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Southern California-Arizona-Southern Nevada- Southern California-Arizona-Southern Nevada- Southern Callfornia-Arizo Western hotline When the checkered flag waved them ho me, Cates captured top dollar for the day , Dent on ended up with second and Greenway took home third. Results 60 NOV: 1. Allan BreIvn (Vam): 2. Buddy Antunes lYaml; 3. Wesley Klein (Varni . 60 EX: t . Bubba Erickson (Vam). 80 BEG: 1. TIm K"'; (Kaw ); 2. Lance C. Smith (Suzl : 3. John Filterer lYam) . 80 NOV: 1. Jeff Clifton (Vam): 2. Thayne (Vam): 3. Bubba Erickson lYam!. 80 INT: 1. Mark Toyama lYam): 2. Mike Roberts (Vam): 3. Jeff Barbacovi (Varni. 100 NOV : 1. Kelly V.chow lYaml; 2. Jason DavenportlSuzl: 3. Chuck WhitmorelSuzl. 100 EX: 1. Jerry Anker lYam) . 125 BEG: 1. J im Owen (Suzl: 2. Chris Dillow ISuzl ; 3. Kurt Strand lYam) . 125 NOV : 1. Michael Lielber ISuzl ; 2. Stan Galvez (Suzl: 3. Kenny Clifton ISuz!. 125 INT: 1. Rob Eng el (Vam): 2. Bruce Jacllman (Suzl: 3. Jim Turner IVam). 125 PRO: 1. Dean Cates IBMW!: 2. Gary Denton (Suzl: 3. John Greenwa y IHan). 250 BEG: 1. Dave Kennedy lYaml; 2. Gary Dennis cae (Yam); J. D avid Slater (Hon). 250 NOV : 1. Dale Himme1 reich (Varni: 2. Ken Kohler (Mai); 3. Garrie Turcon e (Yam) . 250 INT: 1. Mar k An derson IVam): 2. J eff Scon ISuzl ; 3. Bill Erb IKaw). 250 PRO: 1. Greg Zinerko pf IVam); 2. Scon Manning IVam); 3. Andy Gut h ISuzl. OPEN BEG: 1. J oh n Haworth IHan): 2. John Chambers (Yam); 3. Jo hn Irvine (Yaml . 250 NOV: 1. Jim Carter (Vam): 2. Ira Hass (Vam): 3. Paul Ikeda lHan) . 250 INT: 1. A lan Olson IM ail: 2. Dean A dkina IVam!; 3. David Anderson IHusl . 250 PRO: 1. Scott CavnMI (Suzl; 2. Bob Schulz (Yam); 3. Don Griewe. VET JR: 1. Ray Swanson (Han): Dave Emde won two classes at the AFM 's season-ender at Riverside. (Continuedfrom page 14) passed by McCullough , Dircks started to go for it all and passed both Richardson and Stallard. McCullough fell in the s-turns after being passed by Dircks and Richardson and Imbriale slipped by him. At this point the whole race belonged to Dircks . Not even a fabulous finish like Dircks' could make up for bad luck and Richardson took the overall with his two solid rides. Results PEE WEE NOV: t . Kenny Vickers (Yaml ; 2. Chuck Berry (Yam); 3. WesleyAdkins (Yam). PEE WeE A M : 1. Brent Wineland IVam): 2. Wes Parker (Yam); 3. Jerry Adkins(Yaml. V ZINGERS: 1. TImmy Claton e ISuz): 2. Steve Bit silly IVam! : 3. Chucky Cook IVam !. 80 BEG: 1. Brent Wineland (Yam) ; 2. Nick Pietrasik (Yam) ; 3. Dean Clatone (Vam). 80 NOV: 1. Steve Stevenson (Yaml ; 2. Ken Hilton (Yaml ; 3. John Van Hook (Yaml . 80 AM : 1. Dennis Parker (Yam) ; 2. Shawn Hilton IYaml; 3. John Nolan (Vam). 80 EX: 1. Robert Mason IKawl; 2. Bryan Bruner IKawI. lOS's: 1. Robert Mason lKaw); 2. Bryan Brunet' tKaw); 3. Shawn Hilton (Yaml. 125 BEG: 1. Craig Goddnuff {Varni; 2. KeIth Watk ins {Suzl; 3. Morgan ShearelSuzl. 125 NOV : 1. Jav Dougherty {Han}: 2. Ron Hart ISuzl : 3. Gary HoHman (Yam). '25 AM: 1. David W itmer ISuzl ; 2. Scott Keyes (Yam); 3. Paul Bowman (Yam). 250 BEG: 1. Bill Cox ISuzl: 2. Randy Blachlev (Varni: 3. Thomas Tucker «SUl). 250 NOV : 1. Danny Hodges lYaml: 2. V irg il Hemandez (Yam); J . Ron King (Kaw l. 250 AM: 1. Tom Win (Yam); 2. Tim Kennedy IYa m); 3. Larry Witt (Han!. OPEN NOV : 1. Brian Shalley lYam l: 2. Larry Thurman {Suzl; J. Dave Brosius IHust EX SWEEPSTAKES: 1. TIm Richardson IHanl ; 2. Robert King IKawl: 3. John Imbriale (Vam). Anderson, Cates sack Saddleback By Lee Taylor O RANGE, CA , DEC . 