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00 0') AlIA SANCTIONED SANCTIONED THE WORLD1S ONLY ALL-ROUND MOTORCYCLE CHAMPIONSHIP Sunday. November I. 1981 Carlsbad. Calif. • :* ~ ~7OFF Bruce PeAheIl World Champion . World Champion You·ve on ABC Wide World 01 Sports. This year. be one 01 the select and see it in penon. Kowhere else in the world can these chCllllpions be seen together on the same track at the scane time! ROAD RACING MOTOCROSS Hill World Road Raci.Dg CbDmploD ISBO U.S. Road U.S.A. Raci.Dg CbampiOD 1981 SuperbUre U.S.A. ClJampiOD England ISBO BritUlJ Road RadzJg ClJampiOD Switzerland 1981 World Marco Luc:chinelli Italy .- Rich Schlacter Eddie Lawson Ron Haslam Roll Biland SteveWise U.S.A. Andre Malherbe Belgium Graham Noyce England "'otacro.. Jean Claude Olivier DavidAlcicma Sweden Serge Bacau france France U.S.A. ClJampiOlJ 1m Norice Road Raci.Dg CbampiOD 1m Expen Road Raci.Dg ClJampJem Jack Johnson U.S.A. ISBO~I000 U.S.A. tmdBaja500 CbampJOD FJnt Americ_ to wbJ t1Je CGrI.bad U.S.G.P. Marty Moates on._..... 1n1MwmlcI. CornDMIna NIt. . . . . NIt cIrt .. SUFB.IICEfI _ _ twIc:e. Fnt. . . . ~ 1M _ , . - ' e-In 1M ThIa.. _ _ ~ U.S.A. .unIb~ e-tt. of 1M tIww eM_aC ... "-I AKlna. DIn T'" - ' MoIDCi_ will be _ _ - ' 1MwII.- of 1M MIIn n.wt wlII be IIl'G cl.11MlI THlIEST ALL-AROUND MOTOfICYCI.£ AIDER IN THEWORLDI SUFER8iKER A c:hw....... In 48 CbampJOD 1919Z5Occ World "'otocrrn. ClJampJOD 1980 wilmer oi Pari•• FralJt:eDaJrar. Alrica T~· CODtmelltal Race Hakan Carlqvist Sidecar Freddie Spencer 1980 Superbibr ClJamploD 1980111 5l1Occ World "'01_ ClJampJOD 1m 50Dcc World DIRT TRACK Bruce Penhall U.S.A. Mickey Fay Wayne Rainey Steve Eklund U.S.A. US.A. U.S.A. Kenny Carter England Scott Pearson Ronnie Jones Ricky Graham Mike Kidd U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S.A. 1981 World Speedway ClJampJOD 1919GralJd NatJoua1 ClJampJOD 4tlJ i.D tlJel981 U.S. Speedway World Filial 1981 Gnmd NatJODal CbDmpJOD

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