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erside Box Stock winner Terry Statum topped the 1200cc class qualifying and was fourth fastest with his 2:00.70 on his Cycle City Suzuki csuoo. Statum grabbed the holeshot with his big bike's horsepower off the line, but by the time he finished his first lap, there were two bikes in front of him. Mazur wasted little time in taking the lead, and once there, he was never headed, finishing with a 15-second cushion over Montoya. Mazur got out or shape once in turn 10 but noted, "It was nothing real serious; it happens at sprint races all the time." He then paused and corrected himself, "Not all the time, but at least once a race meet." In other words, he wasn't shook too much, although he admitted exercising a bit or caution through turns four, 10 and II. "No use crashing it when you've got a little bi t or a lead." Montoya planted himself into second early on , but he couldn't catch Mazur. "I was hoping to get with Frank early in the race, but it didn't really work out. Once he got his distance, I was dead." Danny Coe tucked in behind Statum for the first rive laps on his Doug Van Alrnelo-tuned Yamaha Vision. He then gave the big bike the slip to make it three "giant killers" in the winner's circle. Statum tossed his 1100 around as quickly as he could to finish fourth . Though he confessed later to being off a couple teeth in gearing, he said lack or ground clearance hampered the big bikes here more than anything: " T h e 550s can lean it over so far, they just about run off the tread before they hit anything!" Honda 900-mounted Mike Giordanengo took second 1200 and fifth overall when he passed Kawasaki 750 rider Dave Boyle three laps from the finish. Late entry #86 also got Boyle, but on the final lap, for sixth overall. They were followed by Dave Harding on a 550 Kaw, Kully and Yamaha 550-mounted Brent Ross . Formula Two Kevin Peltz earned the pole in the Formula Two race with his 1:51.21 lap on Saturday; David Emde was just behind with a 1:51.27. When the green dropped for their race, Peltz and Emde shot in front, followed closely by Fred Winters, John Willi· ams on the Team Hammer/Tony Smith Racing Yamaha, Bob Runyon, Dwayne Chung, Don Greene and Rhys Howard. Emde took the lead from Peltz before the lap was over, and after that no one was able to stay with him or the Bob Endicott TZ. Emde put together a slew of consistent I :50s and 51s, and he had one lap at I:49.90, the unofficial fast lap of the weekend. Peltz and Winters locked up in a race-long duel for second while Howard worked up to hound Williams for fourth. Winters pulled it out on the last lap to secure runner-up honors. Williams outbraked Howard a lap from the finish going into turn II to earn fourth place. Sixth went to Armstrong-mounted Robert Lugliani; Yamaha rider Cordon Hedemark closing up on him on the last lap. Raymond Carson and Danny Coe made up the top nine on their Yamahas. 500km Endurance Race Bruce Hammer earned the pole position with hi~ 1:52.ii q~~iifying' ... the pack ~nd '~nlapping themselves time, just ahead of Harry Klinzmann's were Klinzmann/Wolff. With Wolff I :52 .48. The Dennis Smith/Chris doing wheelies and charging, they Steward Suzuki Katana shot into the passed BryantiGreiger on lap 98. lead on the green, though, with HamDespite overcooking turn II later, mer and Klinzmann running right Klinzmann reeled in Ulrich. behind. With about half an hour to go, Klinzmann and Hammer led at the Team Hammer's almost certain trip completion of a lap over Smith / to the winner's cricle turned into a Steward, David Emde/Rick Mitchell bitterly disappointing trip to the hoson the IBCO Kawasaki (a blown pita I as Ulrich crashed, suffering a clutch later forced them to DNF) and broken collarbone. Hammer got suit· Steve Dick/Rhys Howard on their ed up when it was determined that Lawson Replica Kaw. the bike was still rideable and soldiered on after a few laps downtime The lead duo went at it as they were minus a left foot peg and lots or in a sprint race for the first 10 laps. fiberglass. Suddenly, though, Klinzmann pit· ted, the shift lever on his Racecrafters That gave Klinzmann the physical lead, and to make it even more draKawasaki broken. After some frantic scrounging, a replacement was in. matic, he ran out of gas and coasted across the finish line with a dead stalled, and Klinzmann headed back . II d I engine. The BryantiGreiger Suzuki h onto tetrack , p h ysrca y own a ap. flew across a few seconds later with However, he was penalized another lap for excessive speed in the pits. Andrews third, unofficially four laps Lynn Abrahms of Racecrafters exdown with 120 laps. plained later that when the shift lever Hammer completed 119 laps for broke, it left the bike in fifth gear, fifth while Steward and Smith overforcing Klinzmann to ride faster than came a crash and a deflating rear tire normal through the pits. for fifth. Sixth and first 600cc bike went to the Yamaha thumper or Hammer led at that point followed Michael Johnson and Harold Parks, by Emde, Kerry Bryant, Smith and their 113 laps completed the same as Scott Grey, who was teamed with Steward/Smith. Seventh and second Kevin Peltz on a Kawasaki (they 600cc was Don Nelson and Chuck crashed later). Pace with 112 laps. Early small-bore Hammer pitted and handed the leaders Lou Vallerga and Don Greene bike to John Ulrich on lap 32, giving retired on lap 70 with a seized motor the lead to Bryant, who pitted a lap in the Palo Alto Yamaha RD. later and turned it over to Greiger. Doug Draper and Mike Caneda Ulrich repassed Greiger a couple finished III laps for eighth. Wendy laps later, and Greiger returned the Epstein and Louis Lakey were a lap favor several laps after that. Greiger down of that for ninth on the Team kept that until around lap 60 when Cranker KZIOOO, and Daryl Cornwell he pitted to change riders. and Craig Turner teamed up on a The Team Hammer bike kept the Suzuki for 109 laps and an unofficial lead. but steadily coming up through 10th place. • II Suzuki continued its domination of minicycle racing as Rick Hemme aced the competition in all three classes he ran in during Round One of the NMA Grand National Championship in Las Vegas. After winning both motos in the 83cc Stock Expert 12 & Over Class, Rick went on to win the 83cc Modified Expert /2 & Over Class and the /OScc 12 & Over Open Class. And with Suzuki dealing out wins like that, odds are the competition will be left with nothing but a losing hand. * . SUZUKI.THE C\J 00 0')

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