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count Cyde Supply. It wea reported that Chepperal was a dlvlelon of Ocelot Engineering, Inc. We hIIVe IInce been blformad that Chapperal Discount Cycle Supply Is not. and never hu been, a division or su~ sldlllry of Ocelot Engineering. Inc. As we put this issue to bed, Thaw- ..... 00 ..... ~ For the first time since the award's inception in 1976. the AMA Professional Athlete of the Year tide _ given to multiple recIpIenta. Receiving the accolades Inot to mention three S1anding ovatlonsl during the Nov. 22 AMA A_ds Banquet at the Disneyland Hotel In Anaheim. CA. were U.S. and World Speedway Champion Bruce Pen. .. . and Trophee/Motoa'OIIS des Nations team members Donnie Hansen. Danny laPorte. Johnny O'Mara and Chuck Sun. U.S Rqad Racing Cha~pion Dale "~gia Pig Farmer" Singleton was the hit of the awards banquet. Incongruously clad in black tuxedo jacket, ruffled shirt, black bow tie, denim overalls and tennis shoes, Single· ton appeared on stage with new mascot Elmer IV. In addition to thank· ing legitimate sponsors, Singleton said, ''I'd like to thank Elmer for bringing me here. The AMA sent the invitation to Elmer Singleton, and they' said, 'P.S. Bring the rider.''' Elmer replied, "Oink, huunnk, squeal." Kehoe and Troy Blake. Which classes they will ride Is not known at this time. Yamaha's '82 drag racing effort wiD center on the Super Modified class, the NMRA's monicker for its 750cc Pro class: Builder Ray Wonh of Yamaha South in Belden, MS, and rider Joe Yeager already have the class ET and MPH records, and they wiD again run a 750 Seca. Clark said there was not enough money in his budget for the Tesan & Bernard Top Fuel effon. ~ Woman's Motocross Champion Sue Fish. now doing stunt work and getting Into four-wheel off-road racing. is Interested in start· ing a motocross aerobic exercise class. if thera are enough of you out there who share her interest. Aerobics contain a lot of cardiovascular and isometric exercise. If you're interested. drop Sue a line at 1834 K1tmpton. Monterey Park. CA91754. The awards banquet was the first west coast appearance of a Singi. ton mascot. and to the surprise of many. he neither wet the stage. Singleton, oi master of ceremonies Larry Maiers. who held Elmer and his bottle of milk while Singleton entertained the crowd, Danny "Magoo" Chandler, who has signed with Honda for next year, won two international motocross races held 'in Tahiti Nov. 8 and Nov. 15. In doing so he defeated Honda teammate Brian Myerscough, and GP riders Graham Noyce (Hon) and Hakan Carlqvist (Yam). During the awards presentation, AMA Executive Director Lin Kuchler an· nounced his retirement, effective Janu· ary I, 1982. Succeeding him in the post will be Ed Youngblood, currently Assistant Executive Director. Youngblood,. who only a few months ago was promoted from his position as Government Relations Director, served as General Manager of the AMA during the mid·'70s. The 1982 AMA Supercross Series will be the 1982 AMA/Wrangler Supercross Series. as the North C8roIlna-headquarterad clothing firm chips In a $75.000 point fund plus more In advertising and promotion. Wrangler advertising director Jack Watson made the announcement at the AMA Awerds Banquet. Noting Wrangler's heavy Involvement In professional rodeo. Watson seid. "These lSupercrossl events prove the American cowboy is alive and wen and riding motorcycles in stadiums .-ound the country. We want to become the clothing brand of the sport." Danny laPorte. one of the AMA Pro Ath1et8s of the Year. confirmed that he has signed with Yamaha for 1982. laPorte will contest the 250cc World MX Championshlp Sarles. Here's a hOl one: It's' rumored that American Honda and Don vesCo met last week. Reponedly, Honda wants . Vesco to run their V·4s in his LSR streamliner. Yamaha Racing Taam Manager Ken Clerk has announcad the lin.up of his Pro Support taam for the AMA National MX wars, The six rid... ara: Rick Johnson. Jeff Hicks. Eric McKeAna. . Jeff Jennings. .&lie Sounds like the White Bros. will have a pretty strong team entered in this weekend's 4-Stroke National Motocross Championships at Carlsbad. Jeff Jen· nings and Lance Moorewood are slated to ride trick Hondas while Bill Keefe will be astride a 'Suzuki DR500, and either Dewayne or Gary Jones will compete on a DR400. In a recent Isaue of Cycle lie.... wa printed a letter about Melcolm Smith.P\'odlICta~ Ch8pperel Dis- gving Weekend looms ahead, and there willlike1y be a lot of doin's in the southern California desen. Much of it will center between the communities of Barstow and Las Vegas. There is, of course, the Cycle News B·to·V III Motorcycle Road Ride and Poker Run. Off-road Vehicle use is permitted for groups numbering 49 or less, accord' ing to BLM Desen District Manager Gerald Hillier, on existing vehicle routes. There are, of course, .existing vehicle routes between Barstow and Las Vegas. No matter what you choose to do in the desen, Papa would like to take this opponunity to remind desert goers to do what they do normally: Be neat, couneous, respect private property, and be watchful for other desert users, especially if they need your assistance. Enjoyl EJL Programming