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Pismo Dunes area threatened by potential closure By Dale Brown LONG BEACH. CA. OCT. 16 In a mOve reportedly spearheaded by county superviosr Howard Mankins. San Luia Obispo County has gone before the California Coastal Commiaaion in an attempt to close the beach, the camping areas and much of the dune areas at Pismo Beach to off-road vehicle use. Under the Callfolllie Coastal Act. local counties . . required to creata their own Local Coastal Plan. In thet procass, Mankins reputedly changed the language of the ORV element of the county's plan at the last mlnuta, and without public review, to include the closure. Thia raises, according to one sourca, "a signlflcant legal Issue... All of the Pismo Dunes area beach, and 90% of the dunes themselves, are owned by the California Parks and Recreation Department. which used OHV Fund (Green Stickle' monies to purchase the property. Whether the county'. powent under the C08Ital Act can be used to dictate policy to a stata agency operating a ltata park II a question _ that may be an.wered In the courtllf the county's LCP goes through the Coaatal Commission. The county proposel would close acce.s to the dune. from Oceano. close the beach to all but atreet·legal vehicles, and put a ben on ORV use on much of the dune. area. The entrance and .taglng area for what wes left open would be moved to an environmentally sensitive .Ita near 010 Flaco Lake. What rldent Ihould do Is to .end Iettent to Mike Fisher 8t the California C08Ital Commiallon, urging rejection of Sen Lull Obispo's Local Coaatal Plan. The add..... is 831 Howard St.. San Frencisco, CA 94150. Send a copy of your letter to your stata legillator. CORVA II preparing a legal defense fund. Contributions should be made out to the CORVA Pismo Fund and mailed to 1166 Mariano Dr., Ojal, CA 93023. / with cooperation from the SCMA chartered VICTOR McLAGLEN MOTOR CORPS end the SILVER CITY SCRAMBLERS THE 3rd ANNUAL BARSTOW to VEGAS Motorcycle Road Ride end Poker Run PRESENTS r4.," 1~ SllO,OO CASHI ~ f.f.s\ 2nd Sl00.00 CASHI ;Ill 3rd $ 10,00 CASHI ProtItlo to 110 to the _ • PLUSI Cycle Newa T-8h11U. Veats. Umbra.... end loa. of other gnNlt prl_ M.lIO Donation per rider Duck of the - I . - ' Fund _the AMA Legw.tIve a.-t Fund. MAIL IN ENTRIES Send M.lIO (check or monay-order made payeble to Cycle N-.. p....., for each rider end/or passenger along with e completed regllbetlon blenk to: Can-Am recently IntroducecI their '82 llne-up of Ouallflerland the 500cc four-stroke sabre (below). The QuaIIfien come in 126, 17&,260 and 400cc (Ihown Bove) wraionl. New featureI Includes extruded ahunlnum IWIngarma and Ohllns Ihocka on all but the 126. The Sebre, which has a four·VIIIve heM and beIt-driven cam, has a cIIIlmed weight of 219 Ibs. Cycle Newa B to V III P.O. Box 498, Long Beech, CA 10801-0498 WIltCh Cycle Newa for more Inforrnetlon or cell the Cycll Newa OffIce 12131427·7433 I Barstow to Vegas III Mail-In Entry Form ---------~----------------- I I Name I I I I I Address I I City I I I I I I please print I Motorcycle Brand I AMAI I State Zip Engine Size v I Other Association Number I ••II-In Entry C'o.e. November 6, 1981 I I L I You will receive your reglatretlon number by return 111811, Just .how up lit the atart erea between 8 & 11 e.m. Nov, 28th, pick up your event peckage end head for Yep.1 I I I I I I I I ~_3

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