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Lucerne Valley - Reel Mountain - Plaster City - Searchlight - Sidewinder Roae Southern California-Arizona-Southern Nevada- Southern Cal Desert Hotli,. Western hotline Tom Webb took the Candy Ass Enduro by only two seconds. Webb wins, Goodtimers topclub at CRC Candy Ass Enduro By Mike Klinger BARSTOW, CA, FEB. 13 ..All in all it was a good enduro and great for a family run but you know I like the tough ones, " said Tom Webb as he 16 finished this year 's California Racing Club Candy Ass Enduro. " I think Scott Sampson beat me; I dropped two minutes through the special test." It was quite th e opposite when we learned of the results and Webb had topped the 6oo-rider field, beating Sampson by only two slim seconds. In the Team Challenge a slight miracle occurred which changed th e overall standings. Robb Mesech er of th e Goodtim ers lost his score card on the first loop. Mesecher picked up a duplicate score card and competed on the second loop while members of his club searched the windy desert floor for hi s score card. Remarkably th ey found it. Combin ing his scor e cards gav e Mesech er a 2.163, rather than a DNF, mov ing h is club two points ahead ofthe Team Kawasaki Central! Oxnard and th e overall win in th e Club Challenge. Team Kaw asaki Central won the Club Challenge special test by one second over the Goodtimers but Mesecher's score made the difference. Following the Goodtimers (31) and Team Kawasaki Oxnard (33) were UEA (38), Team Big Bear (40), Bar Benders West (46), SLO Riders (57), A Team (59), Ridgeriders (61) e Limpin' Lizards (75). Each year everyo ne looks for ward to running th e Candy Ass because it is becoming a real ritual to hav e the 20-minute break at the Slash X Bar. About 20 miles into the event, riders pounced on th e Slash X. Leaving the Slash X toward the p its wa s a good 15 miles, but several miles were of new trails not used recently. Bombing over th e roller coa ster type terrain was interesting, especi ally cresting each hill and encountering a 40 mph headwind. Leaving the " coas ters" the .riders were sent directly-towards the pits and home free. Overall one loop honors went to Open Beginner Rodney Lien. Lien was the only rider to zero loop one, losing only 16 seconds. Second place rider Scott Jacobson seemed out-of touch with a sco re of I. 7 I. Following Lien and Jacobson were Mike Chamberlain Jr. (Mini B) 1.75, Kenny Fick' ett (2oocc C -16) 1.75, Troy Skaggs (200cc C -16) I. 79, Scott Bristo l (Min i A) 1.94, and Kath y Herndon (200cc A Woman ) 1.109. _ On th e second loop th ere were two d ifferent obstacles that separated th e hotshots from th e also-rans. The sp ecial test on loop two was tough, 4.2 miles at 36 mph. Everyone dropped at least two minutes. To top it off, during the special test there were two observation ch ecks to keep everybody honest. Also on th e seco nd loop was a 12 mph section that had everyone baffled . Coming up through a fas t canyon a sig n was posted , stating " o ne lane only - goat trail. " T ha t's what it wa s, a super rocky goa t trail that went on for six-IOths of a mile. As everyone broke out into the clear they starte d jett in g for the finish . Everyone had to fini sh on thei r minu te, not up to 15 minutes early. This caught some riders by surp rise. Ridinga CR480 Honda, Dirt Bike's Tom Webb won the overall with a score of 2.130. Sam pson barel y mi ssed the overall with a score of 2.132. Eight seconds behind th e wi n ne r Webb was 250ccAA rider Kurt Butler. Fourth was 250cc A Mark Amendola a t 2.145, followed by Everett Angle (250cc AA). Six th through 10th went to Randy Kemp, Bill Fulmer J r., Ken Wiliahan, Robb Mesecher and Randy Daugherty. A couple of special notes for the riders: Five Candy Ass ent ra nts were disqualified for -p it racing - these people are serious. The Hobo 100 Enduro on March 13 is at Anderson Dry Lake, bu t furth er do wn Camp Rock Road. ' • Results ClASS WINNERS: Noel Cobbs 1125 B-SR): Dan Kiefe r(125 C): KenWiliahan(2ooA); Dale Samford (200 A -V): Kathy Herndon (200 A-W] ; Mark A. Weir (200 ATV); Steve Geraci (2ooB) ; Raben J . Wra nosky (200 B-16) ; J. W . Dale (200 B-SSR); Bruce Boring (200 B-V); Doug Johnson (200 C); Kenny Ficken (200 C-16 ); Barry Baxter (200 C·SR); Mark Amendola (250 A); Warren Stirling (250 A-SR); Raben Prid

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