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~ ~ I ' , ~\, I C\I 00 0") ~ ~ ;>C'd ~ RoC winners Paul Denis (left) and Lowell Thompson get their reward. Dennis topped the 80cc RoC; Thompson the 60s. Denis, Bunch, Lechien top NMA/Yamaha World Mini GP By Tom Codey ORANGE, CA, APR. 16-18 Minicycle racers from six countries came to Saddleback Park for the three-day long, II th annual National Motorsports Association/ Yamaha World Mini Grand Prix. Included were contestants from South Africa, Canada, England, Australia and Venezuela, as well as U.S. competitors. The cham- 16 pions from these countries met up in one big showdown and this was the Yamaha Race of Champions, which included both a 80cc and 60cc contest. Americans came ore victorious in both events with Paul Denis £rom Orange, CA, taking the 80cc title while Lowell Thomson from Post Falls, ID, was crowned as the 60cc champion. Arter 34 scheduled classes completed two motos it was time for the special events, the Yamaha Race of Champions plus the run-ore races. The Races of Champions was truly a unique race. Premier Yamaha of Huntington Beach brought out a truck load of new 1982 Yamaha 60cc and 80cc bikes for the contest. These box stock bikes were raced for a rnoto and then each rider rotated bikes but kept the same numbers. Twenty riders were lined-up for the 80cc Race of Champions which had three motos. Kenny Dunlap took the holeshot in the first moto. However, he went down shortly after and Paul Denis of Team Green took over, surprising those who felt that this event could only be won by a Yamaha team rider. Larry Brooks is the NMA Grand National champ and he gained that title for Yamaha at Ponca City, OK. He followed Denis but never close enough to pass. Art DeHore from Erie; CO, was running third until Todd Campbell pushed him back to fourth. Denis played the leader once more in the second bout. The runner-up slots were filled by Brooks and Campbell again. Dunlap started out well but ended in 10th . In the third and final moto Denis made it clear that he was the world champ. Paul is already the NMA Western Regional Expert champ. Brooks was running second but dropped back as Campbell zapped him along with Texan Danny Storbeck. Three for three was proof enough that Denis deserved the 80cc title. There were only 10 riders lined-up for the 60cc Race of Champions. Lowell Thomson ran away with the first rnoto. Texan Clay Branch had a good ride but along with the others he was outclassed by Lowell. David Flowers was in third but he crashed and Bubba Erickson captured third. The second moto was a copy of the opener with Thomson, Branch and Erickson 1-2-3. Flowers DNF this race and allowed Erickson to go with· out a close bailie. Both Denis and Thomson won a trophy that was taller than themselves, and they got to take home the Yamaha 80cc or 60cc of their choice! - With so ' many-mini riders-it was- - . - and johner Kight battled Lechien necessary to have several divisions before placing second in the Modiwith the top riders meeting in the Iied event. final run-offs. The first race was the Hank Moree was one of the most 80cc Stock Novice 12 and over class. successful out of state riders. Moree came from Society Hill, SC , and must As they rounded the second corner a couple of riders became literally hung be their finest rider. He won both the up. Thayne lito got in quite a situa60cc Stock and Modified 6-8 events tion . as his leg got caught in the and took every moto, The Stock race swingarm of Ken Clifton's Yamaha. was interesting to watch as the riders They had 10 do some hacksawing to battled for second place behind Moree. loosen lito's leg . After the restart, In the first moto Jimmy Button from Dale Storbe~kan~ Derek Nye became