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fComin'i·······Eventil ..... m ..... ... Q) ..0 ~ ~ E ~ ~ ~ ~********************* ********************************* o z en z SPfHJWAY 117 ATV RACES Speedwey 117, Chula Voata, CA. 1-806 or 1-5 S to junction 117, go 5% mi. E, end of Brown Field Airpor1. 3-wheeler a-: PP & Stk., 125/0pen; 115/140/0pen Mod. Carts: 100cc. 3wheeIera race on MX track, cartll race on 14 -mi. oval. 100% cash p.b. to carts. Sign up 4:30-7 p.m., prac. 67, race 7:30. Entry $12, watch $4.50, 9-14 $2.50. Info 714/1I9O-8414,489-«l92. Stk./Spr. Stk./Mod. Odyssey Every Wednesday ~ ~ Stewart makes It four straight at Speedway 117 Gardner finished fifth with Donald Morris sixth and King seventh. By Myron Hemley ATC 250 STK: 1. Eddie Morris (Han): 2. Lewis HOWlWd (Han). ODYSSEY: ,. Eddie Morris (Han); 2. Chuck Morris CHULA VISTA, CA, OCT. 14 Results ATC 115 MOD: 1. Sam Cae (Han). ATC 125 STK: 1. Travis Pugh (Han). ATC OPEN: 1. Dues Stewart (Han); 2. Vic Davis (Han). (Han); - 3. Michael Pippin (Han). Duce Stewart got his fourth straight Open Modified win at Speedway 117's weekly Wednesday night Continental MotoSports Club MX. 24 Stewart and Morris All the Three-Wheel classes were run combined with Stewart getting the holeshot over Lewis Howard, Sam Cae, Vie Davis, Eddie Morris and Tavis Pugh. Howard dropped back to fourth after being passed by Cae and Davis on the second lap. Howard regained third passing Davis in KPRI's Thunder Alley, but Davis wasn't satisfied with fourth as he quickly repassed Howard at the start of the fifth lap and Cae on the back side. Stewart,took the win by four seconds over Coe, the lone 115cc Modified, who passed Davis, the second Open Modified at the start of the last lap. Morris finished fourth passing Howard in the Coca-Cola Big Berm of lap six to take the win for the 250cc Open Stock_ Travis Pugh showed his style finishing sixth in the mota, but first in the 125cc Stocks. Stewart was back out in front at the start of the second mota ahead of Davis, Cae, Morris, Howard and Pugh. Stewart OIlce more rode wire to wire to take the overall for the Open Modifieds. Cae moved into second when he passed Davis on the fourth lap to take the win in the 115cc Modified and Davis second for the 250cc Open Modifieds. Morris finished fourth and Howard fifth to go 1-2 in the 250cc Open Stocks, with Pugh taking the 125s. Running for the first time this season were the ATV's four-wheeled bouncing buddy, the Odysseys. Leading the pack in the first mota was Charles Morris followed by Steve Nolin, Eddie Morris, Donald Morris, Mich,ael Pippin and Don Gardner. Pippin moved into fourth when Donald Morris went up on two and had to let off the gas. Nolin dropped back to last when he slid out in the hairpin of lap four. Eddie Morris started challenging Charles Morris for the lead on the fifth lap. Eddie Morris would pull halfway up to Charles Morris and then be shut off before he could take the lead. Charles Morris held his lead for the win over Eddie Morris second, Pippin third, Donald Morris fourth. Gardner fifth and. Malan sixth. Eddie Morris got the !,oleshot over Charles Morris, Donald Morris and Michael Pippin. Charles Morris passed Eddie Morris on the backside of lap two for the lead, when Eddie Morris regained the lead on the fifth lap when he dove to the inside as they went side by side in turn one. Eddie Morris held his lead to take the win over his father Charles Morris. Nolin finished third after passing Pippin on lap three, CHULA VISTA, CA, SEPT. 23 double at Speedway 117 By Myron Hemley Duce Stewart and Eddie Morris went two for two, with Stewart taking the Open Modified and Morris the 250cc Stock at Speedway 111'5 weekly Wednesday night Continental Mota-Sports Club MX. . Yamaha mounted Steve Wright got the holeshot in the first mota of the Open Modified. Duce Stewart was second out of the gate with Donald Graham third and Vie Davis fourth. Stewart watched Wright'S line for the first two laps, then put the pressure on to pass in laps three and four. Stewart took over the lead passing Wright on the inside of the Coca-Cola Big Berm of lap five. Davis took over third after passing Graham in lap three. Stewart held onto the lead for the win with Wright second, Davis third and Graham fourth. At the start of the second mota the crowd was expecting another big battle between Stewart and Wright. The gate fell and when they hit the fIrst tum it was only Stewart and Davis. Wright came out at 'the start of the second lap after tangling with Graham at the gate. Stewart opened a commanding lead over Davis for his second win of the night. Wright finished third and Graham fourth. In the 250cc Open Stock it was Eddie Morris getting the holeshot ahead of Keith Callen second, Lewis Howard third and Sam Cae fourth, the only 115cc Modified. Cae powered his way in,to second _passing Howard at the start of lap two and Callen in the Coca-Cola