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.- ... .c All that's vital en (and fit to print) CD ~ o ~ ~ News _.n More fun for the money Sharon C1aytOll. Publisher Victoria Smith. Ad>ertising/EditoriaJ Assistant. Editorial uace B.,...... Editor. Advertising Skip Johnson. National Sal.. Manager. Terry Prall, Sales Manager. Duane Johnson, West Sal.. Manall"'r. Betty Dever, Mike Church. East Sal.. Managen. Graphics and Production Kristin Cooper, Graphic Anist. Donna Shipman, AJlistaDt. Marion Hatuhita. Typography. Dennis Greene. Laboratory. Accounting Mike Klinger, Manager. Terry Dailey, Credit Manager. Circulation Jlheba Smith. Manager. OealensIWant Ads (215)4Z7-7455 West ZZOI Cherry Ave., Long Beach, CA P.O. Bo. 1050, Long Beach, CA 90801 (215) 595-4755. East 4190 Fint Ave.. Tucker, GA. P.O. Bo. 805. Tucker, GA 50084. (404) 954-7850. ATV News is published monthly by Cycle News. Inc., ZZOI Cherry Avenue, Long Beach. CA 90801. Second cia... poItall'" paid at LonK Beach. CA. POSTMASTER: Send form 3li79 to Cycle News. P.O. Box 491. Long Beech.CA'" ATV News .mcom.. umolicited editorial material including stories. canoons. photos, etc. Such matenal. if published. becom.. the exclusive properry of ATV News. Such accepted m.aterial is subject to f'C'Vision as is neceaary in the IO~ dis~ion of ATV News. Umo!icited matenaI which is not uoed will he returned if accompanied hy a oeIf adm-e.ed stamped envelope. All unsolicited material will ~ handled with reasonable care. however. ATV News assumes DO responsibility for the u.fety, 1011 or damage to such matt~ri· a1. Reprinting in whole or pan only by penniaion of the publishen. Advertising rates and circu~tion information will be sent upon ~unt. Copyright © Cycle N_. Inc. '98'. All r1ghta r..-d. ON THE COVER: Bob Gillian pushed . . ATC 2IOR to wk. 1M exhibition victory In front of 1M 2OlIO ea.rnIng Superbiker fena. Photo by M8rk K8r1ya. 2 'TtIr-.Whee..... to pu.........7 PublIshed In the PIIa• • Qantte 8rtIc:Ie IUldng thet Bor· der Patrol officerl In the IOUthlltt ~ of CA . . now uling 'TtIr-. Whee..... to punu.lIegIII In 1M dtttrt. • KIng. who till II a 34.000 IqU8I'II mle I8CtOr where the send dunea Ib.teIl se fa .. 20 ml'" eut to welt and are 40 ml'" north of Mexico. Is a patrolmen. WllIl8I'heIMln .. only a . . . . . mle from MexIco. end 1het'1 wi.-. rnoet of the IIegeII ..,.., 1M U.S. A perty of 2& w.. ceptured by the ThreeWheeIer-mounted petroImen two rnonthI ego. The ertIcIe allo Ibrt8d that the ATCs heY. foot wide t1r.. end can go up to 36 mph. (Ed. IIOfe: He .....t han ..." .... tItroftle cncIced Jim Bowen. on. of the ag.nts. _ quoted .. ..ying. "I wouldn't went to go that fat on one." (Ed. Ht.: C.a ,OU ........ ".""., that "."."..." . . . lecforr " . " . tile tItroftle wide opea? I'd Ion to u.s. """"".1 Hd"', ... .... expruaIOII·1 Ever wanted to squirt dirt on a golf course? Sure. you say. Well, if you live near the Augusta, Georgia area. cross over the state line to North Augusta. South Carolina and let it all hang out at the Au~sta Motorsports Club. For two-bucks you can ride your ATC or Odyssey until you or it gives out. The lOO-acre facility is ope.n on weekends and offers rolling terrain and a track that pits you and your scoot against a three· tier jump. For info call S051 64S-6S45. A Superbiker type ev.nt, op.n to motorcycl.s Thr. and Odyss.ys, will be h.ld at Lakeland Speedway, Lakeland, Rorida. on D.cember 6, 1981. Th. MDA-100 is being sponsored by the National Dirt Track Asaoc:iation as a benefit race for the Muscular Dystrophy AasoIciation. All three categories of v.hicles will off.r Pro and Amat.ur clalles for the ....ult on the most unlqu. track in ROOda. The course is in .XC81S of .Ight miles in length and consists of off-roed and peved . .etio"l. sev.raI compenies have already put up cuh for the racerI and product to be given away via drawlnga during the race. Additional dOn«8 are being COl.bIl:tIId now. Pro ~ of $25 and Amateur pre-entry of $15 IncIud.. two edmilalonlplt passes. 0.".,..1 edmisllon $3, nonracing Itud.ntI $2 with schooII.D.• six through 11 $1 and under six or over 65 "...! The ev.nt Is open to .veryone - no membership is required; just the d.sira for tInte redal! For race information: NDTA. P.O. Box 5341, Orlando. FL 32856 3061628-64&6. For MDA information: Jane Hunnicutt. District Dir.ctor, Muscular Dystrophy Association 280 Canton Av•. W.. Suit. 380. Winter Park. FL 32789 3061114&5555. Watch for more info in C,d. H.walATV H. . .! ,00II With rumors floating around about different manufacturers' involvement with three-wheelers, one rumor came to a stop. Can-Am is not going to ~t involved. After speaking to Jeff SmIth with Can-Am. Mr. Smith let it ~ lrnown:"Sure we have thought about It like so many other manufacturers. We have our Ski·Doos even though the three·wheel re hurting us a little in sales. As far as producing a three· wheeler goes no. Of course you never can tell what will happen." The Coi.IiI..... MotollpOrt Club ... put together a Tlne-~~ program for the upcoming 82 .... son. They have scheduled two .ventl celled the Golden State Series Werm-Ups. the first being held at Carlsbed Raceway on the Superblker course Idlrt pert only) on Nov.mber 29. and the second ev.nt on December 20 at Seddlebeck Park on the TT course. The 1982 season will kick off with the GoId.n State