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World Champ-ioil.hlp. 12SCc )IX Serie.: RouadZ Velkeneers stretches lead with Belgian GPwin VEN RA Y, BEL G IU M. AP R. 4 Yamaha 's Marc Velkeneers opened up his points lead to a massive 27 points after just two rounds of th e '82 125cc MX G P season. w he n h e n ed a way fro m his o p posi tion in from of h is home crowd a t Venra y. But the Belgian teen ager didn 't h ave i t a ll hi s own way. for onl y a punctured li re j us t two laps fro m ho me in th e seco nd rnoto spoiled I tal ia n Mi chel e R in ald i's chan ce o f beating th e Belgians o n th eir home circ u i t. In ' from o f a crowd estimated betwee n 40 an d 50 thousand, Velkeneers took th e lead in th e fi rst leg from th e ga te. T he yo ungster settled down h is pace at th e from until tr iple ch ampion H arry Eve rts sta rted to close u p . Then he tu rned u p the throttle again and went o n to cross the line with a'16 secon d margin. Ri naldi posted th ird spo t ahead o f ex-champ Akira Watana be. Belgi um 's o ther to p li ne yo u n gster, Er ik Geboers was having p roblems, repeatedly falling off and eventu ally finishing in ninth spot. The second leg ca used a n u mber of surprises and almost caused the big gest u pset for th e partisan crowd. R ina ldi wa s leading and looked set to pu t it over the Belgians in front o f their ho me supporters. T he n d isaster struck for th e rapid Italian. H e p icked up a front wheel puncture j u st two laps fro m home an d was forced to slo w. Velken eers seized h is chance an d shot through an d 30 seconds later Honda works ri de r Yoshifumi Sugi o went p ast into seco nd spot. Rider a fter rider went th roug h as R i n a ldi struggled 10 ge t to th e finish, h opeful of picking up so me poi nts. l R i na ld i's l uc k was o u t a nd he eventually crossed th e li ne in 13th spot- the most d isappointed man o f the meeting. Yu ri Khuda ik o v's fou rth p lace o n the works Cagiva was a surprise to a lot o f peop le, but the R ussia n 's sta m ina o n the track , which developed ruts a lmost three foot dee p o n so me corners, was enough 10 help him keep hi s pa ce where others arou nd him were tiring. Everts finished sixth , admitting afterwards th at the track had sapped his ene rgy in the closi ng stages forcing him to slow. G eboers was again falling o ff and was p laced eighth a fter remounting and for cing th roug h . • \C. More horsepoWer. More ground clearance. More performance. Thafs the Kerker KR Series winning comlination. Ask Team Kawasaki's Eddie lawson how Kerker carried his Superlike to victory at Riverside. He'll tell you: Kerker Kicks Ass! Kerker 7900 Deering Avenue Canoga Park, CA 91304 Factory Hotline (213) 999-3060, . (BOO) 423-5246 Outside CA. 82-078 ERS Results OVERA LL: 1. M arc Vel keneer s (Bel gi um · Yam ); 2. Har ry Evert s (Belg i um - Suz ); 3. (TIe ) Yosh ifumi 5ugia (J apan · Hoo) /Corrado Maddi i (Ital y · Gi l): 5. Akira Watanabe (Japan · Suz); 6 . M ichele Rina ldi (Italy - Gil); 7. (TIE) Yuri Khudiakov (Russia - Cog). / Jacky Vimond (Fnm ce • Yam); 9. {TIE} Dirk verhae;en (Be lgiu m . Suzl/Erik Geboers (Belgi um Suz ); 11 . Ar i Vi i ri (Finland - Suz ); 12 . (TIE) M ichele Marga rono (It aly - TG M) / Johan M an ens (l uxe m- bo urg . Hon ). FIRST M OTO: 1. Valkonoors; 2. Evert s; 3. Rinaldi; 4 . Watan ab e; 5. Madd ii: 6. Ve rhaegen; 7 . Sug io; 8 . Vimond; 9. Geboe rs; 10 . M arga rono. SECONO MOTO: Volkanao, . ; 2. Sugio; 3. Maddii; 4 . Khudiakov ; 5 . Evens; 6 . Vimond ; 7. Watanabe; 8. Geboers: 9. Viiri; 10. Man e ns. WORLD CHA M PION SHIP POSITIONS AFTER TWO ROUNDS: 1. Volkanoo ,. (57); 2. (TIE) Evortsl Rinaldi (30); 4. Gaboers (28); 5. Sugio (17t, 6. Mad· dii (16t, 7. Watanabe (14); 8. Martons (11); 9. Voh kenon (9t, 10. m E) Khu diakov/ Vimond/ Maddii / Hensen (8t. 14. (TIE) Vo' haogon/ Van Dorn (5t, 16. Ensing (4t, 17. Pos' oma (3t,18. Vii,i (2); 19. Marga· rono(1). 2nd Johnny O'M.r. Hond. on DUNLOP 3 rd J im Gibson Hand. on DUNLOP 4th Rick John..,n y .....h. on D UNLOP 5th M.rk B....." Suzuki on DUNLOP Two nlghu ln. row . Donnie, Wh.t A Shawl Th.nks .g.ln for chaoaing DUNLOP. DuI'"....'...,.oth.r . . .cyd•• rIcIe 011 tIre. . . . worId. ~DUNZ,OP P.O Box1109 Bufl... NY 14240 . . 15

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