13 Mark Anderson , aboard a 'Yama ha for O range Co unty Cycle, sim ply burned up the Saddlehack turf, on his way to a 16 beautiful. pair of wins in the California Racing Club's 250cc Intermediate contest. Anderson started off his first moto leading out of the gate. He had Scott Conaway in second and Bill Erb , running third. Anderson and Conaway pulled away into their own private battle leaving Erb with the unenvia ble task of holding back the pack. Reggie Lamson was on the pipe in fourth and fighting to take third . Heavy traffic behind him was overwhelming and he found himself pushed back in the pack. Conway found himself down on the course on his last lap. Erb lost no time in taking over second, in third was Jeff Scott, riding for Ceet Racing. The second moto was hairier than the first. A rider went down on the bottom of the downhill. Out of the chaos came Randy Mora les, piloting a Yam aha for Burbank Cycles. Anderson was in second and a tight dice ensued. Rick Cearle had cinched third and was smokingl Anderson took over the lead with Morales back up in second by the finish, followed closely by Joel Seals in third. Anderson took top honors , Scott was . second and Erb took third overall. Dean Cates blew the 125cc Pros in the weeds. The first round found Cates hounded by Richard Sands in second, Tony Gomez running third, Dennis Hulen in fourth and fighting to hold back Gary Denton in fifth. Cates simply zoomed out in front and left the battle far behind . He disappeared across the finish line and into the pits before the rest of the field cou ld spot him . Sands remounted from a crash and after dueling with Denton held the Suzuki Support rider to third. The second round found Gomez back and second off the line behind Cates. Mark F1esin was having a spectacular ride in third . pushing Gomez an d Cates over every inch of the track. Dent on and Sands were fighting over fourth place. Denton was on the gas and up into third . Gomez was under incredible pressure from Denton and bailed. Denton breezed into second and left third open to John Greenway. 2. Dennis David lYam); 3. Glenn WorralllYaml. VET INT: 1. Dina Megliocchetti ISuzl ; 2. RA Buzz Moellar IHusl ; 3. Milt Muller lYam) . VET SR: 1. Alan Olson IMail: 2. Ken Ratzloff IMail: 3. Bob Hayes IDMGI. February 21st at Riverside Intern ational Raceway. For more information contact AF'.t at 714/523-3892. Results 50 GP: 1. Franco Garawglia IRin): 2 1504 : 3. Mario Caldato. Jr . 1I t~ . 200 GP: 1. Dan"" Coe IHan! : 2. Chris Baur lYam!; 3. JiUKeenan(Yam). 250 GP: 1. David Emde IVam!; 2. Gill Martin lYaml: 3. Gordon Hedemark lYaml. 500 GP: 1. Harry Klinzmann IKawl: 2. Greg Sachs lYam); 3. Jeff Hegan IVam ). OPEN GP: 1. Wayne Rainey lKaw!; 2. Gennedy Uubimsky lYaml: 3. Kerry Bryant IKaw!. LT SUPER: 1. Louis Vallerga IVam): 2. Tracy DeMuro IVam); 3. Jim lalOne (Han). 750 SUPER: 1. David Emde ISuzl; 2. Kevin Peltz ISuzl ; 3. Steve Over (Honl . OPEN SUPER: 1. Kevin Bracllen IDuel ; 2. Scott Gray ISuzl ; 3. Tom Orella (Honl . 450 PROD 1. TracvDeMuro(Yam) 2. Francis Mazur : ; IHonl: 3. Clinton VVhitehouse (Yaml. 600 PROD: 1. Francis M8Z\Jr IKawI: 2. J ohn Ulrich IKaw) : 3. Rhys Howard lYam) . 750 PROD: 1. Wayne Rainey IKawl; 2. Kevin Peltz ISuzl ; 3. Brian Stulbaum (Hon). OPEN PROD: 1. Darrell White (Kawl: 2. Terry Statum ISuzl: 3. Tom Baliantyn e ISuz}. 250 PROD: 1. M ichael Ma dden IC-A); 2. Daniel Diaz IVam) : 3. A .J . Parks IC·AI . 450 BOX STK : 1. Jeff Braucht IVam): 2. Perry St ein IHan): 3. Phil Cotton (Suzl . 600 BOX STK: 1. Francis M azur IKawI: 2. Rhys Howard IVam): 3. Steve Sowden IKaw) . 