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• • • • • • • • •IIi . 1983 AMATEUR SUPERCROSS SERIES the top 10 who finished in th e same pl ace both motos. Two firsts ga ve Davis the o verall win. . Several of the top Mini Experts put on a show, and it was a three man battle between Paul Den is of Kawasaki, Larry Brooks on his R&D Ra cing Engin es Suzuki and Mik e H eal ey on a Honda. Two firsts gave Denis the clear victory o ver H eal ey' s 2-3, Brooks' 4-2 and Ca noy 's 3-4. G(') 00 0') UMITED ENTRY· PREENTRY DEADUNE IS: Atlanta/Daytona· February 22, 1983 HoustonAstrodome· March 11, 1983 Dallas Cottonbowl-Aprilll, 1983 Results 80 JR: 1. Steve Kendall (Suz); 2. Colin Karcher (Yam) 3. Joey Mendoza (Kaw). ; 801NT: 1. Grog Trachy(Kaw); 2. Jeff Mat iasevich (Suz) 3. Steve Gamble (Yam). ; 80 EX: 1. Paul Denis (Kaw); 2. Mike Healey (HanI; 3. Larry Brooks (Suz). 100 JR: 1. Mike Oenta (Suz). 125 JR: 1. John Davis (Suz); 2. Mike Antcliffe (Kaw); 3. Juan Posca(Vam). 125 INT: 1. Kurt Henricksen (Yam); 2. J immy Palmer (Suz); 3. Jason Rincon IKaw). 125 PRO: 1. Brian Myerscough (Han): 2. Todd Campbell (Kaw); 3. M ichael PreSIon(Kaw). 250JR: 1. Bob Kaiser (Yam) 2. Paul Lane (Suz): 3, ; Steve Denn ison (Han ). 250 INT: 1. Roger Hayes (Han): 2. Mitch Davis (Suzl; 3. Joe Melton (STR). 250 PRO 1. Mike Beier (Yam); 2. Oaan Cates : (Han); 3. Richard Sands (Suzl. 500 JR: 1. Jim Anderson (Han): 2. Mel Brow n (Han): 3. Chris Dowell (Vaml. 500 INT: 1. Jeff Long (Mai): 2. David Fernandez (Vam); 3. Vic Walker (Honl. 500 PRO: 1. Steve Rhyan (Honl; 2. Val Tamlett i (Mai); 3. Mike Tripes (Han). VETINT: 1. Raul Escamilla (Hus); 2. Ken Hulluson (Suz): 3. John Tartaglia . ' VET MASTER: 1. Alan Olson (Suz); 2. Mar ino Bastionell (Suz); 3. Jody Weisel (Han). OTJR: 1. Bill Qualls (Suzl; 2. Chas Walla ce (Suz); 3. Michael Salisbury (Honl. OT MASTER: 1. Jeff Smith (C-A); 2. Rick Watson (Han). McCoy, Hukill fop • I 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 I Atlanta Pre-Entry 1 st Class $50 .00 2nd Class $38 .00 Daytona Pre-Entry 1 st Class $35 .00 2nd Class $35 .00 Houston Pre -Entry 1 st Class $50.00 2nd C lass $50.00 Dallas Pre-Entry 1 st Class $50.00 2nd Class $50.00 • • Open B /C Seniors (over 30) ATV's(specifysize) 0 0 • MX I. " A" EXPERT· By Mike Johns • "B"INTERMEDIATE . • " C" NOVICE AME Bakersfield • 0 0 D . Please check the above classlesl and eventlsl One Pro Supercross admission ticket is i nc l uded per event entere d ,except 0 aytona. BAKER SFI ELD, CA, DEC. 19 •• Total Enclosed $ for events With a lighter th an normal turnout due to th e hol idays, 'i n ten se as ra ci rig ' Am erican Motocross Enter- I • Name prises held the second MX rac e of the Grapevine Challen ge Ser ies. The 125cc Pro class saw a ction between Montana McCoy and An dy Ellis in the seco nd moto . Ellis, a new member to th e Pro ra n ks, stayed righ t on McCoy's rear fend er. Andy and Montana go t " big sky" as the two cri sscrossed their lines around the track. As the two headed down th e back stra igh