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... Due to the reactions of most of the rae en at the ATV Midwest Championship in Knoxville, IA everyone knew most of the factory boys. Steve Wright, riding for !I-B Lighting seems to have his own fans, one being in Des Moins, lAo The young lady took a spray can and wrote a hello message to Steve on a billboard sign entering Des Moines. It's nice to know you're loved, hey Steve. Due to rein in IA. right before pretIlI time I CIIIIed Knoxvlle. The word _ they would be running tollight. It hed .topped raining. If everything goes right ATV Ne. . will have coverage next month. Robisons' Cycle Enterprise has come out with replacement fork tubes for the Honda 185, 185s, 200. For 80 models and later, 10 minute instaUation, comes with new exhaust Q·ring, guaranteed to reduce engine heat and increase top end prformance. $19.95 in black and $22.95 in chrome. For more info caII21!1/448-8512. WIth the Coc:a-Cola SupercrOlll flnel. coming Nov. 14th in san Diego. C8UfomIa Recing Club will be having their Ameteur program on Sun.. Nov. 15. To be run with the blk.. ere three three-wheel cIae.... G-2OOcc. 2D1·2&Occ and _Open. Honda will be posting a contingency program. and over t900 wII be paid out. For more info c:aII 213.'11»7519. Entries era limited. For more Info ... page 15. On KCBQ. 1170 AM in San Diego, Larry Huffman will be giving Baja 1000 race reports. Huffman who will be stationed at race headquarters in Ensenada, will also be spotlighting the ATCs which will be running the entire course. The San Diego County Honda dealers are sponsoring this highlight. The.e little trick babl.. (fairings' look like they're ready for high .peed racing. Hondallne In fact I. now coming out with the.e good looking fairing. for the cold winter WFO has come out with a new High Volume Air Box for the 250R. It comes complete with a two-stage Air Filter, plus adds extra horsepower and better throttle response. With the new air filter it will help keep the filter cleaner and dryer than exposed. The unit is designed for use with Miltuni cubs. Retail $69.95 w/filter. For more info call 714/964-1192 or write WFO, P.O. Box 6))5, Huntington Beach, CA 92646. Mother Nature tops Midwest A TV Championships•.. so far able to run, it never came off. Sunday morning the rain still had not let up; talk around the track gave evidence as to the racer's impatience. Some said run 'em, some hold out, some didn't know what to do. Morris pulled the now dwindling riders together for a somewhat "still up in artns" meeting, Morris had one thing in his favor, rain dates - they were to be Monday and Tuesday if needed. They would be needed. A couple of gentlemen mounted this six wheelers in hopes of showing everyone that the mud was not that slippery, that in fact, it could be worked in. Wrong. The mud was worse. It resembled something as slippery as ball bearings on formica. Most everyone seemed to be in agreement about staying as long as they could. American Honda's Wess McCoy let it be known, "myself and our riders will stay as late as Monday night at which time we must leave. Mark Weixeldorfer, Dean Sundahl and Curtis Sparks are racing in the Baja 1000 and need to get down there." Billy Talley of !I-B Lightning (Yamaha's reps) put it "If we need to stay till Tuesday then we will, it really is too bad, we came all this way to race and if Bob Morris thinks it can be pulled off, then, hey, we'll back him." Due to deadlines, I'm on a plane back home wondering will Mother Nature prove to hold her pole position, or take the black flag and move over for the queen. By Lance Bryson KNOXVILLE, lA, OCT. 29-NOV. 1 Days one and two proved to be highly competitive for the 375 ATV racers qualifying for the Midwest ATV Championship in Knoxville, IA. Saturday morning was to be devoted to finishing the qualifying with Sunday being devoted to semis, mains and fetures, but that morning couldn't have disappointed anybody more than the racers in Knoxville. Mother Nature pulled a fast one: nUn. Not just a little, but a lot. Some people tnight say, "What's the big deal, doesn't ATV stand for All Terrain Vehicle, doesn't that mean even mud?" Knoxville is the home of the bigengined sprint car nationals and the track is primarily I;lay. This weekend, however, not even the six wheelers could handle it. Bob Morris, the promoter of this event and president of the Midwest ATV Racing Association, was about to pull his hair out. "Thursday and Friday were great for qualifying, but today we can't even get out there. At least not till the rain stops." Saturday most of the racers stayed at the track in hopes of beinl/; months whether it be in the East or W..t. The fairing will bolt on your ATe 250R or your 18&5. For more Info contact Hondallne at 21313218680. The 1982 Kawasaki KLT 250 joins the successful KL T 200 to enhance Kawasaki's three-wheeler line for 1982. Tough, dependable three .wheeling power is offered for work or play with this new model. Electric starting and Transistor Control Breakerless Ignition head the list of special features. Also, a smooth shifting five-speed transmission with a rugged manual clutch, large capacity rear trunk and powerful 12volt lighting system with accessory terminals are all included as standard equipment. Other features on the new KLT 250 include: theft-resistant keyswitched igntion, exclusive battery·type electrical system, unique leading-line front suspension with stahilizer and powerful drum brakes front and rear. An' ~el~o4"c~S ~. f#. fIf"'.... Honda'Odyssey Sway Bar The Tri-Tech Odyssey Sway Bar is designed after the High Performance Automobile Sway Bar. When cornering your Odyssey the weight transfers to the outside wheels. The Tri-Tech Sway Bar helps transfer the weight to the inside wheel, which helps for faster turning and more stability and lessens the chances of rolling. The Tri-Tech Sway Bar comes with easy instructions and all mounting hardware. Installation time is approximately one hour. Fits all years FL 250 Honda Odyssey. For more info write or call Tri-Tech Products, 1!155 Lawrence Drive, Newbury Park, CA 91520 805/499· 1541,498-2485. .Iff

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