Services has Just completad four SuzukHponsorad helf hour TV apecIlIls and dwy wII begin netloMl ayndIanIon In ....nuery. The apecIlIls cover the 1981 Dav:;~e 100 Il'h t. dreg racing duo Terry Vanee lind Byron Hines De,... ... IDra, . . . . . .0. TIN . . . . .t. the '81 S. .ttte Supercroa IS. .tlle S..... a ....1and the 'B1 ~ CIty Superc:roa IDIIeIIIt tile DIrtt. K_p en ev- on your IoclIlllatlngs. Entrants in the Cycle News B-to·V III Motorcycle Road Ride and Poker Run should be aware that the drawing for top poker hand will conclude at 3 p.m. sharp, and you should be checked in by then. After the prizes for the top poker hands have been' awarded, there will be drawings for a few cash and a lot of product prizes, and those ar· riving after 3 p.m. are more than wel· come to join in the drawing. More prizes have been added to the list, including a case of Bel-Ray 6·in· I multi-purpose oil. Also, one quick note: the finish area is the Union 76 truck stop at the Blue Diamond Rd. off-ramp, and we are guests of the facility. So be cour· teous, clean and remember that we're sharing the area with professional truck drivers who are on the job. Yamaha's Broc Glover took the overall win In a Nov. 21 Auatrellen stIIdIum MX In Milbourne. HoneIIl's Jim Gibeon wea a cIoee HCOnd. foIIowecI by Au8tr8len KMnuki rider Trevor WIIIImns. The Southern Ca1ifornia MotoeroIIS Association has been formed and the group hopes to be sponsoring races in Temecula (in southwest Riverside county 40 miles south of Riverside and 30 miles north of Eacondido) by early 1982. Steve Cilurzo, Dan Paulson and Claudine Dunn are the guiding forces behind SCMA, and if you'd like to get in touch with them, drop a note to SCMA, P.O. Box 1482, Temecula, CA 92390. A list of 1982 Nationel Motocross numbers crossed Pape's deak on pressday afternoon, too late for total inclusion In this week's peper. .but we can offer the top 10. Mark Barnett will carry 12 on' hi. machi!'8S when not racing In the 125cc Nationals or Supercross events. He's foIIowad by Kent Howerton (3). Bob Hannah (4). Mike Bell 151. Broc Glover (8). Donnie Hansen (7). Jim Gibson 181. Johnny O·M.. 191 and Chuck Sun 1101. Howerton and Glover would carry the number'one plates In 250 and 500cc competiticw\. raspec:tiveIy. The numbers are awerdad on the total of National MX and Superc:roa points. Kent Howenon, who's entitled to wear the number one plate in 250cc National MX competition, won't. Following his wrist injury, the "Rhinestone Cowboy" bas opted to compete in the later-staning 500cc National MX wars to give his wrist more time to heal. The cast was still on his wrist at the AMA Awards Banquet, but Kent said it would be X-rayed soon, and if the X·rays looked good, the casi would come off. KlIWlIB8k1 threw a victory party for Eddie Lawson lit tha loB Angeles PIIIyboy Club on Nov. 19. A good time W8B had by an. and Kaw. ukI's NIIdonIII AcIvertIBIng DIractor Peter Locaslo presented Lawson with a little present etrllne tickats to Bermude. accomodations at the PIIIyboy resortIcaslno there. and something to feed the gaming t8bIes with. Mark Barnett couldn't make it to the AMA Awards Banquet - he is in Japan doing some testing - 10 accept· ing a bundle of awards in his place was his father Bem9n. "Mike Baldwin wiD be on the teem next yaar. but we hIIVe not signed any other riders . . of this time." respondad Udo Gletl. Honda's new road racing teem manager. to our question atJout the mak.up of HondlI's '82 1Brm8C effort. GietI aiBo said that motoerosser Steve Wise. • who _ given a tryout on Freddie Spencer's superbike lest week. will be on a support program with Honda for next year. racing in club road race events to quaflfy for a Superblke road racing licanse. . Like to help a needy kid at Christmas? Want to save some money? Care to do both at the same time? Inter·Shows, the folks who present motorcycle swap meets in southern California, will be working in cOdperation with Cycle News and the U.S. Marines to present ''Toys for Kids" night at their Dec. 4 swap meet at the Orange County.Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, CA. Anyone bringing a new, wrapped gift will receive $2 off the regular admission price. -There will be drawings every hour from 6 to I I p.m. for a gift certificate for a free turkey from Alpha Beta. For more info on the show, talIt to the folks from Inter-Shows at 714/ 831-5116. Also, exhibit space for thi show is still available. U.s. and World Spaedwey Champion Bruce Penhal wII return to E1lg1e1lC1 for a few days to perticipete in the "Lade Indoor ....._dol_I" speadway meet. then it's off to HlIWIIlI for a wei....... vecatior .. Yamaha~ Bob Hannah and the Team Honda motocroea contingent are expected to rilie the Continental Motosports Club 1982 Golden State Series, which kicks off over' the Jan. 3·4 weekend at Saddleback Part.. MXer Jeff Jennings Is slated to hear wadding bells ring next summer. with an '82 wedding date to marry girlfriend Michele Jennings. Los Angeles Trade-Technical College, whOle motorcycle repair course has graduated the likes of Honda MX Team Manager Dave Arnold, is off its e~llment drive fOl' the 19n

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