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> .... ttl ::J .... .0 Q) LL. CJ) ~ W Z ~ Whe n Team Honda riders swept the top two pos itions in the three wheeler c lass of the Baja 1000. the y did it riding Honda ATC 250Rs eq uipped with Fox Factory ATC Reservoir Shox. No other ATC shock offers the same winning performance. reliability and ease of maintenance as the Fox Facto ry ATC Reservoif.Shox for jus t $159.00 complete with two-stage progressive springs. . Order toll fre e by phone (800) 538-6854. In Calif., Alaska and Hawaii call (408) 371-1221. The 1982 Moto-X Fox Catalog is available for free when you send $1 to cover postage a nd ha ndling. -x \ ~~-II -SPRINT -SPEEDWAY -ROAD R ACI NG g' these little go-fast wonders. After practice, all seemed to be shaking t heir heads in amazement at how something so small could ' be so quick and fun . "These race karts are so fun to drive. I 'rea lly didn't realize what we were getting ourselves into , but now I can't wait to get back on the track ," commented Beckman. Bryson, on the other hand, said, 'lUSt sitting there waiting to get started , you 're already going 50 mph , they look and feel so fast . Once you get going, your sense of speed doubles due to the fact that you are sitting so low to the ground. Driving a race kart , whether it be speedway or sprint , is a rush to your ego . Right away you get the feeling that not even Andretti could beat you . There is something about going 60 mph and backing it into a turn , getting off the gas and putting your feet back in it. " The reliable aspects of the Yamaha package are: stock , you can drive these karts virtually for years without even peeking insi de the motor. The kart frame itself is almost indestructable. There is, however, a way to get more ponies out of your engine.. .if you need them . The race was set: Clipper. and Beckm a n on the first row, Bryson and Rooster on the second. As Gomez gave the go-ahead , the race was on. Bryson drove around the outside into turn one first. Beckman followed in secon d with Rooster third. Rooster got around Beckman for second in turn three: The race was now between Bryson and Rooster. After six laps Bryson got a tad out of ~ .,the ,gt;OQ\(e.,in tI!I11,fpur which p!-!t.l¥m in the marbles (excess dirt pushed to the outside that, when hit , make traction disappear). Rooster then took both the inside line and the lead. Bryson got back in the groove before Beckman and Clipper could get by . With his sights set on Rooster, Bryson made his charge. Going into turn one. Rooster was showing off and spun out. Bryson got by along with Beckman. With two-laps left , Bryson got into the marbles again , but his lead was big enough to get going and take th e win with Rooster second , Beckman third and Clipper fourth .. It turned out to be more than a race: it was fun in the greatest way. By it's no means is karting . fun addicting. Another aspect to look at is price. You can step into on e of these Yamaha state-of -the-art wonders for around $1 ,500. With Yamaha 's eas ily accessible dealer network , this could be you. Yamaha is working very hard to expand the d irt karting interest nationally. In fact , ATV News will be covering karting events on a regular basis. For those of you who like to go 60 mph sideways, contact Rick Johnson or Rick Gomez at Yamaha Motor Corp. USA, 6555 Katella, Cyp ress, CA 90630 or call 71417 61 -7607 . .If you would a lso like information regarding racing and where to drive, you can call IKF (International Kart Federation) at 213/967·4197 . They are the national sanctioning body for the western U .S . Anything east of the Mississippi . call WKA (W orld Karting Association) at 216/499 ·0450 . This could be the start of the best time you 've ever had - at a '4 1ow ~~·~ :·1 r .. I I " ' T IT: ' A , TJ' , "j " ,.;[ g : :g Karts. • Parts. • ATV Tires Wheels 'E =CUSTOM= o • CHASSIS ~ • MOTOR WORK o g - 0' ~ ;; • ALTERATIONS • REPAIRS San Diego is t he ATC capitol of the world, We are the experts on t he parts and accessories you need to h av e the three wheeler you want. Bob Emde has sold more t han 3000 ATC 's and looks f orward to serving you. Send $2.00 for latest catalog We ship UPS anywhere in USA Over 100 ATC's in stock YAMAHA UPT020% Bridgestone-Simpson Wholesale - Retail ATCPARTS OFF ODYSSEY OWNERS 440 KA'W ENGINE • FAN COOLED • COl IG NITIO N • ELECTRIC START .37 HP TORQUE CONVERTER DRIVES CARBS ENGINES 20 - 80 HP * Front Suspension All Makes Made to Order * He llare We ld ing Aluminum & Steel * Cyl. Boring 512.00 Pe r Ho le * T ri-Moto 125-175 Mods J '

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