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time win be taken up with tha GPa. I plen to ride both tha Houamn TT and .hart track Natlonela .. wei a. the Superbike and Formule One evente lit Daytone:' WIll Spenc:er'. leeving for Europe open a .pot on Teem Honda'. roecI racing efforta7 ..W...... Uld Spencer with a knowIng emile. "I'd uy thIIt wee very poaIbie. I believe eome conteeta heve eIreedy been mede but I c:en't uywho:' 00 C') Italians sweep ISDE By Mark Karlya ELBA-ITALY. OCT. 10 The U.S. Trophy TINIITl rode to a fourth piece flnlah In the October 5-10 61th Internetlonel Six Deya Enduro on h81y'. I'" of EIbL Trophy Teem rider Fnlnk S1IIcy lSuzl poat8d the beat Indlvlduel ac:ore by en AmerIc:en rider. fourth In the 2IOcc cIea. Dick BurIeaon IHuaL Jeff . - . . . lSuzL MIke Melton lHuaI. MIke Roe8o lSuzJ end Terry Curnr9 hem IHual were S1IIcy'. teemmeteL In V_ Teem compeddoli. It wee lany Ra ••• I.r lYernL Kevin leV. IKTMI. FnInk 0.110 IKTMI end John M8rt1n Ie-A' Rnlahlng fifth overeI. tUlly. for the tt*d yeer In a row. coleeteel the World Trophy win. The homa country lIdventIIge worked for the ItIIIIen V... Teem _ they Il18o ceme up win..... Weat G.......ny trailed h8Iy In both dIvIaIone. AD 34 membera of the U.s. teem fInIahed the event. In eN. Arneric:IIn rIcIen collec:ted 22 gold med.... 11 aIIver and one tironza. Complete cov. .ge next week. HOIPlTal STOP: Winston Pro Series rider Hank Scott'. Oct. 6 operation to repair injuries he received in a eruh at the Sept. 27 Ascot National went off smoothly. Doctors opted against putting a plate on Scott'. broken pelvis becallle it would have required too much cutting. Instead, they now feel it will heal itself without a l'late. Scott did receive a 12-inch pm to help connect his badly broken right femur. He will .pend another two weeks in traction at Fmdlay, Ohio'. Blanchard Valley HOIpital, (room 4", 145 West Wallace St., Findlay, OH 45840) before being allowed to return home and begin exercising. Scott will spend at least three months on crutches before being allowed to walk unaided. "Hank was in good spirits after the operation," said his wife Sue. "He was thrilled to get all the cards and letters that have hem coming. They really helped to cheer him up." The October 10-11 Internetlonel Dreg Bike AuociatIon World Flnela dreg race lit M.......ppI·. Gulfport Dregwey AW a pelr of new fecea In the Top Fuel fI.... Sem WIlla lKewl topped ChrIa Hend lKewI for the win. tun*1g 7A3 ..colideI187.&0 mph to Hand'. . .4811• .81 effort. Hemp Oabom lKewI defelItecI Ron Turner lSuz) for the Pro Stock win while Terry KIz. lKew) w_ downing Craig Burna lKew) for the win In Funny Bike. It wee VIcki Ferr lKew) winning Pro Comp over Sem O.klna IKaw). Number One p1eta went to Bo O'Brochte lTop Fuel). Wayne Buckler IPro Comp). Sid Pogue IPro Stockland Terry KIzer lFunny Blka). Complete cov. .ge next week. 2 Neil Hudson will not defend his World Championship 250cc MX Series crown next year. Instead, the Britisher will IU . . . . . . . . III . . . . ,111.111" be Haken Carqvist'. teammate in Yamaha'. two-pronged attack on the 500cc World Championship title. American Bill Buchka will remain as Hudson's mechanic. PoIah trIlIla rider Adem Kowelezyk acored a rather amulng cleen In the Sept. r1 flnel round of the World Champlonahlp ObMrved T....I. SerIes In Wellt G.......ny. Kowe!ezyk·. cleen wee a deen get-ewey _ he left tha trIIIl. arae ett. completing the flm round. roda