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the 1982 Continental Moto·sportl Club Golden State Series. The awards are in th~ form of cash for the ProI and merchandise Cfitificatel for sportsman, with two·thirds of the total going to th~ latter group. Dennis McK8y. the manager of the Honda Motorcycle Sports Depert. ment and u such In charge of Honda'. I'IICing efforts. hea been promoted. McK8y wit now serve u to Mr. Fuketau. the vice president who Is the director of nedoneI ...... During his three veers u the heed of Honda redng. McK8y wu Involved with getting Honda Into Formule One end Superblke ro8d redng. u wei u CIua C compedtlon. Mr. Toahlro Kuzuke. the overall coordinator of the Motorcycle Sports Depertment. will uaume direct supervision of the ..... bii8nt untI a repIecernent for McKey hes been named. "'bIftt Kidd signs with Honda, ANAHEIM. CA. NOV. 16 In a totally unexpected move. AMA Grend NlItional Chemplon Mike Kkld he. apparently .Igned with AmerIc8n Honda. Kldd decUned to comment beyond aylng. "I'd I'IIther the offtc:Ial word came from Honda." Mr. Kuzuke. who recantIy repIecacI Dennis McKay u heed of AmerIcan Honda's I'IICing effort. wu In meetings end unavelleble for comment prior to our going to preas. Mert LawwlIL who along with Kenny Roberta formed Robertalawwlll RacIng end supplied the mechlnery with which Kidd won the title. ald. "To the beat of my knowledge It'. true. I've ~ heerd that Jimmy FIIca hea gone to HondL" Yemehe·. rec:ing chief Ken Clerk aekL "Mike hea .Igned with Honda. but Rlice hea not." LawwIII. who aterted development work on Yamahe·. VIrIIgo V-twin this put MUOn. ~ aekL "I don't know whet Yernehe'. plena ere for next uuon. I've been In contee:t with tt-n. but I heven't gotten any direct an.wers on whet they plen to do. I feel It'. a ute gueaa they wID Ulke the program In-houa. As fer u Roberta-LawwIII Radng Is concamecI. you could aey the bualneaa Is no longer In eJdatenca. Right now. I'm In the bicycle bualneaa unless thing. change:' Clerk aid. "I expect the Vlrego project to continue. although-I don't know whet direction 1t'1I take... Kenny' Roberta. who along with Gary Howerd operate. International Racers Inc. - a management group with a ro.ter of motor' cycle rece,. which Include. Kldd. Rllce and Eddie law.on - wa. not surprlaed that we knew of Kldd'. move to Honda. Regarding the future of Yamehe·. dirt track progrem. Roberta ald...Th. .•• no Roberta·la_1II team u .uch now. Yamahe choH to do It (develop the Vlrego bued dirt tracker) on their own with whet I expect will be a one rider concept. FIica hes been offered other rkIu then one with Yamahe, but Jimmy I.n·t sure of wh8:t he will do right now:' Hid Roberta. . Reportedly. In eddltlon to Kldd. Honda hea .Igned rookie Expert Billy Herndon. who like Kidd is a Texan. Kldd and Herndon will moat likely be conteatIng Winston Pro Serlea helf mile and mile events eboerd Honda'. NS7&O V·twlns. The bik... with engines beaed on Honda'. CX&OO power plent. were campaigned by freddie Spencer. Jeff Haney and Ted Boody during the '81 aeuon with limited aucce... Dick O·BrIen. Harley·DevIc:Iaon·s heed of I'IICing. when uked his opinion of KIdd·. move. Hid. "I don't .....Iy heve much reectIon one wey or another. Honda bought the rider who they wented and who they thought could do the job for them. I think they're very aerIou. In their Intent to win the Winston Pro SerIes title end that aeriouaneaa should be good for the aport." What will Many Smith do after retiring from motocross? ''I'v~ got a coupl~ things going right now. If they pay m~ a lot of mon~, I might still rid~, not with Suzuki, though." Anothfi possibility h~ m~ntion~d is starting a surf shop with Gr~ Arn~tt~ in Mission Vi~jo, CA. 2 freddie Spencer's superblke. Tue. dey (Nov. 171 I'll be et Willow Spring.... Don't be too .urpri.ed If Steve WI.e .hows up on one of Honda'. .uparblku Inateed of their work. motocroaae,. next yeer. "I can't Hy anything right now:' Hid WIse after the Sen Diego Supercro... "I'm gonna find out this week. The Superbikers - I've won that two veers In a row - and the JapaneH guys uked me to come out and try Yamaha off·road team mechanic Ron Heben may .ee duty next yeer turning wrenchu for Mike Bell while Bell'. mechanic to date. Dave Osterman, will tune for another. u yet unnamed, rider. Yamaha's off.road racing program has b«n dropped for '82. As K~n Clark put it, "It just wasn't dollaring out for us." Maico, according to Maico West ~fial Manag~r Rich Schu~n~ann, is posting $30,450 in contin~ncies for Au~ntionl This issu~, and this issu~ alon~, is your chanc~ to ~Iect your favorit~ rid~r as th~ 1981 Cycle Newsl West Rid~r of the Y~ar. Th~ ballot, and all th~ rules, ap~ar on p. 19. Don't delay, vote todayl Goodyeer·. G.