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~ ~ C(') 00 O"l .- ~ O"l NEW PH DUCT ..c= u .... a specia l a nti- foa m in g agent formula ted to protect high heat producing alloy en gi nes. Temp-Guard can be used in a ll street an d o ff-ro ad motorcycles . It co mes in one q uart co nta in ers a n d i s a va i la b le ex cl us i ve ly th ro ugh motorcycle deal ersh ips. . '"~}, . ); ~ ~ If yo u reall y wa nt to loo k spiffy o n or off th e track , th en h ead down to yo u r local JT Racing USA deal er a nd pi ck up a co m me mora tive T rophee/Mot ocross des Nations MX jersey. The stylin g is th e sa me as th at worn by team member David Bail ey. The jerseys co me in 50/5 0 co tto n / po ly (shown) or in a vented style a nd are availa ble in ad u lt sizes smalh hrough ext ra lar ge. Ar tis t J eff G u n d lac h, whose work has a ppeared m an y ti mes in Cycle News a nd o the r m otorcycle publicat ions, has produced a limited edi tion pri nt. The 1983 Da ytona Cycle Week Commem or at ive Print is avai la ble i n a signed an d n umber ed edi ti on . The four-col or work is 19" x 25" and is designed for fra m ing. Prints are $10 eac h , plus a shi p pi ng ch arge of S 1.50. All p rints are sh ipped ro lled in a crush -p roof hea vyweight ca rd board tube. Sen d chec k o r mon ey order (do not send cas h) to: Gundlach Design, Offi ce 112, 247 Ch arl otte St.. Ashevi lle. NC 28804, or call 704/254-591 I. 1 14 The latest addi tion to' the Protar line of model motorcycles is a I/ 9th sca le m od el of Italian GP road racer Virgin io Ferrari 's Suzuki RG 500. The metal and pl ast ic .kit is highly detailed with man y working parts. The kit, number 169, sell s for $31.95 plus $2.50 for postage and handl ing. Order from Mot orsport, Dept. CN , 1J11!l "Gr.l~(lls ;-S . "Cou is:MO 63 tl'6: • • . • • • . •••. Temp-G ua rd is a coola nt /ant i-freeze whi ch has been en gin eered for all water-cooled motorcycles. It co nt ai ns Yosh imu ra has moved into the field of motorcycle accessories and clothing. · The Buddy Ba g a ttaches to th e rear o f yo u r bik e' s sea t or to th e gas tank with built-in bungee co rds th at are stored in two sma ll side co m pa rt ments. Th e silver, red or blue bag feat ures enough room to h old two six-packs of yo ur favorite beverage or a n a mp le a mou nt o f travel gea r. An a uxi liary pocket in the fro nt of the bag as well as th e m a in com pa rt ment are double zippered. A sma ll carryi ng handl e a nd detach able sho u lder strap are a lso fea tured. T he bag is ava ila ble for $65.95 from deal ers who ca rry th e · Yoshimura R&D line. Th e Superfl ow Air Box is designed to increase throttle response and horsepower wh ile improving filter mainten an ce. The p ol yeth ylen e uni t is lighter an d provides more fi lteri ng area than th e stoc k uni t. The Supe rflo w Ai r Box co mes in mod el s for 198 1-83 bik es incl uding S uzu ki's Rl\I80D (shown), RM250D , Yamaha 's YZ80 a nd YZI25 p lus th e Kaw asa ki KX80 a nd KX125. It is priced a t $79.95. Contact DC PRO-Motion · Cycl e, Dept. CN, P.O . Box 719 1, Riversid e, CA 92503. Gary Bang offers three styles o f Fat Bob Dash Covers for th e rider who wa nts so methi ng specia l for hi s H arl ey-Da vidson cus to m. The co vers co me with mounting plates to fit 3.5 and 5 gallon a fterm a rke t Fat Bob tanks. See yo u r Gary Bang deal er Iormoreinfo. ' .. •

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