atrelght to the police atlItIon and then up the atepe end InaIde without a deb. Kowelezyk cIIIlmed poIItIceI aylum aeyIng thlIt he did not wIah to return to PoIend. Wayne Rainey is officially the new member of Team Kawasaki's road racing team. Rainey signed a contract "for more than one year," according to team manager Mathen. "Rainey will join Eddie (Lawson) in the Superbike Championship Series. Lawson, who contrary to rumon has another year to go on his contract, will also ride in Formula One next season," continued Mathen. "Lawson's contract calis for him to have one of Kawasaki's 500cc GP bikes to use. In addition, Lawson will hopefully be able to contest some World Championship events when there is no schedule conflict. Rainey will ride the Winston Pro Series dirt track when not road racing." FftdcIIe Spencer ec:knowIedged thet hi. mount for the &OOcc World Champlonahlp GP Road Racing 58rl.. will be a new two-.troke Honda GP b1ce .. ha been rumored. However. thet w.. all Spencar would ecknowledge."1 plen to be In Japen for extenalve tHtIng before the end of the yeer." uld Spencer. ..Although moat of- my • I I I J ' " . ' • • • • • • • • ~III.,ltllat wit with the public to review an end to invite quelItIone endIor commenta on the prapa•• d proJect. which InvoIvea an ecquletlon of , . ecreL ReeuIta of thMe two rneetIl..... P.rka end Reo 8Q8. _ help tIwm com...... a t.••1IItIty lItudy of the project. The ........ _ begin lit 7 p.m. lit the County Admlll tIan .ttai.. Center. Room 310. 80IIrd Chemben. , . PIIcIfIc HIghway In . . . DIego. Thoee the rneedng IhouId ~ the eouth AFM Pro, the business concern of Rudy Galindo and Jim Moore which promoted the AFM/Budweiser SixHour, has reportedly separated from the road racing club American Federation of Motorcyclists. To that end, reportedly AFM will resume control of the annual six-hour endurance race, and that race will run strictly as an amateur club event. AFM Pro, meanwhile has organized the Budweiser 500 series. .This series will be large purse endurance races of either 500 miles or 500 kilometers, depending on track length. Tracks to run the series are set to include Willow Springs, Kent, WA, Pueblo, CO, Texas World Speedway, College Station. TX. Mid-Ohio and Indianapolis Raceway Park. ••b ..... Nothing laD forever. Brae Glover, when he first aiped with Yamaha in 1976, went out aDd bought a yellow jofa mouthpard. It lasted him through three 125cc National MX Championship and one 500cc MX Championship before Jiving up the ghoet and stal'tiDg to come apart at the Rio Bra~ Trans-USA. Farewell, little jofa... PrIor to the . - t of the Rio Bravo race. Trophee and MX dee NetIona teem membera Donnie H__n. Denny LePorte end Johnny O'Mere were driven around the clrcuh In a four-wheel drive pIck-up much to the crowd'. epproveI. BBI Dutcher. the heed of pubic reo IetIona lit Herley·DevIcIaon.... reo a1gned hie poet. and wII be moving to upa1llte Naw York where he hapea to atert a c:ornn-lk:adon end History wu made out in the Desert when the Oct. 10 johDlon Valley to Parker Check Chue took off after a 6ft year Iepl battle. Las Vegan Kevin Wdch (Mai) was the event'. overall winDer. Complete ~ next week. promotiona bualneea. Dutcher'. ateted reeaon for IeevIng H-D wee thIIt he cId not wIah to reloc:ete hie f8mIy to the compeny'. Mllitllukee beae. FrIende In the Indulltry who might went to drop him a note cen ..nd h to him In Pilot Knob. NY The owreII w ....... of the Nov. 1 SuperbIcers race lit CerIabecI ""'to be . . . to put food on the tebIe for ewhIIa. Uetan to 801M of thMe for first overall: et.npIon ~ PIuge ItIOOOJ. HobIe ClIt 11~foot Hoble ClIt ....bolItJ., BeI-Rey 1.10001 end Bell H"meta 1.1000), contII....... 