t, Ellis tried a hot inside lin e through a left hander. It worked and Ellis held the lead a ll the wa y for the win. But with a first moto third, Ellis' win was on ly good for second overall. McCoy scored the overall with a 1-2 tally. Th ird overall went to Curtis Page (2·3). The 125cc Junior racers blasted down th e front stra igh t in their firs t moto with Mike Hukill in front and Tom Holt in second. Holt chased Hukill fo r half the moto. With three laps left , Holt made h is move, sett ing Hukill up with an inside pas s. Hol t ope ned it up and took hi s Butch Cambell tuned Suzuki to a first moto win. Hukill brought his ma chine in for second. Mik e Hawks and Lance Kirk had a tug of war over third with Hawks having more pull. Johnny Ginn (Yam ) rounded out the top five. Moto two was a repeat start. Hukill has the quickness and co ncentration on the start and it shows. This time, when th e halfway point ca me , Holt was nowhere near the leader. Seems a malfunction ing fuel val ve sent h im on a second moto vaca tion . Th is left Hukill all alone for the win. Johnny Ginn took over second fro m Mike Hawks, but his 5-2 score was only good enough for third overall. Second overall went to Hawks (3-3). I AMA Number· Exp. Date • Bike # 1st Choice • Add,ess • • Bike # 2nd Choice w s'tilr arn • (HOUlto n entry i n c l ud e s 1 t icket fo r each dey ', Pro race. I . . ... Birthdate. I • City State Zip · aJ .•_ .•...•...........•a._. •• . • AMA membership available at reclstratlon. {"u. eJ., Phone Number ( ) Bike Brand • • Mail cash iers check or •• money order only to : SuperSports promotions P.O. Box 13246 St . Petersburg. FL 33733 81 3/822~8929 ("po". Q),omo'. o.' · w T .. w 1'eJ, 'MI/1 . ., -, • • .dd.=.=.=.=-=dd.=d.=.!.=. •............................... • - • • -- -_ .- - -•- - ---- ~ CALL TOI.&. FREE 1i800J 3....7553 OR FREE SP£ClFlCATJON 8ROCHURr ~~--;;J_-al,.-t~ ''''uCoI'lCf(211284-'''1 Wells Cargo, Inc. W... IS p ,0. Box 728-!l81 I'AKi.'j1 Ellr.han, IN 46515 . • L O N G E R life! AV d lldt)le at le d(1 I r1( ~ dl'~i ll~ r', a.v-e s s orv .., to rps Bi g oppo rt uni tie s. Big pro fi t s . Earn qui c k ly . Full or part ti me. Learn M/C The Motorcycle Tire TIREWORKS (213) B93·7BotI I ~ • Aluminum loadlq I'IImp • Work bench •TlevcIown .y.tem Regional Facilities And 'National Network OfDealers To Serve You. N itr oge n Filled and Wheel Sen Fernendo Velley 9025 Sepulveda Sepulveda. CA • Pros Use Durable Steel Structured Tote Wagon To Protect And Transport Up To Three Enduro Or Motocross Bikes OPTIONAL ITEMS HAT-rERY ,1[1(1 • SANCTI ONEO . HYTAC for • al home. irs easy. 0 0 Job s: All Too l. -MI.erl,l a Supplied . rea l Specialists Torrance·South B8'l 26023 S . Western Lomita. CA ue. Si ale o t NJ Appd. fo r Veterans. Send Nam e and address tc r FREE bo ok. (213) 639-41110 "• . t ee... . ~ Hon~~~,~~U UIlII F..... I.t 1'/424 IiDf , 983 Models In Stock 7caeJ ''11 7ra"d 1 5 3 7 E. Wa lnut. Pasadena . CA _ _ _ _ (213) 795-2711 • 15

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