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that he had meant the $1000 as minimum purse money. It wu finally settled with Trippe adding $10,000 to be distributed .equally among the riders who made the main event. That brought the pune 1I{l. t~ $50,000, malting it one of the bigbest paying events run this year on the west cout. - HUIqVImIl continued Ita recent IWHP of AMA N8tIoneI Enduro ChempIoII8hIp SerIes eventa .. HUlky rIderI went 1-2-3 In the CheckpoInt8 M.C. 114-m1le Bed Mountain Enduro run Nov. 1 lit Red 00 0') Mounteln. CA. Terry Cunnlnghem the overall wi",,,,. dropping 18 points In • tough run. one point lIheed of Tom Webb. DIck BwIeIOn WIle one point behind Webb. III1d one point In front of fourth overalL T_m Vlmehe·. Lerry Roe....r. The flrat A rider WIle HUlky'. Mike M.hon, who dropped 22 for fifth ov.,.IL Firat B rider we. Vlmehe-mounted Greg. Byere with I ICOnt of 71. Complete . 'cu' " ..0 WIle e cu ~ Z cov. .ge next week. .Tentative 1982 schedules released Below ere tent8tlve achecIulea for the 1982 AMA Grand Netlonel ChemplonehlplWlnaton Pro SerIea. the Netionel MX SerI... the SuI*" croaa SerIu. the Trane-USA 8erIea Ind MVerllllnternetlonel ev.m.. Winston Pro Series 218 Houaton. TX ST 2f7 Houston. TX TT Oeytone Beech. FL RR Gerde.,., CA TT 3/1-7 413 4117 &12 &18 &/18 &121·23 ~ 1112 "1"20 8121 7/3 7/11 7/18 7/24 818 lor 1&1 8/13 8/1& 8122 8/21·22 8121 8129 9/4 9/12 1119 912& Secramento. CA M Sen Jou. CA M Gerdena. CA HM Spr:o 19fIeId. IL M EIkhert Leke. WI RR ~~.KVHM HerrIngton. DL HM Loudon. NH RR Knoxville. TN HM Indlenepoll•• IN M Monterey. CA RR Sente Fe. IL TT DuQuoin. IL M Mt. Pocono. PA RR Senti! Fe. IL ST PeorIlI.IL TT Tu.... OK &18M Sonome. CA RR Ind"nepoll•• IN M Ind"nepoill. IN M Hlmburg. NV HM SyracUle. NV M Sen Jou. CA M Gerd.... CA HM MX 1130 2/13 2114 21%7 311 3/19 3120 3128 414 4118 4124 412& &12 &18 6118 6123 6130 818 8/13 8120 8/27 7/4 7/17 7/24 8/1 8/1& 8122 9128 Special events Loe Angela. CA 10123 Sp. .dwlly World C'lhIp Trophee des NetIonI MXdeaNetIonI CerIIbecI. CA The Superblk. . 10124 8121 Mi 9112 10131 Sparky Edmonston. the Lecu:on man [or many seasons as we11 as the nmerl builder [or Suzuki'. CI_ C IT and .bon track effon in 1981, bas a new employer. Beginning Monday. Nov. 2, Edmonston joins the Kawasaki road racing effon. With din track·bred riders Eddie Lawson and Wayne Rainey. plus Conner CI_ C tuners Rob Muzzy and Edmonston, Papa would have to say the Kawasaki RR squad bas been built [rom the din up. 2 "W.·II heY. J.ff Werd In the 12&a. Tom Benolkln In the 2&OI.nd GOlIt Braker In the &OOcc cilia:' ..Id I don to 21 houri. ThII WIle made pouIbie by I teem teIIChIng pr0gram. with Trade Tech gredUllte Lee Brylnt chipping In three houn per week. 0wenI wu .110 heppy to report 1he gift of 21 1 . end 1.., bIk.. from V....he Motor Corp•• the biggest IUCh dol_don In the 115-~ t-lOiY of the T.... Tech motorcycle program. Mike Bell, Scott Burnworth, Brae Glover and Bob Hannah will contest the '82 AMA MX Nationals and Super. ~ aboard factory Y'm ah ., apin. In addition, Yamaha will sign six Pro Suppon riders. At prell time, contraet negotiations were ItilI taking place and expected to be finalized by next week. Staytunedl Suzuki'. returnees to the MX WIn In '82 Include MMc ...-..u (with I big ttve.yeer COIlbKtJ. Denny Bentley. George Holend end Kent Howertor. They wII be joined by . two more ........ _ yet unlWMd. on workI b1k. pIue ..".,.. IUpport rIdera on production MX... The latest on Kent Howerton. accord· ing to Suzuki'. Motol:n* Team Man· ap. Larry Griffis. is that the cut on his wrist will .tay with him until the fmt of the year. That .hould ensure that the broken hone is not moved and heals completely by the first race of next season. In the meantime, he'. busy running and working with weights to stay in good physical condition. Griffis reports that the ..Rhinestone Cowboy'... mental attitude is a1so good.

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