750 BOX S11<; 1. Wayne Rainey IKawI: 2. Mike Krolick IKawl : 3. Brian SlUlbaum IHan). OPEN BOX STK: 1. Darrell White IKawl: 2. Marti n Sharpe (Suzl; 3. Tom Ballantyne ISuzl . Sonelll/Templeton takePRRO two-hourRR By Kris Aaron-Benedum White a whiz at AFM Riverside RR By Lori Tyson RIVERS IDE, CA, DEC. 13 Da rrell White put on a dazz ling display in the O pen Box Stock as he took his GPz1100 to the first of two wins at the last American Federation of Motorcyclists road race meet of 1981 . Martin Sharpe grabbed the number two spot for the first half of the race until Wayne Rainey on his 750cc Kawasaki , took over a nd held on to seco nd overall and won the 750cc class . Following behind Rainey was Red mon d Racing's Kevin Peltz taking third overall and second 750 . The 200cc GP was a repeat of November's race. Da nny Coe grabbed another number one trophy with Christine Bau r taking second. There was a battle for third place between Jill Keenan and Len Gambo - and in the end Jill took the checkers for the trophy. In the battle of the 550s Frank Mazur took the trophy over Moriwaki GP ·mounted John Ulrich. Rhys Howard on a new '82 Seca held off Whitney Blakeslee (on his '82 GPz) to take third. The first lap of the Formula One race showed Gen Liubimsky in the lead followed by Thad Wolffe , Carry Andrew , Kerry' Brya nt and Wayne Rainey. By lap two things had changed. as Thad Wolffe took over leaving Gen in second and Brya nt in third . In lap three when Wolffe had to drop out with mechanical proble ms Rainey took advantage of Thad's misfortu ne an d sto le the lead with Bryant and Liu bimsky hot on his trail. Back in fourth place was Chri s Steward who was trying out the new Yoshimu ra Katana superbike. Wayne Rainey took the win in the end with Liubimsky second and Bryant third. The AFM awards banquet will be held J anuary 16th in Anaheim, and the first race of the 1982 season will be PHOENI X . AZ, DEC . 6 A two-hour endurance road race is no t p articularly easy to ride, even tho ugh ra cers tr ade off with thei r teammates. It becomes an event tougher test of abilities whe n rid den in a reverse pattern! Phoenix Road Raci ng Orga nization's second annual two -hour went jus t that way. Racers who were familiar with the counter-clockwise track suddenly discovered that turns and chica nes took on a whole new di mension when ridden from the other direction . Dire predictions ab ou nded , bu t th ey proved to be unfounded. T he entire day went alm ost wit hout inci de nt. T he top 10 PRRO numbe r plates for 1981 were awarded just prior to the start. Norm Benedum took overall number one and won a tri p to Su perbike School donated by Sun Suzuki. Number two plate winner Willie Adams received a set of racing tires from Fox Distribu ting . Special thanks should also go to the unnamed but appreciated support crews, pre-grid, scoring and technical inspection people. The two-hour sta rted in the tradi tional "LeMans" style . No help was allowed as they tried to start the bikes, bu t nearly everyone got off the line without incident. Beca use it was an endurance race, there was noticeable absence of ultratrick racing equipme nt. Last yea r's two-hour had brought home the point that machinery engineered within a n inch of its life will not hold together for two hours of hard ridin~. Smooth, consistent riding on the part of Kevin Elliott and Ted Gab bert , overall number seven plate for 1981. put their 750 Suzu ki in co nte ntion for first in the O pe n class. Bu t du rin g th e second half of th e race th e Guzzi 1000 which had gotten off the line dead last d evou red their lead and passed the m . Just a few seconds behind Gab bert and Elliott was the team of Tom Kra use (number six plate for '81) and J ohn Mark Brad ley on their 750 Kawasaki and in fourth were Torti Harrison and Ed Morse . In the 550cc and under class the race to wa tch was between the teams of

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