Phoenix, AZ, was running second till the top plaang riders, he crossed it up on the double jump Team Suzuki rider Rick Hemme section and landed hard, Ronnie Densgot the jump on the 105cc pack in ford of RD Racing Products took their final. The whole time Team second. In the final moto Moree was Green's Denis was gaining yardage. so confident that he was going to take Denis made his move on the sweeper the victory that he got a liule too as they climbed toward Webco Tower radical and went ore the side of the and won the race. The Suzuki duo of track at the double jump section. He Hemme and Bruce Bunch placed 2-3. lifted up the flags to get his bike back There was only one run-off neceson the track and underway to mainsary for the I 25cc riders and it was for tain the lead. Moree was first overall the Stock Novices. Former mini rider ahead of Button and Densford. Michael Lieber couldn't win either of The Grand National Championhis motos but changed the situation ship Series will start in May for all in the final. Michael won the race regions across the nation. These riders will then shoot it out in the over Randy Maletta from Rincon Kawasaki and Ron Rogers. Championship event at Ponca City, John Conney is the top 80cc InterOK, on July 28-Aug. I. • mediate rider for Suzuki. He won Re s u lts both of his 80cc Stock and Modified PEE WEE STOCK: 1. Colin Edw.rds (; 2. division races with the greatest of Ronni. ~nlford; 3. Butch Smith (Y.m). . ease . However , the day was not all PEE EE MOD: 1. Juslln R,ch 2. Cohn Edwards (y.m); 3. Ronnie Denlford (Ita). perfect for John as his chain came off JR CYCLE STOCK 6-8: 1. H.nk Moree (; 2. in the important 80cc Stock InterRonnie Denlford ( 3. JImmy Button (Y.m). JR CYCLE MOD 6-8 : 1. H.nk Moree (Y.m); 2. ' I m edi ate f Ina . Mark Toyama happens Jimmy Button (Y.m); 3. Ronnie Denlford ( to be the fastest Intermediate on the JR CYCLE STOCK NOV 9-11 ; 1. Richard S.xton Yamaha team, and he captured the ~:::::;2.BuddyAmunez(Y.m) ;3.EddieG.umOnd win in the Stock final over OklahoJR CYCLE MOD NOV 9 ·11 : '1. Jason Collier rna 's Tommy Newman and Frank (; 2. Richard Saxton ( 3. Buddy Antunez (Y.m). Brundage. JR CYCLE STOCK INT 9-11 ; 1. lowell Thomson Conney returned for the 80cc Mod(y.m); 2. Kyle L.ewi. (; J . D.mon B_ _ ified (y.m). I I I nterrn edilate Ii I an d no way Ina JR CYCLE MOD INT 9-11 ; 1. lowell Thomson was there any mechanical problems (Y.m); 2. Shaun Kaloa ISuz); J . Bubba Erickson this time. John took the holeshot and (Y~)STOCK NOV 9-11 : 1. Clay Br.nch (Suzt 2. was followed by fast Frankie BrunD.nny Hembree (; 3. Chri. Ne.1 (Y.m~ dage' Frankie. had a good ride but 80 MOD NOV 9-11 ; 1. Clay Br.nch ISuz); 2. .. (Y.m~ J . Chr.. Nea' ( Denny _ made a few mistakes along the way. 80 STOCK INT 9 -11 : 1. Shaun Koloa (Suzt 2. lowell Thomson; 3. Kyle Lewis {~I. H e s tailed hiIS bik e on a corner an d ,I 80 MOD INT 9.11: 1. Shaun Kaloa (Suzl; 2. Larry allowed Honda s Mouse McCoy to Ward (~); J . Lowell Thomoon (Y.m). capture second. Brundage placed third 80 STOCK NOV 12+ DIY 1; 1. Derek Nye (y.m); 2. 'T' Grag Trachy (Y.m); J. John Fmerar (y.m). an d b all I ed R oost Factory s irn BOSTOCK NOV 12+DIV2; 1. Dale Storbeck (Suzl; Rutherford who secured fourth. 