Big Berm of lap three. Cae took over the lead on the next lap passing Morris down the long straight. Cae rode on for the win with Morris second, but first in the Open Stock over Callen and Howard. Morris was back out in front after the start in the second mota. Howard pulled into second with Callen third and Cae once more in fourth. Cae was back on the war path passing Callen and Howard on the first lap. Morris wasn't going to give in so easily in this mota. Morris stopped every pass Cae tried to make till the last lap, when Cae pulled ahead in the last berm and held the lead to win by half a tire. Callen fmished third after passing Howard in lap three. ,lTV TAG TEAM SCRAMBLES Pecos River Bridge, Roswell, NM. E ot town. Cancer victim benefit. ATVs run % hr. Gates open 8 a.m.• no prac., race 10:30. Entry $5. Motorcycle Recreation, Inc. Info 505/624-0151 (Jimmy Allison). SMC/AMA MOTOCROSS Seattle, WA. Jolly Roger Racetrack, I 5 to exit 152 Down Orillia Rd. to 42nd: tum rt. uphill on 216th, left at 41 st to track. All cl8llS8ll plus special GP claaa. 33% trophies, 100% Pro p/b. Ga1as open 7:30, prac. 9 a.m., race 10 a.m. Spec. $4 donation, Am. $5. Pro $13. For more info call 2061839- Every 2nd & 4th Saturday night FlAT TRACK 11000 FT. OVAU PIcayune, MS. Southways Race Park, 3 Wheal Odyssey & Go-Kart. 0-80cc, 80-130, 130-220, ~pen, Beginner class, P.P., Ge>-Karts-Stoek, modified; Odyssey. Gate fee $4-undar 6 frea. 5 trophies par class. For mora info call 6011798-8298. FALL JET SKI JAMBOREE San Dimas, CA, Puddingstone Lake. Jamboree includes food, door prizes, plus the lake is completely reserved for jet skis. For more info call2131~212. November 8 CRCATVGRANPRIX Seddleback Park, Orange, CA. 3-wheeIer & Ody cIessea inc. 3-wheel kids claaa 112 & under on 70s, 4 to make a claIa). CaIiIanie Racing Club. Info 2131830-7519, 714/6896114. ODYSSEY & 3-WHEEL EXTRAVAGANZA Camegie Motorcycle Park: Livermore, CA. E on 580 to Greenville Rd. exit, left on Teala, abt. 12 mi. to track. ses inc. new 4-stroke class for Jr. & Sr., 30% trophies. Gates open noon, prac. 1 p. m., race2:30. Kart entry $16, watch $3, under 10 free. Info 415/651-2545. November 22 cr::NVffA ATV SCRAMBLES Coweta Raceway, 'Coweta, GA. 45 mi. S of Atlanta off 1-85. 2 %-mi. course, classes by engine size, trophies to Jrd. Gates open 9 a.m. Entry $4, non-memb. $6. Info 4041448-5870. CRC ATV TRACK RACES Seddleback Park, Orange, CA. 3-wheaIer & Ody classes inc. 3-wheeI kids class (12 & under on 70s, 4 to make a claIa). CaIiIanie Racing Club. Info 2131830-7519, 714/689- 8114. 3959. November 14-15 ASRA MANUFACTURERS INVITATIONAL SAND DRAGS Riverside Raceway, Riverside, CA. Hwy. 60 E of town, Day St. exit. No~ts. event featuring all fuel cia8&es. American Sand Racing Assn. Info 714/947-61 03. November 7 November 15 A.M.E. INDIAN DUNES MINI·BAJA ATC & ODY. Valencia, CA. 2 % hour race, Pros are determined by entry fea. May have two riders per vehicle, send names of both riders. Cash plb to Pros, Contingencies to Sportsmen. Entry $25 mail, $35 post. Pros $50 mail, $60 post. Mail entries to AME, P.O. Box 1421, Reseda, CA 93535. For more info call 2131342-1752. BAYLANOS OVAL TRACK RACE Baylands Raceway Park, Fremont, CA. Hwy. 17 @ Durham Rd. l/lkni. track, go-kar1s & all speedwayetas- November 29 CRC ATV T1lACK RACES Indien Our-. VaIancia, CA 3-wheaIer & Ody classes inc. 3-wheaI kids class 112 & under on 70s, 4 10 make a claIa). California Racing Club. Info 2131830-7519, 71416ll!Hl114. BAYLANDSOVALTRACK RACE Baylands RIICew&y Park, Fremont. CA. Hwy. 17 @ lluhem ReI. 1/6ni. cirt 1IaCk. Go-kartll & all speedway classes inc. new 4-stroke class for Jr. & Sr., 30% tre>phies. Gates open noon, prac. 1 p.m., race 2:30. Kart entry $16, watch $3, undar 10 frea. Info 415/651-2545. December 5 ADRA ATV 4O-MILE DESERT RUN Mexico. Sonoita to Rocky Point. All Three-Wheel classes, spark arresiors rsq. Entry $18. Arizona Desert Racing Assn. Info 6021252-1900. ~------------------~--------I COMING EVENTS I FREE Listing Coming Events are a frel! service. Pleasa type 0.' legibly print all information asked for and mall the blank or a fasclmlle thereof to: ATV News, PO Box 1030, Long Beach, CA 90801. No phone calls, please; we can only accept items in writing. You may include an event flyer in addition to the Coming Events blank. Event date: I Type: Location/directions: Sponsoring club/promoter/sanction: I ClaasesltrophiesJpurse: Additional info: Gate/practice/race times: Results 115 MOD: 1. sain Cae CHonl. OPEN MOD: 1. Duce Stewart (Han); 2. Vic Dsvis (Han); 3. Sl1Ne Wright !Yam). 250 OPEN STOCK: 1. Eddie Morris CHon); 2. Keith Callen (Han); 3. Lewis Howerd (Han). classes; 1251200/305cc 3wheel classes. Entry $10, watch $3, under 12 $1.50. Sign up 7 a.m., prac. 7:30, race 9. Info 4151489-3094. Entry fees: ~ Your name: Phone number for info (with area code): I I I I I I I I I J

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