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2 At BMW we've never believed that large biceps, astout neck, and an ability to lift pianos should be prerequisites to riding a motorcycle. Accordingly, you are looking at a rare exception to the 800cc class: the reN BMW R80 S1 Amotorcycle that requires less brawn and, some would say, more brains to ride. MAKE TIME IN MORE THAN JUSTTHE STRAIGHTAWAYS. Enter a series of twisties on the STand you'll experience a sensation unique in the BOOcc category: exhilaration as opposed to exhaustion. The motorcycle can literally be flicked instead of muscled through tum after turn. The reason? Partlybecause the BMW R80 ST is the lightest 800cc touring bike ever. And partly because what little weight it has is slung remarkably low, compliments of its horizontally opposed twin-cylinder engine. In contrast to motorcycles encumbered bythetop-heaviness of their own engines, the STs handling is actually enhanced by its motor design. Those handling virtues are enhanced further by a revolu- tionary single rear swing arm that not only subtracts weight from the machine butadds 50% more torsional stability than conventional systems. In certain respects, however, this machine is agratifyingly conventional BMW PERHAPS THE MOST TIME-TESTED NEW MOTORCYCLE EVER INTRODUCED. By virtue of being a BMVV, the STis not just another yet-

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