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... ATV. race for HI/RI'I DNDDWII mone, at Corona nl,htrace By Michael Tarter CORONA, CA, SEPT. 17 TDD/CD! The promoters have decided to pay money back to the Class 8 Three-Wheelers and Class 3 Odysseys. The two classes had spectators at the edge of their seats, as they would aggressively position themselves going into turn one. Dean Sundahl, riding for American Honda, cleaned house as be took the overall wins in both oval and off-road ew.Dts. During the oval Class 8, Sundahl and Mupn USA-sponsmed Derek Davidson bad tbe dice of the evening. It appeared that Davidson was going to take the overall, until tum four with one lap to go, where Sundahl made his move to take the win. Rob Selvy held off a hard charging American Honda· sponaored Mark Weixeldorfer, who had a bad start, for third overall. It was Bob Morris who edged out Jack Kelly with a 2-1 over Kelly's 1-2 score in the Odyssey Class 5 oval to , take tbe overall. Both beats of the ATV off road Class 8 race contained enough thrills and excitement to bring anyone out to Corona. Sundahl again took the holes hot with Weixeldorfer and Jeff Springman in a drafting position. The three riders were pulling away as if they were in a separate class from the rest of the pack. Halfway through the two heats, Sundahl would show everyone just how much power his highly modified ATC250R had. as he pulled a five second lead over Wax and wheelied 40 yards down the back straightaway. The two riders showed their perfection as they rode a flawless race followed by Springman and Mike Chester. The Class 5 Odyssey off-road race was also a tight race. Rory Holiday was running out front when he was black flagged due to losing the gas cap and having gas flying around. At that time,' the duo of Bob Morris and Roberto Cortez took over. Holiday was back in the race and driving anxiously to catch the other drivers, bilt he again had trouble with the cap. Morris drove to a perfect 1-1 score, besting Cortez's 2·2. Both drivers had a good night. Curt Sparks, who was victorious in the Class 4 oval. has been signed by American Honda to ride on their higbly successful team. Congratualtions CurtI Corona Raceway bas been doing an excellent job preparing the track and organizing the events on Thursday nights. If you've wanted to see fast, competitive ATVs, this is it! ATI' Results OVAl3-WHEEl ClASS 1. Ron Ilyoro; 2. ~ _ _ ClASS 4: 1. Curt St-t

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