-y Bryson wu riding In off-roed racer Welker Evens' CIua 8 pickup truck when Evens went off a Baja cIff et 96 mph while testing the truck two . deys before the SCORElP.-nod Baja 1000. The truck flipped end over end averet times. Bryson wu IIIrIIfted to a Sen Diego h0spitaL X-rayed and releueel. but !liter examlnlltion by a apeciellat reveeled a fractured dlac In his beck. As a result. Gary Is now In a braca, but beck at work. You can send those get well carda to him at 2177 Indien Creek Rd.. Diamond Bar, CA 91786. Evans wu unhurt. by the wey. and managed to put the truck beck together for the race. Alan King, a top Maico-mount~ privat~ in th~ 1981 500cc National MX ~n~ befo~ a mid-y~ar injury slow~ his char~, is ~pon~ to hav~ sign~ with Suzuki for 1982. K8wuekl Motors Corp. and KawaHkl Midwest. the Keweukl dlatrlbutor that hendle. the atatn of Michigan. Indiene. Ohio. Tenn..... and Kentucky. heve signed a letter of Intent for the purcheae of Kewuekl Midweat by KewuekJ Motors Corp. A Kewuekl spoke. man Hid KMC, (which alreedy owns 40% of KMW) end KMW wII work out the details of the 89.... ment through the end of the year. Thet Ieevea Rocky Mountain Kewuekl. which covers MontIInlI. Wyoming. Colorado. North Dekote. South Dakote. Nebruke and parts of Kenan. u the only other prIveteIy owned KewlillakJ distributor. KMC Is a prIveteIy. owned. Delewere-cm.terecl cor· pore1iot.. but Kewuekl Heevy Induatriea of Japen owns the majority of the stock. Yamaha has announced a contingency program for th~ Nov. 26-29 Florida Wintfi National Minicycl~ and Schoolboy Olympia. th~ 198% Contin~ntal Moto-sportl Club Golden Stat~ ~ries, and th~ 1982 Florida Wint~r-AMA S~ries. In th~ mml Olympia, Yamaha-mount~ o~rall class winn~rs will rec~iv~ $500. ~xc~pt for th~ P~ w~ class, which will hav~ a $200 award. Th~ contin~ncies for both the Golden Stat~ and Wint~r· AMA ~ries cov~r th~ 125, 250 and 500cc Pro classes, with $200 ~r ~~nt win and $1000 for c1aII championship. Additionally, the l00cc claa win~r in the Winter-AMA series, if Yamaha- mounted.. will receive a Yamaha 100 IUppon ride, which will colllist of two YZl00Js and a $1000 parts aUowanc~. Peter LeevItt hea left his poaItIon u Y8mllhe·. Director of Dealer SeIee and PromotIone to Ulke a job with his family's buaIn.... reportMIy abr they "made hkn en offer he couldn't refuse:' At ~ time. Y8mllhe wee atIH Interviewing eppIIcanta for the VIICIInt position. Mike Bell was in Auatralia the weekend before th~ San Diego SUpeiCiCM Finals, and on Nov. 7 he won the Stefan Superbowl of Motacroll for the third year in a row, this tim~ riding a new, box Hock watficoo1~ YZ%50j. Honda's Danny LaPone fmished second in the Brisbane t:VeI1t, with AUliralian St~hm Gall (Yam) third. Compl~t~ cOYfia~ next week. Storz Performance hes moved to 1362 Tower Square 12. Venture. CA 13003. and the new telephone number .. 8OIiIIIi4881I. The Wilseyville Hare Sa-ambks Clusic, the grand daddy of croll country races, went off as ICh~ul~ Nov. 15 in th~ stormy Si~rras in NorCal. Expen winDer of th~ day was Eric McKenna (Mai) OYfi Rod Smith (Mai) and Charlie Halcomb. Six Days rider Dean Joyner led by two minutel until the last lap when he was forced to DNF aftfi two nat tires peel~ off the rim on his new KTM. Motoenllller Donnie Cantaloupi led pan of the fint lap on another new KTM but DNF. Complet~ coVfia~ nellt week. Clerk Rupp wi. be putting on ~ hour merethon recea et Carnegie Cycle Perk In LIvermore. CA on Nov. 21. Including a speclel den combining Olel TImers and Veta. For more Info. call Clerk et 41&1481- 3094. Darrell Shulu was present at th~ San Di~o Su~rcrou but didn't rid~. Shulu, who has sign~ with Honda to rid~ th~ 2505 n~xt year, said that Suzuki, knowledgabl~ to his "d~fection," would only provi~ him wjth a production bilt~ for the ra~. Mike Bell wu forced to spend a couple of days on c:rutehea after the Sen Diego rece due to someone running Into him when he fell In the flnel. pulling IIgementa In his foot u wei u breekJng a piece of bone IooH. He expected to be recovered In time to run his C.... Two car In en offroad rece In Las Vega tIda week· end. though. Big things a~ on tap at Saddl~baclt Park on the Nov. 21-22 weekend. with the running of th~ AM A California Stat~ MX Championship. North and south will meet on Saturday and Sunday to settle the disput~ as to who's best. For more info, call 714/495-4771. George Newton. owner of the Outpoet Cafe on Hwy. _ north of Sen Bernardino (and just off Hwy. 1&). hea donated two .2& gift cartIfI. cetu to the Cycle Ne. . B-to-V III Motorcycle Road Ride and Poker Run. Newton hea long supported . motoreycIIng In the d-.rt. so Pepe'd conaider It a personal fevor If ya atop by when YOu're In the . . . and chow down at the Outpost. •

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