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. --.. .c .All' that's vital CD E CD ~ (and fit to print) c en ~ News More fun for the money Sharon Clayton, Publiaher Victoria Smith, Advenising/Editoria' Assistant. Editorial Lantt Bryoon, Editor, Advertising WEST Skip Johnoon, National Sales Manager, Terry Pratt, Sal.. Manager, Duane John· Ion, Sales Manager. EAST Betty Dever, Sales Manager. Mike Church, Sales Manager. Graphics and Production Kristin Cooper, Graphic Artist, Donna Shipman, Assistant. Marion Hatasbita. Typography. Dennis Greene, Laboratory. Accounting Mike Klinger, Manager. Terry Dailey, Credit Ma~ager. Circulation Rheba Smith, Managei-. DealerslWant Ads (215)427·7435 West 220I Cherry Ave.. Long Beach, CA P.O. Box 1050, Long Beach, CA 90801 (215) 595-4755. East 4190 Fint Ave.. Tucker, GA. P.O. Box 805, Tucker, GA 50084. (404) 954·7850. ATV News ia publisbed monthly by Cycle News, Inc.. 2201 Cherry Avenue. Long Beach, CA 90801. Second c1... postage paid at Long Beach, CA. POSTMASTER: Send form 3&71 to Cycle News. P,O, Box 418. Long e-ch, CA !IlIIO'l ATV News welcomes umolicited editorial material including stories, cartoons, photoo, etc. Such material. if publiahed, becomes the exclusive propeny of ATV News. Such acttpt~ material is subject to revilion as ia necesury in the sole dis· cretion of ATV News. Unoolicited material which ia _ uaed win he retumed if accompanied by a ..If adclre.ed stamped envelOpe. An unoolicited material wiD he handled with reaoonable care. however, ATV News ......... no responsibility for the safety, 10sI or damage to such material. Reprinting in whole or pan only by perm_ion of ~ publiahen. ratcs and circulation infonnation Will be sent upon request. CopyrIght © Cycle N _ Inc. 1.1, AI r1gh18 r-...d. • ON THE COVER: Teem Honda's Mlk. Cheater brought hom. the winning ATC in record tim., conqu.rlng the BII)8 1000. AME Min) BII)8 proved to be tougher then nulny .xp.ct.d. "Wound Too TIght" Wright brought V.....he their first major win, at CRC Amateur Supercroaa flM!. Photos by Lenc:e Bryson and &II lsen- bersJ._ While attending the recent Bllja d. Seddlebeck off road 1'lIC:. in Irvine, CA. noted Vamehe 12Scc rid.r Trec:ey DIckson completed the tire 20 minute moto on a front flat tire. As the green flag dropped Dickson maneged to make a total of three turns before the front tire collapsed. Dickson, howev.r, refused to stop not only to finish the rec. but maneged to stay of at least fIVe other "I f.1t reelly good for this race and wh.n the tlr. w.nt flat I couldn't beli.v. it. I felt I came all the way to rac., so flat or no flat I would continue, at leest I didn't finish last." com· m.nted Dickson. .n- Attention all Ohio ATVers. One of Ohio's premier tracks (Grand Prix Raceway), will begin running ATV races along with their regular Hare Scrambles schedule. There are two races scheduled at this point, Sunday, Dec. 6th and Sunday, Dec. 13th. For more info call 216/683·3959 or 854· 4847. For y.ars the indoor motorcycle races at the Minneapolis Armory were for hard-core .nthusiasts only. You had to lov. the rec.s to put up with the exhaust smoke and noise, Now, moved to the St. Paul Civic Center sound and v.ntilation are call.d perf.ct for the .v.nts, they are proving to be a growing attraction for spectators, Th. six-ev.nt s.ries is sch.duled for D.c. 5 and 6, Jan, 2 and 3 and Jan. 16 and·17. The s.rious motorcycle rece fans will be back as always. Th. new competition among all-terrain cycles, ar. the Th.y ar• •xpect.d to get reections that ar. vaned but .nthusiastic. Introduced last, the three-Wheel races proved popular, comp.titive and, to long-tim. cycl. race fans, astonishing. For info call 612/4ti,0-0652 or 870-9908. 3-B Lightning has just taken on a new rider, Many Han out of Louisiana. Han will join the likes of Steve Wright and co-sponsored Mike Chester, who is sponsored by Honda. Honda mounted Curtis Sparks, helped bring hom. the number two ATC in the BIIja 1000, found out a week after the 1000 that he had cracked a rib. "I didn't think anything about it. my body hurt an over for a week. I just thought. I had pulled a muscl., but after having it checked, it was cl'llC:ked... who 3-B Lightning is coming out with a 100cc race kit for the Tri·Motos. Steve Wright has been doing the testing for quite some time now and as he puts it, "It's ready, I can't believe how fast the motor is, "It will come in two stages; Complete kit, which ha~ a 100cc YZ topend, along with a 36mm Lectron carb and a 3·B pipe. The com· plete top end will bolt right on your existing bottom end. The second kit will consist of taking your old TriMoto barrel and re·s1eeving it down to a .lOOcc. 3·B will supply the. P~~~D, . Ius mac~ r head. "It's just a bore down kit. This allows you to run - say in the 115cc class, " comments Talley. Boost bottle kits are now out for the YT175 Tri·Moto, The bottle will pick up bottom end along with mid range, they're the same bottle that the Yamaha factory YZ motorcycle use, K.ith Reev. . of Am.rlcan Honda and on. of . the main men responsible for getting the Odyssey and thr.e-wh••1 progrem off the ground. has been promoted. Reeves will now heed up Honda's new sports progrem, which will consist of motocross, .nduro and, of cours., the Odyseey and threewh.elers. Congrets Keith. In the Nov. 9th issue of Time magazine, a full page article was devoted to ~ Wheelin'. Senior Editor Michael Demarest let the entire world know that Tbree·Wheelin' has cut a large path into the off· road recreation scene. With such highpower magazine coverage such as Tim~, people may begin to realize what we already know, \hey're a blast. It should only be a matter of time before the "All Ameri· can-Family" has not only two cars, but two ATVs also. Questions have been . .ked . . to where you' cen get the larger desert gas tanks that the factory guys .re running on their ATCs. Anyone Interested In obtaining the larger tank. can contllet W. . McCoy at Am.rlcen Honda, 2131321-8880. After a major wiQ, such as the Baja 1000, questions always come up. What did you do to the motor? What gearing did you run? Wax, Sundahl and Chester can only attest to the fact that their Three-Wheeler motor was com· pletely stock. "They ran Castrol ROil l!0: 1. Gearing, 14 counter. 40 rear. The bike was also run on Union 76 Super, gas. The only other changes, were personal touches, such as a Terry Kit for the forks. the rear shock was changed. All little stuff, as far as the motor, it was left stock. A race of this type, constantly running the engine hard for 8Ol! miles, it's best to leave the motor stock {or' dependability," com· mented Team Honda's Wes McCoy. Even though the MIcIwnt ATV Chemplonship rece did not com. off, qualifying did. Oct. 28-29 some qualifying and heat I'lIC8S were run. Eddie Brown. out of Nice, CA. took his . . . . . ttonct. 2!iOR WIdIIr

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