Serlas on Sunday. Januery 3. Th. CMC office felt a good worIaIbIe let of A.T.V. ~ Wheeler) Competition Rules were needed to help to gat off on the right foot. WIth this in mind, they have put tog.ther some ru.... Again these rules were originated with the idee to promote the sport and make the c1assas competitiv. yat fair. For more info cell 71415573323. After talking to Stu Peters the head man for CMC, a few things were for sure. One being that CMC will sanction ATV races for the 'S2 season. "We are going to add Three-Wheelers to our Golden State Series next year starting Jan- 5 at.Saddleback. The ~Ide~ State will consISt of seven races, In whIch the Three-Wheelers will be part of four. Jan. 5 Saddleback, Jan. 10 Lake Madera, Jan. 17 Marysville. CA, Feb. 14 back at Lake Madera for the final race of the series." Peters went on to add, "After the series is over we will run bi·weekly races for the ThreeWheelers at Saddleback Park. We're also looking at having a Three-Wheeler program at Ascot every ~ednesday night, Classes would be Juru~:>r, ~nter. mediate and Expert. All this will be CMC sanctioned in which we will award points just like the motorcycles." After seeing 1M '82 Y8I'Il8ha IJne.up, not e whole lot _ changed from the '81 modell. However. on dlapley _ e 175cc with a single shock suspension kit from Pro-Tee. It bolts on. glv. you four and e haN inches of travel. plus It has a five way adjustable shock. AI hardware is included. Complete kit consists of elloy swingarm. bearings. pivot bolt end shock. For more info call 2131697.e7&9 or write Pro-Tee, 282 Gemini. Brae. CA 92621. What makes 5-B Lightning's 125 TriMono so special? It started out as a 125 Tri-Moto, and then they went to a six speed tranny with an IT top end. "We put on a set of 5-B triple clamps, along with our Mono frame. We also put on 'Sl YZSO forks plus a YZ250 front brake. We put on a 5Smm Lectron carb which helped quite a bit. It now goes fast plus handles." One thing is for sure. it is a bullet. For more info call 714/562-7500. Helm & Son out of Phoenix. AZ has just come out with their new catalog. 2& peg.. of the hottlllt end latest trick stuff for Odyssey and Three-Wheelerl. Odyssey conversion kits. tum your stock motor I2&Occ) Into e 289cc. 2115cc. 306cc and even to e 36Occ. On the other hand the Three-Wheeler conversion kits ltart with stock end go to 269cc. 32&cc. 36Occ. They .ven have e conversion kit that take. your 250R from stock to e G1cc. This catalog has dam ~ everythlnv you need to soup up your Th.....WheeIer or Odyuey. For more Info cell toll free 1-80015289407 or send $2 to Helm & Son. 13 S. ThIrd Street. Phoenix. AZ 8&034. After hearing much discussion on Yamaha's involvement in the Three· Wheel racing program, A TV News -nt strail{ht to the source. Rit Lefrancois, Product Manager for Tri·Mota, let it be known that for right now Yamaha was going to take the lowprofile outlook. "Right n~ we're just sitting back and not catenng to any particular one area. Yamaha is. however, going to offer a contingency program for major events." We're excited about the ATV market, we just want to make sure all areas are covered, from Farming to Recreational to Racing." Corona Raceway Is moving their Odyssey and Three-Wheel program to the first and third Saturday nlghtl In November. Racing will stert at 7:30 p.m. That wII Include the Querter Mile end Off-Roed. The Go-K.-ts wiI be running - V lMICOIIld end fowth nu. day nlghtl. starting at 7:30 p.m. It seems there have been rumors floating around about Big Ai's Performance Products going out of business. We have found this is definitely not the case. In talking to Michael Bilbo. their general manager, he informs us that business has never been better. and goes on to say that the rumors we~e most likely started last June when Big AI's went through two major changes simultaneously. First of all they moved from their location in National City. Their warehouse went north to San Fernando Valley and their managing office went east to Spring Valley. Secondly, their mode of operation has changed to doing business on a "distributor only basis." "Not doing retail or dealer direct business has upset a few people" Bilbo says, "howev~r, we feel it will better serve everyone In the long run." One last thing you may have noticed when you called, their phone is answered Franklin InternationaL Franklin International is the management company in charge of import. ing and sales of Big AI's Performance Products. Any further questions you have concerning products or your nearest distributor may be directed to Michael Bilbo in their Spring Valley office 714/267-4500. Maico 'fhree.~7 After 1BIking to one of my San Di.go sources. he informed me thet Meico was putting together a 490cc motor in a Tlne-Wheel frame. It's not going to be just any frame that has be.n put out. but one of those that sterted from the ground up. For the person that is not quibt reedy for that much power a 250cc motor will be able to bolt right in, due to the motor mounts the sam•. After talking to Rich Schu-.nenn et Meleo West he was v.ry surprised to find out that ATV H. . . knew of their little project but admitted to the dev.lopment of It. As to the time It will be rel. .sed. thet's unknown et this time. ATV Ne. . will keep you posted.

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