2. Cr.iII Canoy (Suzl; J . Mark~. (y.m). ' E 80 MOD NOV 12+ 1. Derek Nye (Y.m); 2. Jeff Todd Ca .mp bell IS a top xpert Clifton (; J . Craig Nieloon rider who IS sponsored by DG Per80 STOCK INT 12+ DIV 1; 1. M.rkToyama(; formance Specialties and Kawasaki 2. Tornmy Nowm.n (Kawt 3. EddieVr...... nd(~). . . . , ' 8 0 STOCK INT 12+ DIV 2: 1. John Conney ISuz); but Injured his leg and wasn table to 2. Frank Brundage lKow); J . Steve Skibel(~). race in therun-off events. Bruce Bunch 80 M OD INT 12+ DIY 1: 1. John Conney(Suzt 2. hi S ki RM80 d bo Fr. nk Br undage (K. w ); 3. T,m Rumerford (Kaw). an d IS uzu I capture th 8OMODINTI2+DIV2:1.MouoeMcCoy(Hont2. the Stock and Modified wins in the Eddie v.....nd (~t J . John Genju (Kawl. final Bunch led the Stock contest 8OSTOCKEXI2+DIV1 : 1. Bruce Bunch (Suz); 2. • • Paut Den.. (Kaw); J . Scott Brown (Kawl. and was followed by his teammate 80 STOCK EX 12+ DlV 2; 1. Rick Hemme (Suz); 2. Rick Hemme. Paul Denis landed Bob Moore (Kawl; 3. Tyoon Voh l.nd (Kaw). . 80 MOD EX DIV 1; 1. Larry Brooks (Y.m); 2. P.ul third over Tyson Vohland and Bob Danis lKaw); J . Rick Hemme (Suz). Moore, 80 MOD EX 12+ DIY 2: 1. Bruce Bunch (Suz); 2. The last race of the World Mini Todd Campbell (Kaw); J. Willie Surratt (Kawl. · 1069,11 : l.KyteLewis(~);2.lowelIThornG ran d P nx was t h e 80 M odifi d I ie eon ( J . Larry W.rd (~I. Expert final. By this time the track 106 12+ DIV 1: 1. Rick Hemme ISuz t 2. Bob . h had d . Moore fKaw); J . Todd Campbell (Kaw). was covered wit sows an It 106 12+ DIY 2; 1. Bruce Bunch (Suzt 2. Paul became difficult for the riders to spot Denis fKawt J. Larry Brooks (y.m). 100 STOCK: 1. Johner Kight ( 2. Taylor t h e pot h 0 I es an d roc k s. Bunc h an d Me ...., ( J Grag Thomas ( Larry Brooks came into the final .100 MOD: 1. Rev Dawoon (Y.m~ 2. Kurt Hen· event with two points each, When the dricksen (y.m); J . Joh_.K'llht (· . id d h . be d 125STOCKNOVDIY1 .1 .Ron~( n ers came aroun t e starting n Scott Burna (~I; J. Keith Nietaon (Yam~ it was Bunch all the way . Bunch held 125 STOCK NOV DIY 2: 1. Mike Lieber ISuz); 2. 'I Randy Meletta {Kawt J . Joe C1.uo (~). the lea d w h I e Brooks controlled 125MODNOV;I .RonRogen(;2.B.J.Lahn second place. Third and fourth place (Suzt J . Tim Juotice (Y.m). went to Denis and Hemme 125 STOCK INT; 1. Tim Aston lKawl; 2. Sam , . S'ore< (Kawj; J . Russ Winkler ( The NMA changed their name 125-MODINT: 1. Tim Aston IK.wl; 2. ChrisTaytor from National Minicycle Association (Kawt J . Jason Rincon (Kaw). ' I M A' , 125 STOCK EX: 1. Ron Lachi.n (; 2. Louie 10 N ~1I0na otosports ssocianon Fr.nco (Honl; 3. Stacy Thormon (Y.m). and In the past couple of years they . 125 MOD EX: 1. Ron Lachien (Y.m); 2. Johner have built up the 125 and 250cc KIght (Y.m); J . (K.w). . • , 250 NOV: 1. Kenny Guyett (Y.m~ 2. ChriS Shaw classes, The MIni Experts advance to (Suzl; J . Jeff H.nzo ISuZ). the I 25cc Expert class as soon as they . 250 EX: 1. John WhalchaIIY.m); 2. Scott Man' . nina; 3. Curt McCUIstIon IK.w). become too ta I I. This was true of 80 STOCK INT 12+ RUN·OFF: 1. M. rk Toyam. Yamaha's Ron Lechien. Ron outgrew (; 2. Tommy Newm.n (Kaw); J . Fr.nk Brun his 80cc very quick~y. At 15 he's 6'2" daX;;~·06· INT 12+ RUN.OFF; 1. John Conney and a top Pro. Lechien won all motos (Suz); 2. Mouse McCoy (Honl; J . Fr.nk Brundage in the I 25cc Stc;><:k and Modified Ex(K;o~OD EX 12+ RUN.OF F; 1. Bruce BunchISUZ); pert clases. LOUie Franco used to com2. Larry Brooks (Y.m); J . P.ul Denis (K.wj. pete with Lechien in the minis and 80 STOCK EX 12+ RUN·OFF: 1. Bruce Bunch hi be Ii . h . h S k' I ISuzl; 2. Rick Hemme (Su"; J. P.ul Deni. (~I. IS st InI S was In t e toe c ass 106 RUN.OFF: 1. Paul Denis (Kaw); 2. Rick where he took a second, Tracy Meeks Hemme (Suz); J . Bruce Bunch (Suzl. · d. h S k 125 STOCK NOV; 1. Mich.el Lieber (Suzt 2. o f T earn G reen was th Ir In t e toe Randy M.1etta (Kawt J . Ron Rogers ( race ahead of Texan Carroll RichardYAMAHA Y280 RACE OF CHAMPIONS: 1. P.ul son Spark plug problems fouled out Deni.; 2. Todd Campbell; J . Larry Brooks. " . • • YAMAHA Y260 RACE OF CHAMPIONS : 1. Lowell Franco s Honda In the Modlfted race, Thomson; 2. CI.y Br.nch; J . Bu_ Erickson .

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