow Springs, with temperatures in the high 90s. Kawesakl's Wes Cooley found a wey to beet the heet - he wont one of the new ice-carrying upper-body weer from Moto-X Fox. .., ceme in after the first leg and my brow wun't even wet," . .id Cootey, who beceuae of diebetes is effected by heet more then other riden. "I'm back on the open job market," said Andy Poole when we last talked with him. Poole and Meueler, the company he was associated with for so many years, have parted company. Poole can be reached at 7141951-1126. Jack Dolan of the Southern California Timing Aaocietion reports thet there is only one mile of u..ble aeIt currently at the Bonneville Salt Rats. so the Speed Week scheduled for September 26-0etober 3 h.. been postponed indefinitely. For informetion on when they might reschedule it. cell 6 1 91 268-0192. Former World MX Champ Brad Leckey borrowed Roberto Pietri'sleethers end RG600 Suzuki to take a few laps at Seers Point Iut month. Leckey. who doesn·t ... himself taking up a motorcycle road racing cereer. uid. "I think I probably would heve done better on a Superbike. I'm used to torquey bikes and short shifting. I thought I was ovemrvving the poor Suzuki when in fact I wa...·t even getting it in the powarband. "Leckey also tried his hand a cer racing during the day and came away with good fHlinga about that potential avenue. Photos by Kathy Rice. We have another American World Champl Defending U.S. Speedway Champion Shawn Moran, who suf· fered a broken leg a month and a half ago, won the World Long Track Speedway Championship held Sep. tember 18 in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Moran scored 22 points in the event, five bener than the score of· runner· up Jiri Stand of the host country. The other American competing, Bobby Schwam, finished 15th. This was the first time an American has ever won the long track title. Dave Rod~ has left his position es netionel merketing director for Bel-Rey to join An-.r Products in the new cepacity of vice-president. merketing and ...... Rodgers medethe switch on September 1 6. 2 The California Air Resources Board will meet on September 22, and one of the items on the agenda is to hear the petitions from the motorcycle industry on changes in the emission standards that would have required many big bikes to come equipped with catalyticGorweneR\' Th~mis· Over at Jones Optical Company, makers of Jones Goggles, there are some new faces. Following the completion of the company's public stock underwriting, J.D. "Jerry" RegIer is the company's new president. Begler has been in the leisure sports industry for approximately 15 years. The company also named Mike McNevin as racing director for the motorcycle division. As the WERA/Nippondenso Endu,.nce Series dwindles down to itafinel two recea. Suzuki-mounted Team Hammer took the win in the September 18 six-hour et Nelson LecIges, to within three points of leade... Team Ontario with two rounds left. Riders John Ulrich, Tony Osowski and Den Chivington were eboard the win· ning effort, while Team Ontario ONF. Six races ago, Team Hemmer was 44 points behind the I....... There are still a few tickets available for the first Kenny Roberts High Sierra Road Ride to be held September 24·25. If you're interested in trying to keep up with the King, give his new Yamaha dealership a call at 408/287-2946. Due to injuries suffered by his British League speedway teem. Lence King was not able to meke it back to southern California .. planned Iut week. The folks from the Coeta M... races tell ua Ita just a one· week delay, and thet King wiH .,. on their track on September 23. The Victor McLaglen Motor ~ will be running the Barstow to Veg~ Road Run in 1985. On Saturday, November 26, their run will start lit Barnes Yamaha, 1881' W. Main Sl. rtr Barstow. The run will end at the King 8 Hotel and Gambling Halt; and there's a special room rate fOr those riding the event. The run costs $7 per person and the profits will Ilesplit between the AMA Legislative Supporter Fund, the Phantom Dud of the Desert Legal Defense FumI, and the 0·57 Legal Defense Fund. The road run is AMA 0-57· aDij SCMA-sanctioned. All manufactUfers and dealers wishing to d01\3te products should contact Harry Fis~r, P.O. Box 845, Bellflower, CA 90~ 215/920·2768. Speaking of B-to-V, Dane B8It haed of the ewerds committee the race, end they're Iookjng the wherewithel to throw a awards ceremony on Nove 27, the dey eftar the race. If cen help, contact Dene et 21 438-4436. AI proceeds will gothe 0·37 Legal Defen_ Fund. Dr. George Snively, 58, Director, ~ the Snell Memorial Foundation, s~ cumbed to cardiac arrest Saturd.a¥ while vacationing m the mountain cabin not far from his Sacrament?, California, home. Confirmation Of Dr. Snively's passing came from Ivan Wagar of the Safety Helmet Couool of America who said that priva memorial services were expected to be held later this week. Just to cleer things up, Ascot Raceway in Gardene. Celifomia, will not be holding a Pro-Am h8lf mile on September 23. the nl~ before the running of the AscOt Nationel. But there . . be a PrOAm TT there on that night. As an added bonus. the course will be the "Iong treck"TT u.... in Aacotj~ TT Nationals. The Bay Area Trialers will host .lID_ observed trials at Saddleback on SeJ}-i tern ber 25. Of note is the fact tha t a;l first·time observed trials riders win. ride for free. For information on the. day's event, call during the d 215/526-1046. The Wrangler Dash, the special .76.000 Supercro.. feature, will run in conjunction with the AM"· aenctionecI Supercro.. lit SeaUle on ~ry 1 1 -1 2, now the opeaing round of the Wrangler Super_ cross Series. Devid Belley. 8nIIC Glover, Merk Bernett. Bob neh, Jeff Werd, Ron L8chien Johnny O'Mera ere currently q Ified, end invitetiona will elso be sent to 600cc World MX ChiIMl~ Helcen CarIqvist, C8nedian Ross PecIenon and the yet-tonemed .......... champion. ee..n. Eight weeks ago Kelly Saulie crasbeIi while racing mo,tocross at Saddkback Park.. and is now paralyzed from the chest down. In the fall he bro his neck and shattered one of his vertebra. Doctors have discovered a bone pinching a nerve in his neck, and as a result he is expected to regain the use of his hands. Saulie is currently attht Long Beach Memorial Rehabilitation Center, but cards can be sent to him care of Don Glover, 7954 Etiwanda Ave., Etiwanda, CA 91759. The,. is still time to comment on the C8lifomill WiI"'e. Bills now before the U.S. Senete. TheN ent th.... bilis. and the one thet off-

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