12844. There was an error in Yamaha'. recent "World'. Largest Pit Crew" ad. Specifically, Sports Dynamics is in Lake Worth, Florida, DOt Texas as the ad indicated. HoePITei STOP: BIll U.S. Road Racing Champion Dale Singleton reports that he has had a discussion with Mike DiPrete, AMA commissioner of professional racing, regarding the fact that the factory Formula I four-stroke bikes are quicker than restricted Yamaha TZ750•. "Even though I knew it would cause four-stroke competitors a lot of problems, I more or less asked for them to be required to use carb restriCtlHl. DiPrete shocked me when he told me that the AMA - was considering dropping the restrictor requirement for two-stroke 750s. We oriJinally put restricton in them to slow them down and make for safer racing. Now I'm told that it's possible the tire companies can make a tire that'll last 200 miles (Daytona 200) under a TZ750. Without restrictors in the TZ750s, I think we're looking at 185 mph top speed at Daytona. What toes I have left shake whenever I think of thad" said Singleton. Groui·. thumb Injury. Initlelly Incurred In the Red Bud Tren.USA round. hu tumed out to be more HrIoua then orlglnelly dlqnoaed. After the awelling went down. It wee found thIIt tha thumb we. brokan In .av· arel pIeca and .urgery we. per· formed lest week. Gilt well cerd. can be Mnt to Nm cere of Huaqv8r. nil, 492& Mercury St.. Sen DIego, CA 92111. In the meentime. Jeff Jenninga will replece Groeal on Huaky·. Superbik. . t8IIm. While he was on his way to winning the final Superbike round of 1981 at Daytona, Freddie Spencer erased the existing Superbike rap record with a 2:05.64 tour that translates into 110.885 miles per hour. The existing mph record, set by Graeme Croeby, was 105.S70. Spencer'. race-winning average was 109.MS. CorrectIon: Recently we reported thIIt R.C. Engineerlllg heel eIgnecI .... '82 COilliiiCt wIIh AmerIcen Honde to run Top Fuel eventa. Acc0rdIng to R.c.'. Terry 1"Ienw\. 1het Ian't the cue. "The only contract we'va a1gned with Honda .. one through the end of 1981. Wa heva not .Igned an '82 contract." Now thIIt the '81 Winaton Pro Serlea ... ended. apeculetlon _ to We heard that Kenny Roberts is taking it easy with two weeks in Hawaii following talks with Yamaha in japan. No news - yet - on the outcome of the taIka. There wII be an Oct. 28 public meeting concerning the propoeecI Sycem0r8 Canyon OHV perk In the Sen Diego area. CeIIfomIe Pna end Recr-eIon Det.-Iil.m ....18iW .• j , •• ,,~ l( t .. £ )j I •• ~, , who will ride what next y. . I. stIIrtlng to flow hot and h..vy. WIll Harley-Davidson reteln Jay Spring· steen, the three-time Grand Nationel Chemplon whose IHnen has forced him to ml.. more race. then he h_ competed In ov. the past two YNn7 WIth Freddie Spencer announcing he'll compete on the GP road rece circuh In Europe next y..r. who will Honde aign7 Many fael Ted Boody will be in Honda I..than In '82, but Boody i.n·t all thIIt .ure. "I wouldn't count on it... uld Boody at the ...eon ending Ascot Half Mlle. WIll Mike Kldd, the new Grend Nationel Champion. ride Yamehaa exduaiveIy In '827 'l t J 1 (1 • 1 I , 1 \ 1 J I

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